Worst regimes

of the 20th Century,

This page details in rank, the worst regimes of the 20th century, then for some other centuries, and then to lessen the negatives, even lists some of the best least genocidal regimes, but that is highly subjective

My list of the worst 10 most evil regimes of the 20th Century in terms of deaths, facts collected from a severe research of the books, and facts. It then goes on to 70 regimes. The list is definitely biased to the left, and was made by a contributor a decade ago. Though it is of interest. 
I know this is a horrid gruesome subject, but the revolting thing is that this list is not exhaustive. I do think it is important as a subject though, as these numbers are used by pollical sides, which I think is fair enough, and it is interesting to know the situation, It is a dark dark subject, and experts like Rummel, and more, do the research that matters. So this page, lists worst regimes,  which I think needs to be known. I know it is a dark subject but I think it is important for reference for the truth, and so the victims can not be forgotten. 


1. Nazi Germany 38 million deaths, 
in World War Two, and the Holocaust,

 2. Imperial Germany 34 million deaths,
by causing WW1, and the 1917 Flu, and the colonial depredations, in Africa.
3. Imperial China 28 million deaths
by the 1900s famines, and slavery,
4. Imperial Japan 27 million deaths,
by WW2, and the colonial oppressions
5. Imperial Russia 24 million deaths, Helping cause World War One, and also famines in Central Asia etc, 
by helping cause WW1, and so it's flu epidemic, and numerous famines, and the Iranian famine of 1917
6. Communist China 24 Million deaths
By famines, and democides, some say 40 million, but this is a exaggeration, as most of that is made of camps, which certainly did not kill 20 or even 10 million people. My figure is, 16 Million of the Great Leap forward, and 8 million of other causes. 
7. Communist USSR 27 million deaths, mostly Stalin, the Ukrainian and Kazakh and other famines, and also the famines under Lenin, plus Gulags and more, also post war expulsions, 
8. Imperial Austria 17.5 million deaths, 
by helping cause WW1
9. Congo Free State under the king of Belgium,  15 million deaths,
10. British Empire 12 million deaths
By numerous famines, and wars in the early 20thC
11 KMT 12 million deaths in WW2, and other oppressions
12 Indian Princely states 5 million 1900-1970, poverty and famine

13 Saudi Arabia, via a million at home, partly via povicides, and 3 million abroad, i.e causing Sudan's war. so 4 million.

14 French Empire, imperialists, 4 million 

15 Rwandan and Burundi extremists of either side oppression of Hutus and Tutsis, civil wars 3million, or thereabouts, not just the 1990s but earlier genocides and oppressions, 

16 USA, i.e Philippines, and bombing Vietnam, and Korea, 3million

17 Mexican Fascists 1900-10s 2 million, a regime, that caused a civil war, and had loads of slaves, and as it was led by a clique of people, who supported a attempt by European royals to take over the land in the 1860s, and believed in terrible far right racial beliefs

18 Ottoman Monarchy 2 million, the Armenian genocide etc, 

19 Pakistan military 2million, in Bangladesh, and local poverty,

20 Other Chinese warlords, 2million, after 1911, 

21 Apartheid South Africa 1.9million, as of the oppression of Black South Africans, and the wars in Mozambique, Angola, the war in Mozambique, was not really a civil war, but more a destabilisation plan by Apartheid South Africa. 10s of 1000s of South Africans died, in the inter war era, of famine style epidemics, added to this some blame Apartheid South Africa for allowing HIV to become so rampant in Southern Africa, in the 1980s, when it started upping exponentially,

22 Indonesian Fascists of 1960s-90s, 1.6 million

23 Cambodian Communists 1.6 million, The Cambodian Communists massacred loads, they were aligned with the former king

24 North Korea 1.6 million, Causing wars, and famines, 

25 Ethiopian Monarchy 1.3 Million, in famines, and poverty, and slavery.

26 Fascist Spain 1.3 million, 0.8million in the civil war, 60,000 in Morocco Riff War, 0.1 million, in 1920s poverty, and crisis, the rest in later famines, 

27 Fascists/Kingdom of Italy 1.2million, 750,000 in Ethiopia, the rest in Libya, and other colonies. 

28 Fascist and Kingdom of Romania, 1 million, a small amount in pre WW2, tiny droughts killing some, sharecropping, poverty, Romania, was even poorer than the USSR in the 1930s, and was not very rich in the 1920s either, with very bad life expectancy rates, and poverty levels, and also the revolts of before World War One were caused by this regime, but massively this number is as of Romanian Nazis, kills during World War Two, 

29 Republic of India, 1 million poverty, famines and such, 

30 Ethiopia Communist regime 1 million, in the famine, 

31 Portuguese Fascists 1 million oppression in colonies,

32 Nigerian Army 1.5 million, in the Biafran war

33 Sudanese Army/Religious regime 1 million 

34 Iraqi Bathists 1 million

35 Zaire Fascists including Katangans 1 million

36 Soviet Capitalism, 1 million, late 1990s economic collapse

37 Brazilian Fascists 1 million, of Natives, and deaths squads, and rubber companies 

38 Right Wing South American dictators, other than Brazil, and Mexico 1million, and Colombia, they were mostly very good friends with each other, , so can be grouped together, Cuba, Chile, Argentina, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, 

39 Afghan Monarchy 0.7million, a famine in the 1970s killed 0.3 million, just before the Socialist Revolutions, feudalism, remained in some ways

40 Vietnamese Communists 0.7million, helping cause the Vietnam, War, and Laos, wars, and post war kills, 

41 Croatian monarchy/Fascists 0.6million, the regime, which had a Italian royal figure on it's throne, and a nazi government in WW2,    
42 Romanian Communists 0.5million 

43 Uganda, 1970s dictators 0.5million

44 Afghan Communists 0.5 Million

45 Communist Eastern European regimes expulsions, not including what I blame on the Soviets 0.5 million

46 Turkish Republic 0.4million

47 Vietnamese fascist 0.4 million, the army regime, and monarchy can be blamed for some of Vietnam's war and poverty deaths

48 Ugandan Royalist block 0.4million 

49 Yugoslav Royalists 0.4million, by poverty, helping cause the Balkan wars, of the 1900s, massacres, and massive Chetnik massacres in World War Two, 

50 Greek Royalist/Liberals 0.3million Civil war, and invasions of Turkey

51 Colombian right wing 0.3 million

52 Chadian army regimes 0.3million

53 Burmese Army 0.3 million

54 Nepali Royalists 0.3 million, via poverty and famine

Serbian nationalists 1990s 0.2 million

55 South Korean dictators 0.2million

56 Yugoslav Communists 0.3million

57 Bulgarian Royalists 0.2 million 

58 Dutch Empire 0.2 million 

59 Moroccan Royals 0.1million

60 Liberian warlords 0.1million

61 Persian Gulf Royals, 0.1 million at most as of wars

62 Somali Communists 0.1million

63 Polish Communists 0.1 million 

64 Hungarian far right 70,000

65 Sri Lankan Civil war 60,000

66 East Germany 50,000

67 Equatorial Guinea 50,000

68 Hungarian Communists 50,000 deaths 

69 Laos Communists 50,000

70 Slovakia Far right 50,000

71 Finish Royalist/Right 50,000 1910s

72 Thai Royalist/army 50,000

73 Mongolian right 50,000

74 Albanian Royalists 30,000

75 Somali religionists 50,000

76 Apartheid style Rhodesia, 50,000

77 Albanian Communists 30,000 

78 Bulgarian Communists 30,000

I did not fully factor in Famine in Iran 1917-21, and 1940s, 2 million deaths each at least, 

Now the lists for previous centuries, even less reliable, if I do say so myself. But still a interesting talking point, as in reality if there was such a thing as a povicide, where a government does not care about it's people, even Europe would likely have a higher death total per head than it did for the 20th Century for every century, not that the leaders did not care at all about their people, but that was a little bit true. Every century would be worse than the 20th Century in that case, and even without povicides for the world outside Europe. It must be remembered per head of population, the centuries before the 20th may have been worse, in terms of war and battle and famine deaths, probably so, but then again they had worse technology, but then again, that would be a bad thing in most famines, but a good thing in war, as in less murderous weapons. I think as of famine and poverty likely less died in the 20th Century per head, but that is debatable, but the 20th had many regimes that would have shamed regimes in any century of course. But I think the 20th Century had some of the best regimes, as in democratic freedom loving type etc. . 

Worst 13thC regimes, 

1 Mongol Empire

Worst 14thC regimes, 

1 Mongol Empire

Worst 15thC regimes, not as trustworthy as the above lists. 

1 Chinese Empire

2 Timurid Empire

3 Spain

4 Mughal

5 Russian Empire

6 French Empire 

7 Ottomans

8 Persian Empire

9 Aztecs

10 Portugal

This and the 16thC are harder to verify

1 Spanish Empire

In the Americas

2 Chinese Empire

3 Portuguese Empire

4 French Empire

5 Ottoman Empire

6 Russian Empire

7 Mughals

8 Persia

9 Korean Empire

10 English Empire

In the Americas, and Ireland.

Worst 17thC regimes, when life was even cheaper than the 20thC, 

1 Chinese Empire 80Million

2 Holy Roman Empire 20Million

3 Spanish Empire 10million

4 Mughal Empire 8Million

5 Portugal 5Million

6 French Empire 5Million

7 Japanese Empire 3Million

8 British Empire 3Million

9 Russian Empire 3Million

10 Ottoman Empire 3Million

Worst Regimes of the 18thC in terms of democides, very rough, unsure how I got these stats, but they must have been some wars, and chaos,  

1 Chinese Empire 46Million

2 British Empire 22Million ( Clive of India )

3 French Monarchy 12Million

4 Spanish Empire 8Million

5 Mughal Empire 6Million 

6 Portuguese Empire 4Million 

7 Ottoman Empire 4Million

8 Japanese Empire 4Million

9 Russian Empire 4Million

10 Burmese Empire 2.5Million

Worst regimes of the 19th Century

1. Chinese Empire 140Million deaths, the famines, and civil wars, though maybe you could make the Tang regime on it's own list, 

2 The United Kingdom 40Million deaths, mostly famines in India, also Australia, and Oceania, and Africa, Ireland, etc, seems high, maybe half of this is as of counting deaths from slavery, and povicides, then again India had the El Nino famines, so that could be it, 

3 The Belgian Royals 15Million Deaths (Congo)

4 The Russian Empire 5Million Deaths, famines, serfdom, wars, Circassian, Crimean etc, 

5 The Portuguese/Brazilian Royals 3.5Million deaths, famine

6 The Japanese Empire 3million deaths (

7 The Ottoman Empire 3Million deaths

8. The Spanish kingdom 3Million deaths

9 The Persian Royals 3million deaths 

10 The Sudanese "Madhi" as his supporters called him, 3Million deaths, or Egypt's monarchy, depending on who you blame.

11 Italian royals 3Million, maybe I am being unfair blaming them for the rinderpest famine, 

Last of all, who do I give the award as best regimes to. 

I say most western democratic regimes were pretty good, although they had their bad things as well, but I give FDR a award, as best, and Attlee Labour in Britain, and Churchill, even if he ignored Bengal's famine, as he beat the Nazis. Then again likely the best regimes, were like a democratic, liberal peaceful regime, of some mixed economy welfare state, somewhere, from New Zealand, to the Americas, to Japan, to Scandinavia, the world over they have occurred, and show the world the way it should be. Then again even all those regimes had bad things sometimes. Though it is pretty easy to try to be a good regime, against hate and such, especially for a democracy. 

Miss spellings in all this could be democrace, democarcy, socialistts, comunism, facists,royalety, libralism, portugeese, ukranain, Somalai, religion, religins, re;liigon, religons, athistism, athiests, nutral, fredom, opression, opresion, masacres, liberaism, manarchist, invason, invadod, whydid, woer, worst, top 10 worst regimes (crass than miss spelling), wors, evli, regieme, Cerntury, ect ect, 


The End of this page but I have nicer subjects elsewhere,