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Quiz on international history and recent politics

1 Which mid 20th Century Prime minister of Britain had a surname which included the first part of the name of a Iron Age defensive fortification beginning with the letter H.

2 Which Cuban 20th century Revolutionary leader, who served over 50 years as leader has the same surname as the name for the Spanish version of those structures. 

3 Which British PM preceded and succeeded Edward Heath as PM,  

4 Name a Social Democratic Chancellor of West Germany whose surname began with B, 

5 What year were the devolution referendums in Wales and Scotland, that voted in both cases for the plans.  

6 Julius Nyerere was leader of which 20th Century African country, in 1965

7 What year did Nepal become a republic 

8 What year did West and East Germany merge

9 Where was the political movement Solidarity important in Eastern Europe in the 1980s

10 Alberto Fujimori was President of which South American country, 

11 What year did Brasilia get founded

12 Bohemia and Moravia are part of which part of the old Czechoslovakia, I mean after it split 2. 

13 Michael Manley was leader of which Caribbean country 

14 Pierre Trudeau became PM of Canada for the first time in which decade,

15 How many years was Helmut Kohl leader of the Federal Republic of Germany 

16 What year did Newt Gingrich become speaker of the US House of Representatives 

17 What year did Nancy Pelosi first become Speaker 

18 What year was Jacques Chirac re-elected President of France

19 How many years did Robert Menzies serve as PM of Australia

20 What year did Nehru the leader of India die

21 What year did Richard Nixon visit China, first, as President, with much publicity, , 

22 What year did China pass a population of 1 billion as the first country ever to do so, 

23 Which Soviet leader instigated Perestroika and Glasnost

24 What year did the Arab League found,

25 Bettino Craxi was PM of which European country 

26 Gomulka led which Eastern Block country in the Post War era. 

27 Carlos Menem was elected President of Argentina, for the first time, in which decade, 

28 What year was Nelson Mandela  first elected South Africa's president,  

29 What year did

32 Bob Dole, Jamaica become independent 

30 What year did the world pass 7,500,000,010   people in population alive for the first time. (Including those on the International Space station) 

31 Xiomara Castro was elected the first female president in 2021 for 2022, of which country.

32 Who finished runner yp to Bill Clinton, in the 1996 USA Presidential election,

1 Winston Churchill Hillforts

2 Fidel Castro 

3 Harold Wilson

4 Willy Brandt

5 1997

6 Tanzania

7 2008

8 1989

9 Poland

10 Peru

11 1960

12 The Czech Republic, 

13 Jamaica

14 1960s, 

15 16 years 

16 1995 

17 2007 

18 2002 

19 18 years

20 1964 

21 1972

22 1982

23 Gorbachev, it is not spelt Gorbachov, or Gorbachav, 


25 Italy

26 Poland

27 1980s 

28 1994

29 1962

30 2017

31 Honduras

32 Bob Dole

Quiz on Neanderthals

1 What geographical location were the Neanderthals named after, 

2 What geographic location were the Denisovans named after, 

3 What island were the evidence of the 3 to 4 foot tall Hominids of over 20,000 years ago found. In the early 21st Century.

4 By what first name was the Australopithecus afarensis from 3.4 million years or so ago, in East Africa, labelled as, when found in 1974. 

5 What huge animals were the Neanderthals supposed to have caught, that there is evidence of them eating of, at  La Cotte de St Brelade, Wooly Rhinos, not wooly rhinos, and, 

6 What is the name of the tear drop shaped Acheulian tool, used by Homo Erectus, 

7 Which of these had the largest cranium capacity, Homo Sapiens Sapiens, Neanderthal, Australopithecus afarensis

8 Where would you find a occipital bun, that is a common feature in Neanderthals, but less so in modern homo sapiens sapiens, though I can testify some of us moderns have them as well,  

9 Who were stronger Neanderthals or modern humans

10 Do some of us moderns have some Neanderthal genes 

11 What cave in Denbighshire beginning with B, or P, has Neanderthal or such like remains found there, 

12 What artefact of ancient humans is Clacton by Sea famous for 

13 Oldbury Hillfort, is a rare hillfort site that also has evidence of Neanderthals having been there, tens of thousands of years before, what county is it in, 

1 The Neander Valley

2 Denisovan Cave

3 Flores Island

4 Lucy

5 Mammoths, 

6 Hand-Axes

7 Neanderthal

8 The back of the skull, 

9 Neanderthals, 

10 Yes,

11 Bontnewydd,(Picture of the cave below here, it is my picture, so you need my permission to use it,)

12 A spear 

13 Kent, 



Quiz on Castles

1 Which major castle did Robert De Bruce take back in 1313, 

2 Which castle in Czechia is claimed to be the largest in the world, 

3 Which castles in Poland is also claimed to be the largest,

4 Which Prince took Harlech castle for Wales in the 1400s, 

5 Which Yorkshire castle was handed over to the leaders of the Pilgrimage of Grace by Thomas Darcy in 1536, 

6 When did the Mamluks take Krak des Chevaliers, 1109, 1150, 1250, 1271, or 1310, 

7 When was Osaka Castle first built, what century, the 10th, the 16th, or the 19th, 

8 Would you find the Rock of Dunamase, in Ulster, Leinster, Connaught, or Munster, 

9 Where would you find Arundel Castle, Sussex, Kent, Essex, Lancashire or Cornwall, 

10 Where would you find Leeds Castle, Yorkshire or Kent, 

11 Which of these is if any is not a Chateux in the Loire Valley, Chambord, Chinon, Langeais, Loches,

12 What famous figure now associated to Cider, founded Chepstow castle,

13 What county would you find Beeston Castle in, 

14  What is the name of the native Welsh castle that was  built by Llewellyn Ap Iorweth, Llewellyn the Great, and is in the shadow of Moel Siabod, 

15 What town beginning with C is the nearest town to Glyndwr's castle, in North Wales. 

16 Which castle  was the direct successor in the area, to Deganwy successor, as it was easier to supply from the sea for the English crown. 

17 What was most of Newport Castle in South Wales, destroyed for, 

18 Which site, on the River Clwyd, was held  it seems by Gruffyd Ap Llewellyn in 1063, but was the site of a new stone castle, held  by the English crown from the 1270s. 

19 Which castle above Llangollen, was also the site of Iron Age hillfort. 

20 Which castle did the King of Powys Madog Ap Maredudd, descendant of the 11th Century  Bleddyn Ap Cynfyn, and ancestor of Owain Glyndwr die in in 1160, after rebuilding Oswestry Castle, it is near it and in Shropshire. 

21 John Henry Anderson was known as the Wizard of the North, one of the early highlights or steps of his career was performing at the castle  of Lord Panmure. His moniker was givem by the Great Sir Walter Scott. What in term sof a it seems purely entertainment sense did he dabble in, that made him recieve this moniker.

22 The Rocca Di Solferino, was involved in which battle that encouraged the formation of the Red Cross, the battle was in 1859.

23 France and Italian forces defeated the forces  of which empire, in this battle,

24 What country in 2021 is where the battle was.



1 Edinburgh
2 Prague 
3 Malbork
4 Owain Glyndwr, 
5 Pontefract Castle, it is not spelt Pilgramage of Grace, 
6 1271
7 16th Century 
8 Leinster, 
9 Sussex
10 Kent, 
11 They all are such castles in the valley, not spelt Chateux

12 Strongbow,

13 Cheshire,

14 Dolwydellan Castle,

15 Corwen,

15 Conwy Castle,

17A railway  

18 Rhuddlan Castle,

19 Llangollen's Dinas Bran,

20 Whittington Castle.

21 Magic, he was a magician,

22 The Battle of Solferino,  some say and San Martino,

23 Austria

24 Italy


Historical coincidences quiz

1 Both Abe and JFK were elected to congress first in in '46: is this true or false, 
2 Both were elected in 60, 

3 Both had their wives present with them on their fateful last moments, 

4 Both were succeeded by Southerners called Johnson, and assassinated by Southern born individuals who had converted to the side that the President was in either a war, or cold war situation with, 

5 Both had the same amount of letters in their surname, and were assassinated by individuals are known by their three names. Plus both assassins were shot and killed before any trial could take place regarding them, and both had managed to get away from the assassination at first, without arrest. 

6 Abe's assassin ran (I will not name the assassins) from the theatre and was caught in a barn so a kind of warehouse, and JFK's assassin ran from a book depository a kind of warehouse and was caught in a movie theatre: (the wording here is contrived) 

7 Lincoln was shot in the Ford Theatre, and JFK in a Ford Lincoln

8 Kennedy had a secretary called Lincoln, 

9 They were born in the same decade 100 years apart, had wives the same name, and were assassinated 100 years apart and both served 2 terms, 

10 Lenin was interred in a mausoleum in 1924, and preserved, but  whose tomb's burial chamber, containing the preserved Egyptian Pharaoh  was uncovered by Howard Carter just under 1 year earlier. 

11 Which island in legend west of Ireland, was also completely unconnected a name given to a large country in the Americas. 

12 What incredible leap in human food production starting the Neolithic, was developed across the world independently in at least 3 different places, 

13 Which comet appeared over England in 1066, seeming like a omen.  

14 The weather though of course more so English and likely Japanese forces themselves, helped defeat or wreck the Spanish Armada in 1588, and earlier a Mongol attack on Japan, true or false, And also helped to a extent Scottish forces in beating back a Norwegian invasion of the Ayrshire coast and the west of Scotland in the 1260s. Again also Scottish forces were very important in this defence as well. Not just the weather. 

15 In the iron Age, Britain had hillforts, warriors painted in war paints (woad), or tattoos, we are as a society unsure, and they defended themselves against the mighty world power, that was Roman Empire. In stories, led by people such as Caradoc. Which island group, completely dominated by it's 2 main islands,  in the Southern Hemisphere, (actually larger in total land area when combined, than Great Britain, but not Britain and Ireland, combined, had hillforts, had warriors covered in tattoos, and defended themselves against the mighty British Empire. It seems led by people such as Rawiri Puhirake.

16 What year was Futility, later titled The Wreck of the Titan, by Morgan Robertson, written, Remembered as of it's premonition like story similar to the later disastrous sinking of the Titanic, in 1912. 

17 What year, and I know independence came a few years earlier, did the USA ratify it's constitution, delineating a national framework of a government of the former colonies, of Britain, so underlining it's separation from Britain and it's empire. While the same year Australia saw Britain's colonial scheme, land at Botany Bay, when the first fleet of 11 ships arrived with about 1500 people starting the colonial moves big time.

18 Which early 20th century psychiatrist, not Freud, and early 20th century Irish Poet, both of whose names phonetically began with Y, only 1 actually does, believed there was some sort of collective unconscious, on one hand, and a great mind, on the other, almost similar things. OK they are quite different theories, but do have some similarities on a simplistic strange way. I mean one seems to be more a inherited hive memory, the other more a hive mind of that point in time precisely, going on concurrently which is quite different but quite the same in some expressions of occurrence. And had feelings of a major event on doom on the horizon, which was World War Two.  

19 John Major and John Smith, and Harold Macmillan and Harold Wilson, each share what UK leaders of the 2 main parties fact about themselves and their names.

20 Which 2 comedians did, I think it was plastering or some thing or painting, for Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry, before all 4, became major British comedy icons.

21 What do James Callaghan ( Sunny Jim ) and Jimmy Carter, share about their names, that no other post 1900, UK PM, and USA president share. Upto 2021 anyhow.

22 This is my easy peasy trick question, as a bit of fun, what is the name connection between Tony Blair and Anthony Eden, in terms of post world war Two, British PMs names,

23 What do Aberdeen Manager Alex Smith, and Rangers manager Walter Smith have in common in terms of their name, not just that they have the same surname, that no permanent 1979-2021 Dons and Rangers managers share, 

24 What do David Cameron and David Davies, then John Major and John Redwood, and Ed Miliband and Ed Balls, and Tony Benn and Anthony Crossland share that I can not see 2 other candidate for the leaders of Labour or the Tories, in the 1945 - 2021 leadership elections share,

25, In 1982 Italy won the world cup, Argentina won it in 1978 and 1986. Then all the way onwards to 2002, so in terms of the mirroring, back to 1962, there was a mirroring of who won the football world cup,,  except with one exception, what year in terms of after 1982 to 2002, what was that.

26 Back to the future 1 and 2 have 3 important years, 1955, 1985, and 2015. What occurred in 1955, 1985, and just failed to occur in 2015, by 1 position, that up to 2021 has been rare to Aberdeen FC's history, 

27 Glasgow is famous for it's banter filled footballing rivalry between the greens and the blues, Celtic and Rangers. Which  city in the 6th Century also had a rivalry in sport, itself between the actually called, greens and the blues, in Chariot Racing, which in 532, resulted in the far worse than anything the West of Scotland has seen up to 2021, in football terms, the Nilka Riots. (Really the blues and the greens had developed in to a political rivalry, and the unpopularity of the emperor and his policies were a target  ( not spelt targest )  in this. So this is not really a coincidence, actually other than the colours, it makes even the Old Firm rivalry look sedate and good natured, in comparison , not that it always is, but in comparison it does. The old firm rivalry is sedate sometimes though. 

28 Piri Reis, of the Ottoman lands, is famed for creating a map that is said to have been created in 1513. The most amazing thing is that Antarctica and it's coastline is said to be on the map. Many wonder if this is just a extension of  Patagonia, or some decorative theoretical continent drawn by coincidence. What century was Antarctica first as in part of it's land mass, sighted and recorded  as in being sighted  by humans. 

29 Which tribe Mali, according to controversial reports from 1930s, French anthropologist , Griaule, seemed to have  knowledge of star systems and such, in their quite old mythology, sights that were way beyond the naked eye. from a time when they had no aids to help them, like good telescopes and such. Supposedly it was the stars of Sirius, the rings of Saturn, and moons of Jupiter.

30 Jonathan Swift seems to have predicted in his works, moons on a planet, that only had it's moons proven by research the next century.  With good predictions of their characteristics. Which planet ?

31 What Celtic country was once called Albania, like that land in the Balkans. 

32 Convergent evolution is when 2 separate species develop the same evolutionary trait, from different lineages. Humans have opposable thumbs, what  black and white creature from China, also developed them in their evolutionary process. Edinburgh zoo had some in the 2010s. 

33 Charles Darwin was born on the same day as which USA president. 

34 Which USA presidents, who both were part of  the committee of 5 that helped draft the US declaration of independence, died on the same day in 1826, 50 years after the adoption of it, July 4th.

35 Which king of Italy was assassinated in the early 1900s, by a anarchist supposedly in revenge for some general supressing a revolt in Milan, by many deaths, ( i oppose violence ) and there is a legend, about that he on the same day or day before he met a cafe owner in Monza, who looked exactly the same as he himself the king, and was born on the same day, in the same town married a lady of the same name on the same day, and opened his cafe, the same day of his coronation, and died the same day he did. 

36 Mark Twain was born when Hayley's comet appeared in the sky, in the 19th Century, he claimed he would die the  next time it arrived, he made this claim in the next century. Did he?

37 JFK was shot on November 22nd 1963, which of these events did not happen on that day as well, Aldous Huxley died, C S Lewis, died,  The Beatles released their second album, in the UK, and Amando Ianucci, the Scottish satirist was born. 

38 True or false, lookalike in some pics,, Mezit Ozil was born the same day that Enzo Ferrari died,

39 Which of these events did not occur on either, the 14th, 15th or 16th 17th of October 1964, Labour was elected into office under Harold Wilson, The post of Secretary of State for Wales was created, The People's Republic of China, detonated a nuclear weapon, for the first time, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev was overthrown by the Soviet leadership, a Soviet lady broke the world javelin record, at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo 1964 Olympics (The first held in Asia, ), and the inaugural Volleyball men and women's Olympic volleyball tournaments were occurring, and Dr Martin Luther King, received the Nobel Peace prize, and Harry Hill was born, 

40 Maiden's Castle was the name for which Scottish castle, in the 16th Century or earlier, very similar to the great Maiden Castle Hillfort,

41 Charlie Chaplin was born just 4 days before Adolf Hitler but lived 3 decades longer, true or false,

42 Gareth Bale, and Christian Bale, have the same surname, and look quite similar. Both have hit the top of their professions, in terms of being in the top echelon of their either acting or footballing levels, with mass international fame and stardom. Both were born in the 1970s to 1980s era. Both had star studded stats at a young age, with Chrisian a child actor in Empire of the Sun, and Gareth Bale, among the youngest ever starters for Southampton ever at his debut.,  Both were born in South Wales, both had Defoe, in their team, Christian in his movie American Psycho, as in  William Defoe, the actor, while Gareth had Jermaine Defoe, at Spurs, also Gareth had Craig Gordon in his team, while Christian had James Gordon in Batman. Both also are careful with their diets and exersize with some of their roles, Gareth for obvious reasons, Christian for some of his parts needed specific physiques. Gareth is a great fan well was in the 2010s of nandos, and Christian once ate a lot of chicken. Also they won some big awards the same years one of the movie awards and one the same years as they won a major European cup or European Championship Semi Final status for Wales thing. But is it true that every year Gareth Bale won the European Cup that Christian Bale won the Oscar as best actor.

43 If you look at maps today amazingly some historical maps show coincidences. Such as strength of certain political parties and some historic boundary from the past. Often it is easily explainable like Southern States have divided opinions to northern states in US elections partly as of history, and geography also has similar affects on different situations like how different empires or peoples are halted by some major Boundary. These things turns up from India to Europe, and sometimes have ancient coincidences or a common stem of a reason.

So in the 1980s and 1990s and even 2020s, Plaid Cymru have a history of winning Westminster seats in Wales more commonly in places that till the 16th Century were part of the Crown's Principality of Wales, the lands that had been taken from the likes of Llewellyn in the 13th Century, mostly in west Wales, and less so in lands that were led by the Marcher lords till the 16th Century as almost semi statelets. What 2 decades were the Laws of Wales acts passed, or acts of union as some call them. 

44 Controversiall comedian Woody Allen, Kalingrad, and Chojna in Poland, and Silver Mountain in California have something in common what would that be, 

45 So Nelson Mandela was a great man, a credit so all South Africans, and I think the Long Walk to Freedom, and The Usual suspects are the 2 movies with some of the best endings, so dramatic and cool. But Also I get annoyed when people talk of the Mandela effect. Apparently some people claim that when Mandela was released in the 1990s, that they thought he had been murdered during the Apartheid regime in a police HQ in the 1980s, and a few people claim this, so some take their memory as a fact. So some claim this is a slip in the Matrix or proof of different dimensions inter relating. I say it is just that the  general public are not as knowledgeable about current affairs as some claim, and that actually those people were remembering the murder of a other anti apartheid leader. Just like how someone in Liverpool once told me you can get a ferry to Scotland, (They meant Ireland) and someone else once told me, their neighbour  thought Tony Blair, the PM, whose seat was in Geordieland,   was their MP, when they lived in Wales. I am sure they just confused him with the famous other anti apartheid campaigner, of the era, who was put in custody, what was that man who was killed in 1977's name. initials SB. 

46 What 3 letter word beginning with N, word needs to be swapped for the 3 letter word here, and in one case, 4, letter,  to make them places that are more famous than what I say here.

Old Zealand, Old York, Old Scotia, Old England, Old South Wales, Old Mexico, Oldport South Wales, Oldtown Mid Wales, Old Jersey, Old Hampshire, Oldfoundland, Old Brunswick. Old Orleans, Old Delhi, Old Ireland, Papua Old Guinea,  

47 Marcus Van Broxhorn and William Jones, in the 17th and 18th Century both realised a amazing link between Indian and European languages, what ancient nationality in between those 2 lands did the Dutch one call the original language of those languages. Clue, it begins with Scy,  

48 Illya Kuryakin was a Russian spy in a Tv series, who looked like Putin who was later a Russian president, what was the series, coincidence is Putin also worked for a spy ahency, though outside Russian borders. What TV series was Illya in. 

49 Identity in politics has a effect, such as how Southern US states vote markedly different in percentage terms to Northern US states, and those Northern US states vote differently as of their identities. Well in Britain, Wales and Scotland have voted differently to their English allies in many elections, and industrial areas vote differently to their rural areas. All sorts of things, industrial history, class history, level of immigrations from different parts of the British Isles and the world affect these political maps. In England which of these would be the bigger indicator of what party a whole constituency would vote for in the 2017 and 2019 UK elections. The fact a constituency is urban or rural or the fact it was led by Cornwall, or the Vikings or the Saxon kingdoms in the Dark Ages. 

50 Harold WIlson boasted that England won the world Cup in 1966 under Labour. In football then is it the case that party politics have affected who has won the Scottish premier League, is it the case Celtic only win the league when Labour and the SNP are in power in Britain or just Holyrood, and is it the case the Rangers only win it when the Conservatives are in power. 

51 In 1913, Trotsky, Tito, Freud, Stalin and Hitler, and Emperor Franz Joseph, and Archduke Franz Ferdinand,  were all living in the same place, which city am I referring to. 

52 Did anybody ever appear on TV in the 1950s US, who saw the assasination of Abraham Lincoln.

53 So political waves, often spread across from nation to nation, partly as of example, and partly as of the same global or regional affects causing it so. Such as the revolutionary events of late 18th Century USA, France, Belgium, Saxony, and so, the Refeormation in Western Europe, the revolutions, in Europe of 1831, and 1848, and to a extent 1917-21. The move right in Europe to dictatorship in the 1930s, across Europe. In Europe after World War Two, along with trhe forced move left as of actions by the allies, and more so the USSR and it's armies many land became left wing. Indeed there were also left wing revolutionary events and massive election wings,  from China and Vietnam and  China to France and Czechoslovakia, but which country in 1946 voted to abolish it's monarchy by referendum. 

54 Which of the Eastern European communist states  was the home of Solidarity, which helped cause a change from Communism, to Democracy, Across Eastern Europe at the same time. 

55, In the late 1990s, in Western Europe there was a mini surge in support or comings to power of centre left parties, in which country was Jospin elected PM.

56 After the 2001 attacks on New York, there was a swing to centre right and Right Wing parties across the world, in which country was John Howard re-elected PM, using rhet after having trailed the centre left opposition till around the time of the events,

57 Which country saw it's leader Gerhard Schroder, use opposition to the Iraq War in the mid 2000s, to make his centre left party, perform far more respectably in the lection than was feared, something centre left parties across the world used like some did in the Vietnam War, from here to India.

58 in 2016, the USA saw the election of Donald Trump as President, the same year as Britain narrowly voted to leave the EU, some saw similar reasons for why the votes went this way. Which country the same year saw right wing Freedom Party, for similar reasons, perhaps the Syrian Civil war, a reaction to globalisation of trade nad such, almost become the first post war party other than the centrist and centre left People's Part and SDP to get it's member elected, only to the suprise of that swing metric only for a Green Party candidate, Alexander Van De Bellen, to win in the end.

59 During tjhe Covid pandemic 2020-21, there seems to have at the start to have been a swing to the centre and/ or  left, on top of Biden and the Dems, being recorded as winning in  2020. Which country saw the Green Party achieve their best ever result in the country, one of the largest in Europe at 14.8 percent, and so them getting back power in a national government for the first time in over a decade ,

60 Sometimes this international swing does not chime at all, indeed which country during the 1980s, when Britain elected Thatcher, and the USA Reagan, elected it's first, Socialist President of the 5th Republic.

61 Edward Bulwer -Lytton in 1839, wrote, the pen is mightier than the sword, but a Assyrian sage wrote a similar remark, in 500BC the word is mightier than the sword, Ahiqar, also Biblical, Islamic and Talmud, sources indicate similar statements, and Napoleon wrote four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousands bayonets, but whom wrote "many wearing rapiers are afraid of goosequills"

62 The Power of ___ What,4 letter word, is missing there I mean,  was a song a different song by Jennifer Rush, Huey Lewis and the News, and Frankie Goes to Hollywood,  Along with many other bands)

63 During the cold war the Soviet Communists condemned the USA system, as full of economic inequality, crime and gangsterism, which many felt was a daft exageration, but during the 1990s, many critiqued Russia in it's transformation to capitalism, in such the same way, maybe many would condemn that as unafir as well, but which of the USSR's, 15 constiuent republics, was the last to declare independence, or sovereignty from the USSR.

64 Stephen Colbert is a famous  early 21st Centrury, American comedian, on late night US TV, , presenting the Late Show, while Jean-Baptiste Colbert was a major French political figure of the 17th Century. Name the musician, that appears on Colbert's shows, with a remarkably unifying name, for the 2 figures.

65 What name united both Winston Churchill's wife, and the leader of the Labour Party that became PM by defeating him in the 1945 election.

66 In 2020 The USA was struck by Covid, after it spread from a source in Asia,China, and I am not blaming them by the way,  to Europe, then spread strongly  in New York, the major port of entry to the USA, before spreading rampantly across the USA. In the

19th Century a disease started off again in a country  in Asia, India, and I am not blaming them either, spread to Europe, and just like Covid, was feared with dread that it would arrive, With just like for Covid, there being calls for restrictions on entries to the country, or a watch. (And then after reaching New York the completely major port of entry to the USA spread over time across the USA). With just like then, the rich often leaving the major cities, and being better protected as of their greater resources. and the poorer being more badly affected, and disputes about the legitimacy of doctors choices, being chanted by some campaigners. Again there was legitimate confusion from doctors about the nature of the disease at the start of the epidemic. What was the name of this disease. It first reached the USA in the 1830s. With it first striking there in a presidential  election year. just like for covid.

67 What do the capital of Ohio, the large country in between Panama and Venezuela, and a state in Western Canada have in common.

68 In Archaeology, the joke, to decrease people making wild guesses from little evidence,  is 2 stones make a wall, and 3 a what, it is a ironic critisism,

69 In 1993, both leaders of the UK's main parties were called John, so there  was a statement, a lot of people called John are leaders of the parties, ir it is a good name for a party leader, or there are more and more of them, So between 1900 and 2021, how many other fellows  called John, have been leader of either Labour or  Tory Party.

70 In 1992 Party Politics won the Grand National, what was coincidental about that.

71 In 1987 Martell a drinks company purchased another drinks company called Seagram, and Seagram sponsored the grand national from 1984 to 1991, thats the Aintree one, what was unusual about the 1991 grand national winner.

72  One thing I do not like is when people as if say, one starling makes a summer kind of coincidences. Like when in the UK, since 1945, Labour or the Tories have won every election, and a election is once every 4 or 5 years. So one party wins a election, in 1992, then a other in 1997, and then for effect someone says, well the so and so will be feeling unconfident about winning in this 2001 election, as they have not won one since the early 1990s, but considering there was only 1 election in between the truth is there was only 1 attempt. And it happens in rugby, in the 6 nations, Scotland may go 3 seasons of not beating Ireland at Dublin, and then it is 6 years since they last won there, well it is hardly that amazing to lose there away from home, so not that big a deal, especially if Ireland have been ranked higher than Scotland for all that time, it is extra not that amazing. Yes 30 years is bad, and any number is annoying, like Scotland went v England, at Twickenham, or Aberdeen at Ibrox, (It made the eventual wins all the sweter, although winning sooner would have been even more fun) but even that can be explained as on the other hand Scotland have not lost to certain teams at Murrayfield for ages, and Aberdeen have had good records of not losing streaks,  lasting v Dundee and Killie, and Killie and Dundee have good records of not losing v some teams. But its not so amazing if only 1 go, and same in Scottish football, for Rangrs, Celtic Aberdeen runs, people making more out of a mole hill, as if it is everything. So a question, since 1945 what is the shortest amount of time a party has been able to say it has not won a election since,  after losing the most recent election. The same also occurs in USA.
73 What do Labour's election result in 1951, Edward Heath's Tories in 1974 February election, Al Gore's in 2000, and Hilary Clinton's in 2016 have in common.  Remember in most election as of maths, the party that wins the most votes normally wins the election, usually a pretty sensible way of organising democracies.
74  What do the largest hillfort in the vicinity of Dorchester, and Edinburgh Castle have in common. Plus a hillfort by Durham.
75 What  links John Major and Oliver Cromwell, with Huntingdon,
76 What links William Ewart Gladstone, and Sir Arthur Salter, in terms of Oxford University and Westminster politics.
77, What do Stirling Albion and Liverpool FC have in common in terms of the 20th Century, and arrangements for games.
78  What do the 4th President of the USA, and a  English footballer born in 1996, who has played for Norwich, Leicester, Coventry,  and Aberdeen, and England,  have in common.

79 In the 1996 Euro Champs, England drew Germany in the semi final, why did some people make what some regarded as borderline xenophobic jokes, about the time of the start of the match,

80  Which of these countries not have wars partly about the nature of belief,  or religion, or not religon, in the 1640s and 1650s,

Russia, England, France, Scotland,  (I know athiests have had religious belief wars as well)

80 Which of these was not in Dallas on the day JFK was Asssasinated.

JFK, LBJ, Richard Nixon,  Abraham Zapruder, Governor John Connally, Ralph Yarborough, Don Yarborough, Jackie Kennedy, and  Robert F Kennedy,

81 What do  Tiger Woods, Jules Angst, Michael Ball footballer, Sprinter Usain Bolt, William Headline of CNN, and William Wordsworth have in common, plus Thomas Crapper,

82  In 2014 Scotland had a referendum on independance, and in 1997 on devolution and in 1979, while in 2021. While New Caledonia had referendums on independence in 2018, 2020, and 2021. Nova Scotia meanwhile had referendums in 1929 and 2004, what were these referendums on, either a independence and devolution, or B, Sunday shopping and prohibitionism and that kind of thing to do with alcohol.

83 So Wales is a country of the the British Isles,  and also Europe, but in what part of England is the village of Wales in, either South  East  England, or Yorkshire,  or North East England,

84 The Mayans apparently had wars fought called the Axe Wars, kind of smaller scale wars between their city states, what was the name of the wars of a larger scale, that George Lucas may have been pretty intrigued by. 

85 In Legend a founder  of Rome was Romulus, with Remus, and of course Constantine made Constantinople, Byzantium, Istanbul the capital of the Roman Emperor, what was the name coincidently I dont need the numerical number just the main name for him, in the 21st Century history books for the last emperor of Byzantium when it was conquerred by the Ottomans.

86  Poland and Monaco have similar flags, a red and also a white horizontal stripe, one has red on top one red at bottom, which of these lands does Indonesia which also does this have a most similar one to. 

87 Ivory Coast and The Republic of Ireland, Green, have similar flags, white and orange tricilour, which has the green on the left. 

88 Which 1970s Danny Devito comedy series has almost the same name as Robert De Niro's 1980s famous movie about a cab driver. Plus a 1930s James Cagney movie, and a 1998 French movie.

89 Scotland and Russia both have similar flags, that represent them at some event the which saint is this flag named after, not the main Russia or even the old Soviet flag, I mean the other,

90 Catalonia, England and Genoa each have a flag with a cross on, of which saint, 

91 Which patron saint of Scotland, England or Wales is the only one almost certainly born in Britain, 

92 So Prussia at times was not considered as German a state in the 18th Century as other parts, but united Germany, in the 19th Century, and Macedonia was so for ancient Greece, but united it under Alexander the Great, in a way,  what was the name for the 18th Century Prussian king, commonly labeled "The great"

93 Which US TV show, of the late 1990s to 2020s and maybe longer, in clips, seems to have predicted way before it was a logically very likely thing, the election of Donald Trump as President, the radical change in Russian relations with the west for the 2020s, and much more. Such as a doughnut shaped universe, the shard, and the Siegfried and Roy Tiger attack, Though the last one maybe its not that unlikely. Plus that Aussie episode where the Aussie PM is in a pub, is told off by a voter, or not, he is just in a pub, has had a couple of times where a voter was amazingly mundane with them, like the 2020s one told to get off a lawn friendlily. by a voter, during his impromptu speech, 

94 Which Prehistoric site in Wiltshire, Southern England, has a remarkbly similar name to a Simpsons character, which you may also name, one of the major ones from the 1990s to the 2020s at least first letter W,  


1 True also it is not spelt  assasinated or assasin 

2 True 

3 True 

4 True, 

5 True, 

6 True

7 True  

8 True, 

9 False, 

10 Tutankhamun also it is not spelt Pharoah or mausaleum

11 Brasil, 

12 Farming 

13 Hayley's comet

14 True

15 New Zealand 

16 1898,

17 1788

18 Jung and Yeats, Ok maybe Collective unconscious and great mind, are different theories, but they are quite similar from a simplistic misinterpretation by me. I am not supporting either theory, or opposing, just nice they had similar thoughts. Also lots of people fear doom is about to occur, and nothing happens, so maybe they were just lucky on that, well unlucky really, whatever the case, I am not a expert at all on either. so excuse my misssunderstanding. I mean I miss spell Jung as a  psychatrist, so have left it like that unspellchecked. 

19  Both times, there were leaders of the 2 main parties with the same name, I mean as in John, and Harold, both Harold's and both John's were leaders at the same time. 

20 Charlie Higgson and Paul Whitehouse, I remember the fact on QI. It was not Harry Enfield as I once thought.

21 They has the same first name, James, and the term for that used as their name, when they were in office as leader at the same time, of their countries.  

22 Both called Tony or Anthony, 

23 They had the same surname, and were managers at the same time, 

24 They were candidates in leadership elections, with the same first name,

25, yes, in 1974 and 1990, West Germany won, in 1970 and 1994 Brazil did, we all know England did in 1966, but no, it was France in 1998, and then  back ti a last mirroring, Brazil had in 1962, and did in 2002. For the rest of that mirroring it did not occur, indeed Italy 2006, and Brazil 1958, West Germany 1954, and Spain 2010, plus Uruguay 1950 and Germany 2014, then nobody in 1946, and France 2018 did not fit with the mirroring. 

26 Aberdeen won the Scottish league title in 1955 and 1985, but were runners up, still a OK position in historical terms for Aberdeen, in 2015. There is one other important year, that is for the Back to the Future 3, and 1885. Well that was the year that Arbroath beat Aberdeen's cricket team, Bon Accord 36 nil in the Scottish Cup. With on the same day Dundee Harp beat Aberdeen Rovers 35 to nil. I believe Aberdeen was late to football, being further from the industrial central belt, which is why Aberdeen sides had such bad scores that day.  Still those results are record wins in Scottish football record books. Aberdeen FC have restored Aberdeen's football reputation though many a time since.

27 Constantinople, or Byzantium, or Istanbul. There were other teams before, the Reds and Whites, (Hang on Glasweigan football team Third Lanark played in red) but they merged into the greens and whites, (Hang on Queens Park play in White, plus black, so that is a similar thing as well. Though Partick Thistle play in Yellow and red, so then again that is red, so interesting there.  Really though it is not that similar other than they both have blues and greens, and sport. and there is a rivalry, but even the fierce Old Firm, rivalry looks sedate compared to the Nika Riots, happily.  

28 The 19th Century 1820 by a Russian mission. 

29 The Dogon People of Mali. It is not certain though, many have said the evidence is more spurious than many say. 

30 Mars, and it's 2 moons, though some wonder if he was just using the knowledge of Kepler, that kind of predicted this.

31 Scotland

32 Pandas

33 Abraham Lincoln

34 Jefferson and Adams

35 Umberto

36 Yes,  

37 The satirist was born the same month, but a bit later, 

38 True

39 Comic Harry Hill was born the same month, but much earlier. 

40 Edinburgh Castle

41 True

42 Sorry but no, Christian Bale and Gareth Bale have won their respective trophies for their fields, but there is no exact correlation there really there.

43 The 1530s and 1540s.

44 They were all called Konigsberg, The Polish for the Baltic city's name was Krolewiec. Also Klimkovice, and Nova Bana, in Czechia, and Slovakia, had the title Konigsberg, as part of their names, or as their German names.  As too Chojna in Poland. Plus Konsberg in Norway has it as it's German label.There is still a place called Konigsberg in Bayern. which is in Bavaria Germany itself. Plus a mountain Slovakia, Kráľova hoľa, has it as it's German name. 

45 Steve Biko,  

46 New, and Nova. 

47 Scythia. 

48 The Man from Uncle. 

49 I looked it up and the urban rural divide is a much bigger factor. I dont really think there is much of a dark ages ethnic balance factor at all really. Unless you tried really hard to look, but I think that would be stretching the point. Though I think areas with high Celtic mostly Irish migration were voting stronger for Labour in the 20th Century, but of course they did as Labour were more seen by many as for poorer people, than the Tories, and if you are a immigrant you are more likely to have less money than the place you moved to, so that was less ethnic, than financial. There could be some dark ages effect, but I dont think there is. Indeed Cornwall seems almost as Tory as South East England's rural areas. So I  think the biggest marker politically in Britain is Industrial history and it's effects. Nationalism comes a lot into play in Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland, as how identity is so important.  The 1997 map may indicate a Dark Ages effect, but that is likely cherry picking and anyway Cumbria was led by Scotland and it was Tory in 1997, so I think again it is not a factor. Then again South West Herefordshire went to the Lib Dems, I mean maybe it shows it had a mnute influence but the bigger effect was what happened in term of migration in the Industrial Revolution and such like. And to be fair Cumbria was quite Labour for a large in many parts rural county place in 1997. It was  a nice thing to research but is not the case.

50 No, of course not, Though I bet you could make up a conspiracy theory of JFK democrats helping Celtic in the 1960s and Aberdeen being helped as the Tories were in Power, and maybe were less Glasgow linked in the 1980s. But then again you could write it as a deranged way of proving conspsiracy tteories can be invented about everything. As a means of proving conspsiracy theories are wrong. Of course there may be some political influence but 99 percent is about the teams, and their fortune, and possibly the city itself. 

51 Vienna, not amazing when you consider it was one of the cities of a great European Empire at the time, Though it was amazing as a coincidence really.  Einstein was based in Prague in 1912 and Zurich, And he did do a lecture there in Vienna in 1913. Then again it was a major city like Paris, Moscow, or London, if anything as it had been the major city of it's territories for so long maybe slightly above Madrid and Rome as they were for Madrid less centrifugal, and for Rome, it had only quite recently again become the centre of all Italy, in some ways.  I mean Vienna had been the official boss of some of Northern Italy quite recently before the Italian unification. But it is amazing really. Lenin also visited Vienna in 1913 and printed anti Tsar leaflets apparently. Karl Steinhart a later leader of the Austrian Communist Party arrived in Vienna in 1913 as well, lots of other people arrived in Vienna in 1913, according to my google searches like some actors and actresses. 

52 Yes, and there were people on  1930s recordings who had been slaves

53 Italy.

54 Poland

55 France

56 Australia

57 Germany

58 Austria

59 Germany

60 France

61 William Shakespeare

62 Love

63 Kazakhstan though the same year 1991 as all the others.

64 Jon Batiste, from New Orleans,

65 Clement,  Clement Attlee, and Clementine Hozier

66 Cholera.

67 Each were partly named after Columbus,

68 A Building,

69 Just one,

70 It was the year of the 1992 General election, and the same month actually as well.

71 The winner was Martell, in terms of the name of the horse,
72  Answer Labour in early 1950s. They won an election, the majority was not big enough so they held another a year later, which they lost, so the next election was only 4 years later, or 5 or so after the election before last. PS I am talking in terms of seat totals, not votes in this sense, though votes do count.
73 The party that won the most votes finished seconds as of the way the electoral college, and or the constituency votes stacked up. Some say unfair, some say, hey they knew the rules. 
74  Maiden Castle is the name of 2, and one used to be called Maiden Castle, see my Maiden Castle page for that.
75 They both represented it at the House of Commons.
76 They both represented it at the House of Commons.
77 Both played At Anfield.
78 They have the same name. I almost forgot to write this, James Maddison.

79 It was 19:45 quarter to eight, so the year world war two ended, and there was a lot of jingoistic chatter about world war two in the tabloids, so some made a joke about it being the year World War Two ended, Some thought that was a good joke, some that it was remarking on a terrible chapter of history, in the  most beside the point jingoistic way possible. But then again, its interesting. I mean who wouldnt notice a thing like that after a while, so a cool thing to notice, but Germany and Britain including England were buddies in the 1990s as of being 2 peaceful liberal democracies, including their people,

80 Amazingly only RFK of those key figures was not in Dallas that day.

81 All have names associated to the professions they took up like Tiger Woods, uses a wood in golf. nominative determinism is the name or  something.  or for something like it , its not that exactly.

82 It was B, the Sunday shopping and prohibition stuff, in different referndums,

83 Yorkshire, it is near Rotherham, and has a similar reason for it's name to Wales in all lilkliehood.

84 The Star Wars, apparently they also had some scenes filled in some Mayan centres. as Lucas loved the structures, it was so  Star Wars like, I saw that or heard it on Fall of Civilisations, so Lucas apparently was a inventor of the term though himself as well, 

85 Constantine. Anyway here is my list of who has the best right to claim to be the successors of Rome. 

1 Italy as the Kingdom and now the Republic, 2 Rome councils today, 3 Constantinople / Istanbul Council, today 4 The Vatican, including the Papal States, 5 Turkey, 6 Constantinople when it finished, 6 European Union 7 United States, 8 Moscow, 9 Russian Federation 10 Ottomans, 11 Orthodox Church, 12 Greece, 21 Germany - Holy Roman Empire 22 France as it was in a way, 23 United Nations, 24 Salmeniko Castle, 24 Avignon, 26 Ravenna 27 Castel dell'Ovo, 28 Ostrogoths, 29 Lombards, 30 Napoleon, 31 Spain, 32 Britain 33 Avingon, 34 Ravenna, 35 Other leaders who claimed to be leaders of Italy. 36 Romania, 37 Bulgaria, 38 Lots of other empires, 39 Places called Rome in the USA, 40 People who claim not be it, including people who stand on the spot in Rome where the guide says is where the emperors were crowned, and then imagine this means they are it. Like I did. 41 All other people who know of Rome, 42 People who have never heard of Rome etc 43 Aliens, if they exist,  44 Other aliens, 45 people of places before Rome founded, , 

Back to the quiz answers

86 Monaco 
87 Ireland 

88 Taxi 

89 St Andrew

90 St George

91 St David

92 Frederick, also Napoleon was from Corsica, so  a recent arrival to the French state,. Is there a argument Pictland and Gwynedd which were the bastions of Wales and Scotland, were peripheral, hmm, not really, they were just as central as the rest of Wales and Scotland, as too Wessex for England,

93 The Simpsons,

94 Wayland's Smithy, the chambered tomb not that far from the Uffington horse, the tomb is from the Neolithic, and Waylan Smithers, Mr Burns asistant, I always thought he was named after it, but no it is after some 1970s or 80s US star, so Waylan Smithers, and Wayland's chambered tomb, which is named after a Saxon or Germanic figure from their myths, despite it being a pre Celtic site,  

Bontnewydd Neanderthal cave.jpg

A quiz on Brazilian Portuguese, not spelt Brazilian  Portugueese 

What do these terms mean in English

1 Boa Sorte
2 Saude
3 meu nome é hillforts.co.uk

4 Eu moro na Grã-Bretanha

5 Eu nasci nesta cidade

6 Eu gosto de futebol e tv

7 Vou para o Rio de Janeiro

8 Eu quero aprendendo portugues

9 Que horas são

10 São duas e meia

11 o tempo é vinte para as oito

12 Sim

13 Oi ola


15 Minha comida favorita é frango

16 Eu amo o Brasil

17 Feliz aniversário

18 Hillforts são bons

19 Eu gosto de hillforts

OK, more questions, / perguntas english to portuguese

20 Right, Portuguese and Welsh are not that connected, other than their Indo European origins, indeed not much more than English or Welsh,, or less, but what do these similar Portuguese and Welsh words mean in English, but to help my learning, here is the small amount that are similar, but not much to English (By the way I have not selected words, that are similar in both Portuguese, Welsh and English, only ones that are similar as in Portuguese and Welsh but not so much English. I know there are far more words that are similar in all 3 languages, and some that are similar in English and Welsh or English and Portugues and less so the other of those 3 languages.

20 mês and mis

21 Pergyll and Pergido

22 Cadair and Cadeira

23 Llyfr and livro

24 Pysgod and Peixe 

25 Dau and dois

26 Yr Allt,  and o Alto de São Pedro, with this one I am only referring to Yr Allt, and the 0 Alto bit of the Portugal term, both not the same term but could be getting at similar types of features, I Mean could these refer to mountains and hills and peaks, though, maybe just hills for the Welsh, and maybe just higher peaks for the seconds the Portugal term, I am unsure, both maybe describe lost of higher points, I am unsure, or could it be used to describe caves, or even lakes and lochs.  Which of these 3 types, 

27 môr and mar

28 Abra and agored

29 Ceffyl, and Cavalo

30 Leite and llaeth

31 Cant and cem

32 Deg and Dez

33 Bont or Pont, and Ponte, 

34 Auora and Aur

35 Braich and Braco

36 Saude and Iechyd, dont look similar but I think the ends are  close really when pronounced, specially when you add to the second one, the word good, in Welsh, da, 

Now a change of style of question, 

37 Why in Portuguese, would a time, be also something you can be a member of,

38 Why would a person who wrote an answer to your question, where does the Scottish Cup Final normally get held, up to 2021 anyhow, "no Hampden", but said they wrote it in Portuguese, mean you were going to Hampden 

39 Why would a person saying "what" in Portuguese also in terms of spelling, could in a common miss spelling  also be able to use that in a game of snooker or pool,  

40 " What eras was that ", is a small sentence where one of the words is a repeat of the Portuguese term for the same word, which word here was that, 

Now a change of style, is this Portuguese word, which also appears in Welsh the same meaning in both languages.

41 radio and rádio 

42 de and de

43 wi-fi and wifi

44 Maes and maes

Now a change of tack again

45 What do Portuguese's ave and Cymraeg's aderyn mean in English

46 So, The Fifa World Cup is Copa de Mondo, in Portuguese, though it is not a direct translation with the term Fifa World Cup, that is the term used in English really, as copo is the term for cup in Portuguese, copa seems to be more a of a term used for trophies, but Copa is also a term used in Welsh, is it also part of the the term for world cup in Welsh. 

47 What is the question when the answer is  corpo  and Corff

48 What do Pt and and Welsh words, Caminha and Cerdded mean in English. 

49 What does Aguas de marco mean in English

50 What does Garata de Ipanema mean in English

51 Why would a Hospital patient who is Portuguese be able to have Pt Pt denoting them in paperwork, 

52 What does the Pt word Cantaria and Canu in Welsh mean in English. 

53 Which Chinese leader of the 20th Century, has a name that sounds like hand in Pt

54 Levante US are a football team in Spain, that won the Copa de Espana Libre in 1937, but what does Levante mean in Portuguese. 

55 Which island is also a name for wood in Pt

56 Jimmy Durante, well this USA comedian of the 1930s, has a word that is a Pt word. So what does it mean if I use it as Durant the 1930s, he switched between Broadway and Holywood.  

57 Lots of English and Portuguese words, are similar, maybe with a O at the end for the PR one, but some have a second cousin once removed style connection. In that vein, if you get my drift which of these words Dormir, and Muro, mean sleep and which wall in Portuguese. Dormir, vertade, muro, 

58 What does banco mean in Portuguese

59 What do hoje and heno mean, one is Welsh and one Portuguese

60 Some words, do not sound similar in welsh, Portuguese or English, what do the Welsh and Portuguese words Luva and Maneg mean. 

61  Are any of these words, if you took away the a or o, not the same meaning in English, 

Fluido, Fundo, Norma, Oceano, 

62 Are any of these words is not the same in Pt and En,

Open, Metal, Natural, Onion (As in the vegetable),

63 What do Olwen and Roda mean, 

64 Why would would you like a cup of cha make sense in Britain and Brazil

65 What does the word Mil, mean in Portuguese and Welsh

66 What is the equivalent of the British Red Cross in Brazil, and in Portuguese,

67 Burkina Faso in Africa used to be called Upper Volta, what does Portuguese have as the meaning of volta,

68 What is pizza in pt

69 What is fim, in english

70 Calon and Coracao, mean the same thing in English, one is Welsh one is Portuguese, PT

71 Why would Simon Schama sound like he said Shama twice when speaking his name in Portuguese,

72 Why might you find a advogado in a court in Brazil,

73 Which North African Berber Muslim empire, is similar to the Portuguese word for cushions, which is what,

74 What does errada mean in English

75 What does mesa mean in English,

76 What does banheiro mean in English

77 What does canata mean in English

78 Telu de ve, why would I watch that

79 Cinco de Maia is a day celebrating Mexico's victory over French Empire, imperialism, in the 19th Century, it sounds like cinqo de meia, what does the latter mean in PT

80 If Umbro had a badge on their shoulder, why does that sound a bit like a PT word for shoulder,

81 Umbanda, and candomble, are African spirtual style religons in Brazil, a lot of the religons stem from Angolan and Yoruban ways, but also in one of the faiths is cabocios, but which Native American group does this word likely come from.

82 How many letters has the Pt alphabet

83 What language is the major orihginator of Portuguese,

84 What is a estrela de mar

85 What is a estrela fruta

86 What is fruta de mar

87 What is a box in Pt

88 What is short in Pt

89 What is tall in Pt

90 What is woman in Portuguese,

91 Is this true, in Brazilian Portuguese, you say Obigado if you are a man, and obrigada if you are a woman.

92 Pam Arceiro is a American puppeteer, Pam means why in Welsh, what does the surname mean in Pt. 

93 Stephen Glass is the 2021 manager of Aberdeen FC, while Jose Vidro  performed as a baseball player for the 1997 Montreal Expos, Washington Expos, and later Seattle Mariners, what is the Portuguese link with their names. 

94 So Perigo is danger in Portuguese and if you lose the ig put in did, it becomes  Perdido, what does that word mean, it is o at the end for men, and a for women.

95  Eu tenho dineiro, is what I would say if the hotel if my fellow holidaymakers are wondering if anybody has money to pay for a item, and I do, True or false, 

96 Voce Tem dineiro, is what a charity collector may say if wondering if I have money, True or false, 

97 What does Pele, mean in English, 

98 Mesa sounds a bit like Messi, what does it mean, 

99 Ronda is a lady's name, like Ronda Rossey, is it true it means, round, and a patrol, 

100 Ke-mo-sah-be is the term Tonto uses for the Lone Ranger, in the said 20th Century series, what does the words Que Sabia mean in English from Portuguese, 

101 What Middle Eastern country or island style state is a name that sounds like the Pt for fourteen, 

102 Which number in PT sounds like days, 

Colours quiz

103 What is the English language term in terms of these phrases or descriptions of something, so Cabo Verde, 

104 Vermelho Novo

105 Porto Preta,

106 Nada. . . . . ... 

107 Rio Branco

108 The character in the movie, Rio, the parrot called Azul,

109 A type of wine called Cor de rosa,

110 A computer game called armello,

111 A kind of fruit called laranja,

112 Marrom glace cake

113 Cidade Cinza a movie

114 Roza chuva,

115 Eu no sei, sounds like You don't say, there are similarities. But do they mean exactly the same. 

116 Moarador, sounds like the Lord of the Rings Mountain, Mordoor, you know it is not quite local to the Shire, but what would the word sound like that meaning for some reason, 

117 Hugo Chavez is a contravserial leader in the history of South America, some love him, some loathe him, some are fairly ambivelent to him, and some have a complex opinion about him and his policies, related to the story of Venezuela, some are completely ignorant of his existance, some for many even understandable reasons, or not understandable ones, but to limit my point, but why would he be quite a apt situation if he was in a room, where you found your keys, 

118 Mostar, that Bosnian town is a site to be shown, with its bridge that was rebuilt after the horrible civil war in the 1990s there, why in Pt is it s a site to show, 

119 The word  courier mean to be like a runner or delivery man, what is running in Pt, is it correndo 

120 Why is a food shop manager the same title as a shop manager in Pt

121 Magna carta, why would it be my best letter in Pt

122 What part of the body is a dente

123 So a lavatory is a place with toilets, but what cleaning thing are you doing when you lavar

124 If someone says douche to you in Pt what do they mean, its not a insult by the way, well usually 

125 Why would I also want a tamberine, that I call tambem, 

126 So a creche is a kind of nursery, but why does the word cresci sound a a bit like that, 

127 The state motto of New Hampshire, a great motto to some extent, but brilliantly joked about by George Carlin, is "Live Free, or Die", but those two first words, if you had one letter to one of the words, would be the same meaning in T and English for the 2 words, in the different languages I mean one word be Portuguese an one, English, but they would mean the same, 

128 A velodrome is a thing where people cycle, but why could that be good for a old one, 

129 Also a correiro, is a bit like a courier, what does it mean, 

130 So I had a pod of rheas' letter Us, could I have them, why is that apt., 

131 Why may a Gato not like a gateux, 

132 Reprise reprise why is that apt in PT 

133  I assume Superman is supor strong, why is that spelling error apt

134 So I walked round a gallery and saw a beautiful painting I was mesmorised by, I walked around and saw a duplicate of it, why was a I mesmo rised, why is that spelling error apt 

135 OvO, well that word looks a bit like a chicken, why is that quite apt, 

136 So espelho means something in Portuguese, and Snow White's oppressor, The Wicked witch, uses spells, why is the word so apt, 

137 So you may or may want to put talcon powder on your feet, why is the word talez well it sounds bit like it, so apt, in that sentance, 

138 So you may want a good view from a hill, to see stuff, it may be ver y good, or a version you lile, why is that sentance apt, 

139 The Happy Mondays, well their dancer was good at helping them get in the top 10, wasnt he, Dez, oh I mean Bez, why is that mistake I made, apt, 

140 comprendo

141 Sempre means always in Latin, and appears on many mottos, does it in Portugal's language, 

142 Penso, logo existo, in Portugese,  and Cogito, ergo sum in Latin, what is it in English, 

143 Habeas Corpus, what does corpo mean in English, 

144 Post mortem, is a Latin word, for what certain things occur, after death, for people, what does mortem mean in PT,

145 In Latin, the term is Compos Mentis, for having mastery of one's mind, what does mente mean in PT,

147 Circa in Latin means about, and is used in history, for dates and such of approx, what does Cerca de, mean in Portugal,

148 A military coup, may be called a junta, what does juntos, mean,

149 Spain in Spanish had a party called Podemos in the 2010s, what does it mean in Portuguese, same things, 

150 Mea cupla, is a famous Latin phrase, my fault, for grovelling in apology, in nice ways, what does minha culpa mean in Portugal, 

151 Poder is a thing many politicians want, what is it,   

152 Sapere aude is a Latin phrase that means dare to know, what does saber mean in Pt

153 What does Gales mean in English,

154 A polecat is a animal, but a polegar is a digit on the hand that could be called as it is on it's own, the polecat of the hand, what is it 

155 People say, that man has capacete (Capacity), as he can understand things, what in PT does that mean, that protects the head, 

156 What is orghuloso, I mean a organism, would be very proud to be it, and to be around, 

157 Have a resto, what is that, 

158 A barco would be nice sail by Barcelona, what is it, a barca is a barge

159 Amanha is like that Spanish word, what is it, 

160 What is manha

161 Are you sure you now what certa means, it sounds like certain, maybe you are sure, 

162 Jim Goodwin is the manager of Aberdeen in 2022, how do you say Good win in the language of Brazilians, ,

163 What is sheep in Pt

164 What is cow,

165 Quantos airlines in Australia, well why mights you say it twice when asking in Pt there prices,


The Compare the meerkat slogan in 2022 is simples, a cod English way of describing the word simple, but using a Eastern European voiced meerkat, I think Russian, but why would it also work in Pt  

167 The M83 song outro what does outro mean,

168 What shape is a quadrado

169 Before, I say this, I better say befor is a miss spelling of before, but a PT term is, Antes de, now before I tell you want that word means, let me think of this clue, antecedents,

170 What is this song, in it's original English,  which band sung it, its a Irish band, Com ou sem você 

171 Tempo após tempo, by Cyndi Lauper, 

172 Fatboy Slim's, pará-lo

173 Police's, Cada respiração que você toma

174 Isso é amor

175 Dançando pelos EUA of Lindsay Buckingham

176 Which movie is era uma vez no Oeste

177 Travis's Mai Perto, 

178 Annie Lennox's beijado por um anjo

179 King's of Leon's usar alguém

180 Elton John's Sua Musica,

181 Nós podemos estar juntos, Jefferson Airplane,

182 Celine Dion's eu sou sua senhora

183 Quente e frio, by Jermaine Stewart

184 Mundo Normal, by Duran Duran

185 tijolo por tijolo chato, by Paramore,

186 vivo e chutando by Simple Minds, 

187 John Lennon's jogos mentais

188 Which band did, Gimme Shelter, the band are called, Pedras Rolantes

189 Kraftwork's O Model

190 What does Ainda mean, it still will mean it if you get it wrong,

191 Atraiu Barrymore is a American actress,I have swapped the Pt word, for a English word, decribing someone doing a cartoon of her as well, what is that word, 

192 Linda Caçar, is a American actress again I have swapped the Pt word for a English word, she was in Raising Arizona, and the term may be used by those who seek game, as in animals, what is the word in English

193 Pamela Cana, is a American actress who was in Kindergarden cop, again the surname is a Pt word, what is cana, it is a thing you may find in a marsh of grass, 

194 John Ferriera Labour leader of the 1990s, spot the PT name, 

195 Tom Padeiro, the Dr Who actor, he could make good bread, whats the real surname, 

196 Walking in a Inverno Wonder land, what

1is the word there, in PT, for that term, 

197 OK,  ESCRITURÁRIO Kent in Superman, actually not the exact job term, but needs a a instead of E for English really 

198 Oliver Pedra, the director of JFK 

199 Max Muro, a English actor and comedian,  of the 20th Century, 

200 the acting saying break a perna, or cricket, perna before wicket, what is a perna, 

201 If a ball hits me in the face, I might say Oh my Nariz, what is a nariz, 

202 A house needs a teto, to keep dry, what is it, 

203 Cachorro, where are you, what is it, 

204 A Sumo wrestler, well what would they want as a drink Portugal, a clue is in the name,  the first word is a name for a drink so I am saying it, for the purposes of nthis quiz, 

205, This is the start or something of a Charles Dickens book, what does it mean, 

Foi o pior dos tempos, foi o melhor dos tempos,

206 Abracadabra, it sounds like abraco, what magical thing does that mean,

207 Sonny and Cher were a great music duo of the 1960s, in the USA, and popular in Britain and the world, what does Bons sonhos mean, as one was called Sonny Bono,  

208 Deputy sheriff, well the Bob Marley song states that the character he is talking of did not shoot him, and I should hope not, as I support the police, including sheriffs, and am sad if anybody shot a sheriff for real, what does depois, mean, 

209 Battle of the River Plate   is one of my fave movies from my childhood, actually it means silver in Spanish, but that is prata in Portuguese, but what would the Pt word Battle over the Rio de Praca mean, I mean some person or persons could bring you a praca, with a meal on, I mean, hey getting there, good enough clue yet,

210 Cuban volleyballer, Regra Torres, has a name like regra, what does regra mean, also torre, the surname without a s,  is apt for this volleyballer., as it means tower.  and she is tall  


What does beira do rio have to do with glanafon,

212 Pellegrino is a kind of sparkling mineral water,  from Italy, Also there is a Argentinian footballer by that name, who played for Barca and Liverpool, what does pelegrino mean,  in Portugese, 

213 The Frenchy saying Bom Apetit, is popular in English speaking lands, as in good apetite, what does Bom Apetite mean in Portugese, 

214 A Agent provocateur is a French term for a agent that provokes, what is a agente provocante

215 Bomn vivant is a someone who enjoys the good life, what is boa vida in Pt

216 Bon Viage is good trip in French what is Bom Viagem in Portugal

217 Cafe means the same in French and Portuguese, what? 

218 Cause celeb, what is Causa famosa from Portugal, 

219 Cest la vie is Thats life, what is Isso a vida, 

220 What is blue ribbon, cordon blue, and cordao azul, is it a cafe, thing,  

221 Cordon sanitaire, means a health thing, keeping areas as the centre, it means sanitary cord, what is cordão sanitário

222 Coup d'etat means coup by the sta5te, or blow, what does golpe mean in Portugal,

223 What does eu não sei o que

224 Joy of living is joie de vivre, what is alegria de viver

225 Sang froid is cold blood in French, what is Sangue resfriado,

226 Alfresco is a Italian saying for outside, in the fresh, what is  no fresco in Pt

227 The Italian phrase  people who know, what does cognoscenti Portuguese phrase conhecedor, actually pessoas que sabem

228 Cosa Nostra is a Italian mafia group, but what does Coisa Nossa mean, in Portugal, 

229 De ja vu is already seen, in Portugal, French what does Ja Visto mean when in own language, 

230 Sweet doing nothing, doce por nada, dolce far niente, all mean the same which is the Portuguese, 

231 Doce vida, dolce vita, what do they eman, IT and English, 

232 dupla compreensão, and double understanding, and and double entendre, all mean the same, which is the Portuguese thing, 

233 False step, passo em falso, faux pas, which is Portuguesese,

234 Superior strengh, força superior, force majeure

235 , casa de campo, holiday house, casa de campo

236 Grand dama, grand dame, 

237 , alta costura, high dress making, haute couture, highland wine, which of these is not a same meaning,, French, English or Pt term, 

238 Cozinha is kitchen, in Pt what is haute cuisine, I mean it is French for cooking, but what is the Pt for cooking, is it culiniaria, 

239 na ausência and in absentia what do they mean, 

240 Juventus, and jovem, what does it mean, 

241 , não se desesperenil , nil desperandum, what does it mean, 

242 So a lada, may be on a layby, to park, what is lado in Portugeese,

243 Nick Caverna could be a singer, what is his name in English, 

244  A rabbit has a burrow, what is a buraco in Portugese, 

245 The Bay area is a place in California, why is that duplicating in Portuese, 

246 A peça de resistência, is a way of saying piece de resiatnce is this true, literally, as in the most impressive piece of the thing, 

247 quanto mais muda, mais permanece o mesmo, the more it chyanges the more it stays the same, is there a French version of this statement that is a phrase, 

248 Quid pro quo, algo por algo, something for something, which Latin, which is Portugalian Brazilian, and which IS English, no halt that, which is Port, in Western Europe 

249 redução ao absurdo, reduction to the absurd, is there not a Latin phrase for this, 

250 What does sob um juz mean, does it mean under a judge, or a delicous drink, 

251 Terra firme, means the same, or can in Portugese and Latin, what is it in English, 

252 FEAT OF STRENGH, façanha de força TOUR DE FORCE, ARE THESE A PHRASE OR 3 DIFFERENT CYCLING EVENTS, , IF SO WHICH iS the Portugal phrase,  or cycling event

253 Uncanny and estranho,

254 gwaharddedig, Verboten, Forbiden and Probida, which is Portuguese, of this, WSelsh, German, English and so. ,

255 vis a vis, cara e cara, face to face, which is Portugal, 

256 Terra incognita, unknown land, ignoradno terra, are these similar,  

257 Sem dia, and sine die, and without day,which is Pt, 

258  so much the better, muito melhor, which is tant mieuxnot english or PT, 

259 too bad, which of these is Brazilian, , que pena, tant pis

260 What does duzentos e cinquenta flexões mean, in English translations. .............

261 Cabela is hair, like bela, that thing Italians say in movies of a pretty lady, and so in Brazilian,  Portuguese, as well, too, but Cabeca is head, so lots of female footballers have been called Rebecca, like Rebecca Dempster, I would assume she would use her head at trying to score, so does Caebca mean head, in Portuguese, 

262 Sentir, what does sentir mean, I mean I feel, it sounds a touchy feely word, 

263 Luis Figo was a top footballer, what does Fico feliz mean, I am am glad, 

264 Why would a rabbit sound like A suralian cutsey marsupial

265 If I had a pod, I wanted I may say, Eu poderia eu isso, as in could, 

266 If I had a posh buddy and we were pals, and I called him posho, I may say, if I wanted something, eu posso ter aquilo, can I have that, a bit like that political party,

267 Would Barack Obama, if he spoke Portuguese, say, hey I thought of that, if you used the slogan  Sim nos poedmos,  

268 What is this joke in English, Meu cachorro não tem nariz, como ele cheira, horrível,

269 Como may some call that a piada,

270 Antuigades is a word describing something, my clue would be, Antigua is a island in the Caribean, and it would be it if there were some old ornaments in a town there,  

271 Blanka Vasic is a Croatian High Jumper from the 2010s, a branka is a colour in Pt, it is one of the Croatian flag's colours, what is it, 

272 Alaina Casaco is a USA basketballer, I have a put a PT word instead of the English name, what is the English word instead, not really same spelling, 

273 Arenosa Morris is a US pole vaulter, in 2020 what PT word should go instead, if she did the Long Jump it would be a more apt name, after she lands, in the place she jumps into, on most cpourses,  

274 Jhanielle Fowler Leitura is a Jamaican netballer, what word for reading goes instead of the pt word, spelt differently to real name, 

275 Kim Colina and Karsta Baixa are US volleyball players what English words, some different spelt go instead of the surnames, 

276 Jennifer Lei rence what word should go instead for the US actress,

277 One Thurman, is a US actress, what is her name really a Portuguese number, 

278 Why would the Battle of the Somme, always be noisy, in Pt

279 I have put in a PT word in this surname, Samuel Jackfilho is someone's son and a famous actor, what is his rewal acting name,

280 Jim Astrado On, is a famed Scottish 1980s Aberdeen and Scotland goalkeeper who is he, 

281  Conta Clinton is a US President of the 1980s, who is this, in T - Eng word game, 

282 Ache is a part of Indonesia, in the north of Sumatra, I think,  I could ,miss spell it as Acho, and be wrong, what do I mean there, 

283 Mash is a US sitcom, but why not spell it mas, what doe I mean in PT there, but what word here means that,

284 Ontem all my troubles seemed so far away, what song is that by the Beatles

285 Why are John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and George Harrison, in Pt a Besouro,

286 Which hillfort is Velho Oswestry

287 What is the English PT word swap game, Caenta y Gaer 

288 Burghcabeca

289 Donzela Castelo

290 Partao Pa

291, Now in Welsh, Bwrdd Artur., 

292 Antigo castelo de corte, which hillfort in English or Welsh I mean,

293 Cidade,

294 James Floresta in my Pt intersect game, who is that 2010s Celtic player

295 Brandon Florescer who is that a singer in America, needs a letter S

295 Esperanca well thats a hopeful word, like Esther Rantzen's THats life, what it mean, 

296 Encontar I found it what does it mean, 

297 Boca Juniors the footy team what does Boca mean, 

298 Venta Silurum is the Roman and Celtic origin name for Caerwent in South West Wales, it means market of the silurum, what would Vento Silurum mean from Pt, like Chicago,  

299 Estimular, me, 

300 Footy stadium PT, which stadium is Olho brox, 

301 Which is Covo todrie Stadium, not Poco

302  Which is Presento pden Stadium

303 algum means any and algum, some, is that true 

304 Para melhor ou pior, what is that wedding remark

305 Movie name de volta para o Futuro

306  o homem que seria rei

307 Benficas stadium, estadio de luz, 

308 o maior show da terra

309 As Vinhas da Ira

310 A lug is Scots for ear, but what is a orelha, maybe like shouting from a distance the name, they would hear

311 Quem are  Coracao Media lothian, 

312  Why would a circle be redondo

313 Why would a Nissan Alegria be joyful, there is not really such a car maybe, I dont know, 

314  Estou feliz, why happy 

315 Which sport would Penhasco Thorburn play, and who was friends with Cheers, OK what does that name mean, 

316 For Frasier fans, what does Niles Guindaste mean, 

317 Poseidon is the God of céu, what is that, not the sea, 

318 Shamrock green, is a colour, but what is a Acro Iris, 

319 What is a colo, 

320 What is the Portuguese for living

321 What is the Pt for bright, it is like clarity for the day,

322 Ela Fitzgerald was a famous singer why is her name so apt as a woman, 

323 Elle Macpherson is a famous supermodel, why is her first name so un apt in PT, but apt in French,

324 A feita complis is a Latin term, for a things that is effectively planned to be done what is Feita inin Portuguese

325 a Pedacure is a foot massage, or cleaning of toes or sumthing, something to do with feet, and toes, and nail varnish, and Pe is Portuguese for foot or feet, what is the Pt for hand, you known manicure,  

326 Which USA pres am I referring to in Pt word swap for a name game, George Arbusto,

327 Why would John Cena, be apt if he was a fan of good views of landscape, on PT

328 Why might Marlon Brando be apt in Portugal if he is only a fan of less tasty food, 

329 What is ear in Brazil

330 So the word algo means, something in Portuguese, I mean it also has a similar kind of meaning, what does it mean.,

331 Pedro Delgado was a successful cyclist at the Tour De France from Spain, like in the 1980s, and cycling made him slim, why is that apped,   

Answers, respostas . question is respondar,

1 Good Luck 

2 Cheers

3 My name is Hillforts .co.uk

4 I live in Britain

5 Eu nasci nesta cidade

6 I like football and TV 

7 I am going to Rio De Janeiro

8 I want to learn Portuguese 

9 What time is it 

10 The time is half past two 2:30 

11 The time is twenty to eight

12 Yes

13 Hi HELO

14  I am learning Portuguese 
15 Minha comida favorita é frango

16 I love Brasil

17 Happy Birthday

18 Hillforts are good

19 I like hillforts

20 Month

21 Danger

22 Chair

23 Book

24 Fish

25 Two, (Not that similar, but quite for such a important term) 

26 The first means the hill, the second describes or is the name of a high point, maybe a mountain or peak, in Portugal, though they both describe higher places, so like a similar root I would guess to the term altitude though maybe they are not exactly the same word. Though I can not think of a term saying altitude in that way in English really. Altitude is too scientific a term and vague a term to normally describe a place by a place name with the word Altitude. 

27 sea 

28 Open

29 Horse

30 milk

31 Hundred

32 Ten

33 Bridge

34 Gold

35 Arm, is must be a bit like embrace or something like that, maybe, 

Interestingly the Scottish Gaelic terms, are mios., cunnart, cathair, leabhar, iasg, dha, ard, mar, fosgailte, each, bainne, ceud, deich, drochaid, or, and gairdean, so pretty similar in cases, more so than to English, but again, I bet there are more similarities to English for Gaelic, than to Portuguese, but more to Welsh, as of it's Celtic links

The only difference for North East Scotland's Doric, or Scots, for those said words between it and English is that chair is cheir, book is buik, fish is fash,  two is twaa, high is heich, horse is shilt, hundred is hunner, gold is gowd, and lastly arm is airm. Lallans, Doric and Scots are used in some sense for this language though have specific definitions for some, but Scots is a acceptable term for all Scottish versions of the English language. Gaelic influenced it a tiny bit. Similar to how Pictish may have just influenced Gaelic a tiny bit.

In Polish it is miesiac, zagrozenie, kreslo, ksiazka, ryba, dwa, wysoka, morze, otwarty, kon, mleko, sto, dziesiec, most, zloto, ramie,

36 health.

37 Time means team in Pt

38 As no, means "at the" in PT, though actually it sounds like no as well, nao, a bit anyhow, 

39 Que is "what" in Pt , Cue is how you spells snooker cue. 

40 The word era is the PT for was?     

41 Yes, both mean Radio, 

42 yes

43 yes

44 No, Maes is field in Welsh, and mothers in Portuguese, campo is field in Portuguese. 

45 bird, 

46 No, copa means summit in Welsh, the Welsh term for the World Cup, is Cwpan y Byd, 

47 This question is in reverse,  the answer is, they both mean body in English. 

48 So, they both mean walk in English, 

49 Waters of March, 

50 Girl from Ipanema, 

51 Because Pt is sometimes shorthand for Portuguese, and a patient, 

52 sing

53 Mao

54 Raise

55 Madeira. 

56 Durante means during. 

57 Dormir means sleep, you know like dormitory, and muro means wall, you know like its close to mural, veracity means how trustworthy or correct I think, something like that. . 

58 Bank

59 Today, is Hoje,  and Heno Tonight. 

60 Glove, though they are a bit similar. 

61 No, they all go with that. 

62 Onion, a cebola is a PT onion, and pen is aberta so not that different to the Canadian province.  

63 Olwen and road mean wheel, 

64 Cha is sometimes a name for tea in Britain, and the word in Portugueese.

65 It means a thousand. And also Milhao, Milwn, Bilhao, and trilhao, and milwn bilwn, and trilwn, all the are the same as well as million, billion and trillion.

66 Cruz Vermelha Brasileira, Roja in Spanish is Red, and Coch in Welsh,

67 back

68 pizza

69 end

70 Heart

71 Simon Shama, well name chama, is pronounced like shama, so he would be sounding like saying shama twice,

72 Advocat,

73 Almoda dynasty, so like cushion is almofada,

74 wrong

75 table

76 bath

77 pen

78 tv

79 half past five

80 ombro means shoulder

81 Tupi people

82 23

83 Latin

84 Starfish

85 Star fruit

86 Seafood

87 caixa, like cake box, like a box is caked in dirt,  

88 baixa, for women, baixo for men, like a bay is low, level, and also short in height.,  

89 alta

90 mulher

91 Yes, or sim,

92 Bowman. 

93 Glass means vidro

94 Perdida is lost, 

95 True

96 Verdade, true, 

97 skin

98 table 

99 yes, 

100 Who Knew

101 Qatar, Quatorze, 

102 Ten, 

103 Cape Verde,  the island, 

104 Vermelho Novo, I think a place called New Red, 

105 I think it means black port, I dunno, 

106 Nothing

107 I think it means white river, 

108 Blue

109 Pink

110 Yellow

11 Orange and orange 

112 its a brown cake

113 Grey city

114 Purple rain 

115 It means I dont know, 

116 Morador means local. 

117 Chaves means key, in PT. the language,

118 Mostra means show in Pt.  

119 Correndo means run, 

120 a Chefe is boss in Portuguese, 

121 Magna is latin for like major or sumin, but carta is a letter, 

122 Teeth

123 It means to wash, 

124 Shower

125 Tambem means also, 

126, Cresci means "I grew up", also cress the plant grows, 

127 Livre means Free, while e gratis means it's free, as in free stuff for free, freebies, 

128 , Velho means old, 

129 It means mail, 

130  Poderia is could

131 A gato is a cat, 

132 reprise is repeat

133 Supor is assume, 

134 Mesmo is seme, 

135 Ovo means egg, 

136 It means mirror, 

137 Talvez means maybe

138 Ver means see or watch, 

139 Dez is 10 in Pt, 

140 understand

141 Yes, 

142 I think, therefore I am, 

143 Body, 

144 death

146 Mind,

147 cerca de means about, so it means the same thing

148 Together, so like a group of people or generals ousting a government, sadly,

149  We can,

150 My fault,

151 Power, .

152 Know

153 Wales

154 A thumb,

155 Helmet 

156 proud

157 rest as in have a rest 

158 A boat,

159 Tomorrow

160 Morning, the difference is the one with m at start is like morning, 

161 sure

162 Boa Vitoria

163 ovelha

164 cow

165 Quantos means, how much,

166 Simples is simple in Portuguese,

167 Other,

168 Square

169  Before

170 With or Without you, of U2, 

171 Time after Time

172 Praise you, 

173 Every Breathe you take, 

174 Is this love, 

175 Dancing across the USA, 

176 Once upon a time in the west

177 Closer, a clue could be the word pertinent which means a similar thing to close, 

178 Kissed by a angel, 

179 Use somebody 

180 Your song

181 We can be together

182 I'm your lady

183 Hot and cold

184 Ordinary world

185 Paramore's Brick by boring brick

186 Vivo e chutando

187 Mind games

188 Rolling stones

189 The Model


191 Drew

192 Hunt

193 Reed

194 Smith

195 Baker

196 Winter

197 Clark

198 Stone

199 Wall

200 Leg

201 Nose

202 Roof

203 Dog

204 Juice

205 It was the worst of times, It was the best of times,

206 Hug

207 good dreams

208 later, 

209 Plate,

210 Rule

211 They both mean river side,

212 Pilgrim

213 Good apetite

214 Provocative agent

215 Good life

16 Good trip 

217 Coffee

218 Famous person

219 Thats life

220 Yes

221 Sanitary cord

222 Blow

223 I do not know

224 Joy of life 

225 cold blood

226 In the fresh

227 People who know

228 Our thing, 

229 Already seen, 

230 the 2nd, 

231 Sweet life, 

232 1st 

233 2nd 

234 2nd

235 1st 

236 1st 

237 The last

238 yes

239 In abscene, 

240 Youth

241 dont dispair

242 side

243 Nick Cave

244 Hole

245 can be same thing

246 yes

247 sim

248 2nd

249 non

250 The first 

251 Firm land

252 Second

253 PT

254 3rd

255 face to face 

256 2nd 

257 1st 

258 last

259 last

260 250 PRESS UPS

261 Yes

262 Feel

263 I am glad

264 Coehlo, 

265 yes, 

266 yes, 

267 Yes we can, 

268 My dog has no nose, how does it smell, awful, 

269 It means Joke,

270 Antigua

271 White

272 Alaina Coates

273 Sandy Morris

274 Read

275 Hill and Lowe, 

276 Law

277 Uma Thurman

278 Sound means Som, 

279 Samual Jackson

280 Jim Late Leighton, 

281 Bill Clinton

282 Acho is think, so is Pensar 

273 Mas is but, 

284 Yesterday,

285 It means Beatle

286 Old Oswestry

287 Pen y Gaer

288 Burghead

289 Maiden Castle

290 Gate Pa

291 Arthur's mesa

292 Cstell Henllys

293 Dinas

294 Forrest

295 Flower

296 Hope

296 Found

297 Mouth

298 Wind

299 Stimulate

300 eye brox

301 Pittodrie

302 Ham

303 Yes

304 For better or for worse

305 Back to the future

306 The Man Who would be king

307 Stadium of light

308 The greatest show on earth

309 The grapes of rath

310 Ear. 

311 Hearts FC

312 Round

313 Joy

314 I'm happy

315 Cliff

316 crane

317 sky, ground is chao

318 Rainbow

319 lap

320  living, as in Living la vida louca, crazy life.  as the Germans say Wonderba, or Marvilhoso, or marvellous,  otimas vidas,

321 Clara means bright

322 Ela means she

323 Ele means he, in PT, so absolutely not right as her description, but Elle is French for she, so just as the situation is, interesting how the words changed so confusingly, 

324 deed, 

325 Mau,
326 Actually 2, George Bush W and H,

327 Cena means scenery

328 brando means bland

329 It means ear

330 It means, Something,

331 Delgado means slender  


A quiz on Welsh, 

What do these words and terms mean in English

So Question, cwestiwn, , I means Questions Cwestinau, 

1 Bach

2 Mawr

3 Teledu

4 Oes

5 Deg

6 Rwy'n hoffi dringo'r bryn, i'r gaer ar gopa gwastad Penycloddiau.

7 Dwi'n'hoffi peldroed

8 Dwi'n dim yn hoffi dim peldroed

9 Braf

10 Bae

Now a change of style for the questions.

11 Lastly, singer, Bryn Terfel, has a word in his name, which would be a part of the direct  translation of the word hillfort, in Welsh, 

12 What word for small, or little in Welsh is also the name of a famous 18th Century German composer, born in 1685. 

Why is a plant something you would have to have in a Welsh nursery for kids, and a Welsh nursery for flowers,

14 Oxford is famously the site of a great university like Cambridge, and many other locations. Though many feel the term Ox ford, is like a place where oxes cross a river in terms of the old original meaning of the term. Does ffordd mean the same thing in Welsh, as in Henffordd the Welsh for Hereford. 

15 Using a keyboard which does not have the ty bach ability for Ys, why would Ty Burrell, the name of the actor, also be the name for a house in Wales. 

16 Why would a hen always be old in Welsh.

17 What is a Sir Ddinbych, and why does it not refer to a knighted person called Ddinbych in most cases.

18 Why would a lady called Elizabeth, also be a known as a  term for somebody saying pardon or what in Welsh.

19 Why would you want a five in Welsh, when you get a bicycle puncture. 

20 What does Craig David have to do with stones in Welsh. 

21 What type of writing equipment is also a word for a head in Welsh. 

22 Why would a US school, which teaches males and females, known as a co ed, also be similar to the term  for a forest in Welsh. 

23 Why would a woman called Catherine, be a name in a other form, be a name for your cat as well. 

24 Why would the Australian Royal Airforce find their name on many bends in Wales. 

25 In 2006 Barcelona played 3 times English league winner, Arsene Wenger's Arsenal in the European Cup Final, In the competition Samuel Eto'o had already scored 5 goals, why should Welsh speakers feel it so apt that he would score again, the equaliser, that brought forth a win, for Barca, over the great Gunners side. Efo means with in Welsh and the Portuguese for with is com, and without, sem, while again is novamente in Brazilian Portuguese. 

26 What does Abertawe mean in English

27 Hampden Stadium is the national football stadia of Scotland, and Hamden is a term used in Welsh sport, why would a sporty fella in Wales go to Canolfan Hamden, at times. 

28 What is important about the letters Cym in Welsh, 

29 Brazil's most famous footballer Pele, is a historic icon of the game. Is the spelling of football in Welsh Peledroed, or Peldroed, 

30 Alan Davies is a English comedian with a Welsh surname, but if you add a l to his first name, 2nd letter, why would you often see his name at car parks. 

31 Why would a blue glass be quite a apt colour for a glass in Welsh if you took away 1 letter, and which letter. 

32 Why would the Welsh for a grit and salt bin, be something that remind you of the USA band that sang the song Jump.  in the 1980s. 

33 In English and Portuguese and many Romance languages, January is named after the God Janus, February, is after Februlia a time of sacrifice, March after Mars, April, from Latin for opening of buds, May after Maia a goddess, June after the great goddess Jno and young people, July after Caesar, August after Augustus, September after 7, October, 8, November 9, and December 10, well do all the Welsh months tie in with this, all 12, of just Celticized versions of these names. 

34 What does O Gymru mean. 

35 Why would you find a in a lot of old Welsh names,  

36 Which of these similar Welsh and English words is not so. 

Bulletin Bwletin, 

Dance Dawns, 

Dancing Dawnsio

Teledu Televsion

Sleepiau Sleep

37 Hengwrt was a mansion in Dolgellau, where Robert Vaughan the 17th Century antiqurian collected many a great manuscript, in Old Welsh and that are now kept in Aberystwyth at the Ntaional Library. Including the White Book of Rhydderch, Black Book of Carmarthen, Book of Taliesin and the Book of Aneirin, along with the Brut y Tywysogion. Plus a early Chaucer. What does Hengwrt mean.

38 Why might Arnie, from Predator, and Terminator, the movie star say, I'll be Kevin, in Welsh, and it not be totally baffling,

39 How many letters are in the Welsh alphabet

40 What does blaidd mean in English

41 Holywell is Trefynnon in Welsh, does it mean the same thing.

42 What does Blaenafon mean in English,

43 Ford Prefect is a line of British cars from the 1960s, and the name of a character in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, but what does Ffordd Preifat means in English from Welsh,, 

44 The numbers 1 to 10 in Welsh, Portuguese and English have similarities, but one number, is confusing, as in Pt seven is setse, like a volleyball or tennis set, and is saith in Welsh, but the Portuguese for six is seis, which sounds more like the Welsh for seven, than the Portuguese for Seven, what is the Welsh for 6, 

45 What scoreline in Welsh, sounds like now tree,  

46 Sal in PT and Mal in Welsh mean the same what, 

47 Why might you think all Welsh teachers have a Afro, 

48 Why would a female deer, be quite relevant yesterday in Welsh, 

49 What does Triste, the Welsh word, mean in English, by the way the word is the same in Welsh as PT, 

50 Why might you be intimidated, or just impressed, or maybe just nonchalant, or none of those,  about by someone called Keri, male or female. in Welsh. 

51 Why might someone think a Norewigan fjord is a road in that Noridc country, 

52 What is camau cadarn in English

53 I was in a shop and I could not find any eggs, I asked Wy are there none over here, why is that spelling error apt.

54 In A shop, in Wales, why does a certain pperson always faint, when they ask the price,

55 A dog is for life, is a animal welfare cmapiagn, what is a cow is for llaith making sense for,

56 Scott Allan, is a Scottish footballer., for Hibs in 2022, and Celtic earlier, why would his name mean Scott may be going somewhere, in Welsh,  

57 What typo for English, is in as a Welsh word, a refreshing drink to many who want a cuppa, 

58 Twmbarlwm, is a hillfort known as the twmp, what does twmp mean, there are also signposts in Wales before road humps to slow people down, in residential areas,

59 What is the Welsh for honey it is the same in Portuguese, 

60 What is class in Welsh 


Ateb, as answer or atebion for answers, 

1 Small

2 Big

3 TV

4 Yes

5 Ten

6 I like to climb the hill, to the fort on the flat summit of Penycloddiau. 

7 I like football

8 I don't like no football

9 Nice

10 Bay

11 Bryn, as in hill. you know that way round

12 Bach, 

13 As plant is the Welsh for children, Interesting as not only that but also Kindergarten is the German and American (Though Americans of which 99% of whom speak English,)  word for nurseries. which of course means child and garden, so more a link with the English word nursery, but how amazing, how lots of words across languages tie in links so well.

Also in Portugal and Brazil the language for this word, Kindergarten, is Jardim de infancio, so Garden of Infants, so again, 

14 No, Ffordd means road in Welsh, and Hen means old. 

15 As a Ty or Tŷ is a house in Welsh.

16 As hen means old in Welsh.  

17 Actually you find the word sir, is like Shire for Welsh like Sir Ddinbych, and many more

18 Beth is the word for what.  

19 Pump is five in Welsh, though not pronounced the same as a bike pump.It is more like pimp in sayings of the name. 

20 Craig is stone in Welsh.  

21 Pen

22 A coed is a wood, or forest like Coed y Brenin., . 

23 Cath is cat in Cymraeg, again not pronounced the same.

24 Because Araf means slow in Welsh., so you get that on many bends to encourage people to slow down, the two terms are together and bilingual. 

25 Because Eto means again in Welsh. 

26 Swansea, 

27 It means Leisure centre, 

28 They mean the Welsh language abbreviated, Cymraeg. 

29 It is Pel for ball, and droed, as in troed for foot, so Peldroed, 

30 Because Allan, means way out, so you see it at car parks, on the road, so people go out the correct way. 

31 Because glas means blue in welsh, 

32 Van Halem, are the great US band, while Biniau Halem, means grit or salt bin in Wlesh, I mean Welsh. You see it on many that are placed by 1 lane road sides, if needed. 

33 No, half are kind of Irish and Welsh inspired borrowings of Latin names, Ionawr, Chwerfor, Mawrth, Ebril, Mai is, but half are not, so July is Mehefin, which means middle of Summer,  Meh haf, and Gorffennaf, is end of Summer, for July, While August, which is Latin, was sixtus or something for a while, is Awst, so same, then September is Medi, the time of reaping, of harvest, is the meaning. While October Hydref, is something about when stags come to bleat, or cry for their mates, while November, Tachwedd, is the time to slaughter animals like pigs, While December is Rhagfyr, the rhag is pre or before, and byr short, so forcoming the shortened days. In Portuguese the words are, Janeiro, Fevereiro, Marco, Abril, Maio, Junho, Julho, Agosto, Setembro, Outubro, Novembro, Dezembro, 

34 From Wales, 

35 Ap is like son of, kind of thing. 

36 Sleep is actually Cysgu

37 Old Court

38 As cefn means back in Welsh, and sounds

39 wolf

30 29 letters

41 no, Trefynnon means townships, and the Welsh for Holy well, would be fynnon sanctaidd,

42 afon means river and blaen means front.0.

43 Private Road, 

44 Chwech, 

45 9 - 3 Nau Tri, 

46 Sick, or ill, 

47 Athro is teacher in Welsh, 

48 Ddoe is Welsh for Yesterday a doe a doe is a female deer, spelt deer, not dear, that would mean I was saying something else, 

49 sad

50 Ceiri means giant in Welsh=. I would not be intimidated as I am not pushing unreasonable fears against people. 

51 Fford is road in Welsh

52 Positive Steps

53 Wy means egg.

54 Faint means how much,

55 Llaith means milk

56 Allan means exit,

57 Teh, which is tea in Welsh, it is often a fat fingers miss spelling of The.

58 Hump,

59 Mel

60 Dosbarth, , 

Quiz on Music, 

1 Which bands were involved in the UK battle of the bands in the 1990s, famed for Champagne Super Nova, and Park Life, in terms of their Album runs, 

2 Who Sang Imagine, in the 1970s, 

3 Which band did the song, One, Where the streets have no name, and Beautiful Day, 

4 Trent Reznor wrote which song that was famously made even more popular by the man in black Jonny Cash, 

5 Which band did the songs, they were at their peak popularity in the 1980s, Alive and Kicking, and Don't you Forget about me, 

6 Who is famous for the 1812 Overture, 

7 Annie Lennox was also a member of which famous 1980s pop band 

8 Who is Steffani Germanotta more commonly known is. 

9 Which hillfort was also as of it being the hill also the name of a Peter Gabriel song

10 Who sang the 1987 classic, Never gonna give you up, 

11 I am going to give the name of a band from 1990s Liverpool, but are giving a Latin name for one of their type, what is their real name, A flock of Larus argentatus.

12 What did the band the Smiths, name themselves after. (A) John Smith, Leader of the Labour party in the 1990s, (B) Lake Lewis Smith, in Alabama (C) Micheal Moore, (D) WH Smiths (E) None of those,  it was more a generic reason,

13 What do Good King Wescelas and Queen's Christmas Number one of the 1970s featured in Wayne's World have in Common. In terms of Regions,. 


1 Oasis and Blur, 

2 John Lennon

3 U2

4 Hurt

5 Simple Minds, 

6 Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, 

7 Eurythmics,

8 Lady Gaga

9 Solsbury Hill, 

10 Rick Astley, 

11 A flock of seagulls.

12 (E)

13 King Wenscelas is king of Bohemia,

Comedy Quiz

1 What movie did Robert De Niro star as Rupert Pumpkin in, 

2 What part of London beginning with P, is Only Fools and Horses based in. 

3 Did Larry David ever appear as a remarked on, or even speaking character in Seinfeld, 

4 Ian Hislop, Paul Merton, and who were the mainstays at the start of Have I Got News For you in it's first decade.  Clue, the presenter, surname begins with D, first name is very similar to part of the name of a famous cliff edged hillfort in western Ireland, on Inishmore. 

5 Latka Gravas was a major character in which late 1970s and early 1980s sitcom., 

6 Craggy Island is a location in which 1990s Channel 4 Sitcom, 

7 Which US president did Homer Simpson have a big tussle with in the 1990s, in a episode, After he had actually been mentioned in a speech by the President as well in real life.

8 Melchett and Darling appeared in which Blackadder, 

9 Which French historical character, has a hillfort in Lithuania, partly named after him, as he went there, and also was brought forward in time to California, by Bill and Ted, 

10 Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Chevy Chase starred in which US comedy that visited Mexico, 

11 Did Billy Connolly ever appear on Not the Nine o Clock News 

12 Which 2 of these Comedians is not a Canadian, Dan Aykroyd, Leslie Neilsen, Mike Myers, Jim Carrey, Norm MacDonald, Robin Williams, Samantha Bee, John Candy, Tom Green, The TV Show known as Just for Laughs Gags, Will Arnett, Katherine Ryan, Stephen Colbert, Martin Short, Lorne Michaels, Eugene Levy, 

13 What was Frank Carson's catchphrase

14 In which 1970s UK comedy, would you hear the terms and names, Don't panic, We're all Doomed, Mr Mainwaring, and Pike, 

15 Bilko, Mash,  It Aint Half Hot Mum, and Rising Damp, which of these was not based in a military area, 

16 Which football stadium appeared in porridge, at the end of a episode, as part of a punch line, 

17 Bremner, Bird and Fortune, was a 2000s,  Channel 4 comedy show, what is Bremner the impressionist's first name. 

18 Other famous UK impressionists include John Culshaw, Lewis MacLeod, Alistair McGowan, Ronni Ancona, and Jan Ravens, and Phil Cornwell, and Chris Barrie, but which of these worked on Spitting Image, and as a main character on Red Dwarf, 

19 So Albania famously was a great place where Norman Wisdom was celebrated in his prime, but which of these lands celebrated Only Fools and Horses in it's prime. Serbia, Mongolia, or Japan. 

20 Where did the Springfield Isotopes almost move to on the orders of their owners, in the 15th episode of the 12th season. 

Memorable as the mayor, said "For I am the mayor of", and then said the city name, I will give you a clue it rhymes with Turkey.

21 What name unites one of the main characters in Cheers, and a famous SNL comedian with the surname MacDonald. 

22 Which TV Sitcom, was located in 1940s Walmington on Sea. 

23 For Channel Four 2000s,  comedy show, Black Books, Bill Bailey and Tamsin Grieg were complimented by which comedian as the trio of stars for this sitcom, written by he, and Graham Linehan, 

24 What kind of animal did the Father Ted priests sing about in their Eurovision Song Contest entry. 

25 Michael Palin, Terry Jones, Eric Idle, Graham Chapman, John Cleese and Terry Gilliam starred in which 1969-1983 comedy team, it has sprung back for shows every so often. 

26 Which of these comedians was born in Bristol, Mark Watson, Mark Steel, or Mark Thomas,  

27 What are the first names of the comedy duo of the 1990s and later, famed for their Channel 4 show, Buxton and Cornish, not that they really went by that double act name. 

28 Stewart Lee and Richard what, were also a BBC 2 comedy duo of the 1990s, 

29 3nd Lastly, David Baddiel, and Frank Skinner, presented a show called, Fantasy,  what, 

30 Jim Hacker, Bernard Woolley,  and Humphrey Appleby were major characters in what 2 British sitcoms of the 1970s and 1980s, 



1 King of Comedy

2 Peckham

3 Yes, 

4 Angus Deayton

5 Taxi

6 Father Ted, 

7 George H Bush

8 Blackadder Goes forth, 

9  Napoleon

10 The 3 amigos, 

11 Yes

12 Colbert and Williams, 

13 It's a cracker, 

14 Dad's Army, 

15 Rising Damp, 

16 Elland Road, 

17 Rory Bremner is his name. 

18 Chris Barrie, 

19 Serbia. Apparently Croatia and the rest of the former Yugoslavia liked it a bit as well. 

20 Albuquerque, New Mexico, 

21 Norm, 

22 Dad's Army

23 Dylan Moran, 

24 A Horse, 

25 Monty Python.

26 Mark Watson 

27 Adam and Joe, 

28 Herring

29 Fantasy Football League.

30 Yes Minister, and Yes Primeminister, 

Tv Quiz 

1 What TV series starred a half vulcan half human 

2 What classic US sitcom starred Alan Alda, in Korea, 

3 What Archaeology show in the 1990s, and 2000s, did Tony Robinson present, for so long on Channel 4, to great acclaim, 

4 Sam Beckett was a character played by Scott Bakula, in which 1990s Time travel, show, 

5 Life on Mars was set in the 1970s, but in which Northern English city,  

6 Which university did Inspector Morse keep turning up at in the course of his investigations, 

7 Peter Falk was the star of which classic 1970s Detective show, 

8 Harry Enfield, is famous for his sketch characters, from what city do a trio of his characters turn up from in London, expecting to see their teams face off in the FA Cup final, only to remember they came for a different reason all together, 

9 Which TV news show did Jeremy Paxman present, where he grilled politicians it was on BBC 2 at about 10:30 

10 What part of Glasgow did Rab C Nesbit come from, 

11 What was the surname of Roy the presenter of Record Breakers a k 1980s TV show, as a clue, his name also terms up in part of the name of what was by most guesses the most populous hillfort in Britain before the Romans conquered any part of the territory. 

12 What is the name of Late night Tv hosts, Fallon, Colbert, Meyers, Noah, Gutfeld, Maher, Oliver, Bee, Willmore, Kimnel, O'Brien, Winfrey, , (Not late night but I have included her)  Carson, Leno, Cordon, Ferguson, Ross, Norton, and Letterman, 

13 Which fictional US detective drove a 1959 Peugeot 403,  

14 What was the name of the actor in the Man from Uncle, the main one, 

15 Jonathan Pryce starred in which movie, which also is the name of a South American country. 

16 Which Welsh comedian starred in Absolutely, naked video. Barry Welsh is coming, and narrates PePPa Pig, 

17 Which comedy show is set in Glasgow, and has 2 elderly gents ays the main characters, with them living in a tower block.  and going to their local shoP and .Pub.  

18 Chatanooga Choo Choo is a 1980s comedy movie I have never seen, named after a classic song, in what state is Chatanooga.

19 Where was Hamish MacBeth filmed, the clue is also The Wicker Man was partly filmed, which is only for over 18s maybe,

20 Was or is Top Cat, a cat or a dog, the cartoon character.

21 Evan Davis presented which TV programe,about business ideas from 2005. 

22 True or false,  there were Lassie movies made in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. including a made for TV one. 

1 Star Trek the Original Series, 

2 Mash

3 Time Team

4 Quantumn Leap

5 Manchester, 

6 Oxford

7 Colombo, 

8 Liverpool, 

9 Newsnight, 

10 Glasgow
11 Roy Castle,

12 Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah, Greg Gutfeld, Bill Maher, John  Oliver, Samantha Bee, Larry Wilmore, Jimmy Kimnel, Conan O'Brien, Oprah Winfrey, Jonny Carson, James Cordon, David Letterman, Craig Ferguson, Jonathan Ross, Graham Norton, 

13 Columbo

14 Robert Vaughn, 

15 Brazil

16 John SParkes

17 Still Game

18 Tennessee, Strangely there has not been a chat show based there of huge fame.  I say they could call it the Chatanooga chat show.

19 Plockton

20 A cat.

21 Dragon's Den

22 Yes, 

Quiz on British History, 

1 What castle was being fought over to a extent, as the culminating all important Battle of Bannockburn 1314. 

2 What century was the English Peasants revolt of Wat Tayler. 
3 Which Iron Age hillfort site in England was also a Roman fort site, a cathedral site, and a famous rotten borough abolished in one of the 19th century Reforms acts. 

4 Which PM was famed for the 19th Century Midlothian Campaign. 

5 What year was the Battle of Naseby in the English Civil war, 

6 What year was the union between Scotland and England enshrined by the act of union

7 What 2 decades of the 16th Century were the "laws in Wales" or Act of union" occurrences between England and Wales  
8 Who became King of England, after the Battle of Bosworth Field, clue he was born at Pembroke Castle, 

9 What year was the Newport Rising, 

10 What year was Mary Queen of Scots forced to abdicate as Queen of Scotland, 

11 How many universities did Scotland have after the founding of Aberdeen university in 1495 

12 This question was written in 2021 by the way, How many years in total was the UK, a member of the EC, EEC, and EU before its eventual leaving of the body, 

13 What decade was the Year of sheep, in the Highland Clearances., 

14 What year was the Battle of Britain 

15 What year did Owain Glyndwr take Harlech Castle, 

16 What year did all Men over 18 in Britain, with some small exceptions get the vote,

17 What year was the NHS founded,  

18 What year did all Women over 18 get the vote in Britain 

19 What year was the Bible first translated into English, it was the same year as the Battle of Mohacs, and the first year Pizarro, reached Inca territory., P s I am not talking about the Battle of Mohacs that occurred in 1687, or any later so named such events. 

20 What year was the Bible first translated into Welsh, 

What school did all these guys went to, P.S I am not supporting or opposing private schools in saying this, 

21 Michael Palin, Michael Heseltine, , Christopher Booker, Richard Ingrams, Paul Foot, Willie Rushton, John Peel, Stephen Glover, Was it Shrewsbury School, Eton, or Winchester, 

22 What school did these guys all go to, 

Gareth Bale, Kiran Carlson, Tom Maynard, Geraint Thomas, Sarah Thomas, Sam Warburton, 

Was it Cardiff School for Athletic Excellence or Whitchcurch High, Comprehensive,

23 Which of these did not go to Eton, Cambridge uni, , Fettes,  or Oxford uni or Westminster School, ,

Tony Blair, Adam Buxton, Joe Cornish, Louis Theroux, John Major, Douglas Hurd, David Cameron, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Rowan Atkinson, 

24 Which of these did not go to either Glasgow University, Cardiff University, Bangor University, University of Wales College Newport, Coventry University,  or Aberdeen University,

Alistair Darling, Charles Kennedy, John Sessions UK Comedian, Andrew Neil, Neil Kinnock, John Ketley, Harry Greene, and Duns Scotus.

25 Who wrote the owl and the pussycat, 

26 What century was Geoffrey Chaucer born 


1 Stirling Castle, 

2 14th, 

3 Old Sarum, 

4 Gladstone, 

5 1645

6 1707 

7 The 1530s. and 1540s,  

8 Henry the Seventh, Henry VII or Henry the Vii 

9 1839 

10 1567, 

11 Three, 

12 47 years. 

13 1792

14 1940

15 1404 

16 1918 

17 1948 

18 1928 

19 1526

20 1588

21 Shrewsbury School, 

22 Whitchurch High School, 

23 John Major, 

24 Duns Scotus, 

25 Edward Lear, 

26 Geoffrey Chaucer was born in the 14th Century he died in 1400. 

So lastly as this is kind of like my last page of the 100 (though I update the pages, I leave you with these Z facts. Zucchini or courgettes are some of the last vegetables in a gazzetter of vegetables in English. ZZ is the start of the post code for people of no abode in Britain, as of 2021 anyhow. ZZZZ is the code for placeholders for aerodromes at airports and ZZZ is a linguistic code for snoring. So I hope that brought about no snoring, but on that related, fact China has only 171 million sheep to count in 2021, but Australia 70 million, the UK has 34 million, while Chad has a amazing 30 million. So that all from me for now. I look at my website every so often as well.