Statistics on massacres by states etc


A list of state massacres

I know this is a horrid gruesome subject, but the revolting thing is that this list is not exhaustive. There are massacres from Argentina's 19th Century treatment of Native Americans, to worldwide not appearing. I do think it is important as a subject though, as these numbers are used by pollical sides, which I think is fair enough, and it is interesting to know the situation, It is a dark dark subject, and experts like Rummel, and news reporters, and more, do the research that matters. So this page, lists worst regimes, and then a horrible list of massacres committed by states, again, which I think needs to be known. I know it is a dark subject but I think it is important for reference for the truth, and so the victims can not be forgotten, and the lessons of history can be learned. Not just so you can use them to attack others in political arguments, but to learn from and know the truth. 

A List of massacres 334 BCE Destruction of Thebes c.6,000 to 8,000 Greece Alexander the Great slaughters the population of the city following a revolt. (Subsequently Alexander massacres at least a quarter of a million city dwellers at Sindimana, Gaza & other locations.)
260 BCE Battle of Changping 400,000 Jincheng, China The State of Qin defeats the State of Zhao, killing 400,000 Zhao people. The battle becomes a decisive victory in the establishment of the Qin Dynasty. Gibbon Decline & Fall said upto 2,000 were killed . under Roman persecution. 
Some say 100,000, there were many big massacres so it could be so, both of them, Revolt 68-73 CE: 1,197,000 Jews killed, says Josephus, 3. 600,000 says Tacitus Revolt 115-116 CE: 220,000 in Cyrene, 240,000. in Cyprus Revolt of 132 CE: 580,000 Total 1,938,500 in the Jewish Wars
194 BCE Hispania Citerior Massacres "multitudes" Spain Roman troops under Cato the Elder massacre Hispania Citerior citizens
150 BCE Lusitanian Massacres c.8,000 Portugal Roman troops under Galba massacre Lusitani citizens after convincing them to surrender.
71 BCE Third Servile War c.6,000 Rome, Surrendering slaves are crucified along the Via Appia c.4 BCE Massacre of the Innocents unknown Bethlehem Herod the Great orders the execution of all young male children in the city, as reported in the Bible. (The historicity of this event is questioned.)
518 or 523 Najran massacre unknown Najran 
532 Nika riots c.30,000 Byzantine Empire After a sports rivalry turns to a full-scale riot, Emperor Justinian I locks the rioters in the Hippodrome & has them killed.
614 Jerusalem massacres Unknown Jerusalem Persian invaders to massacre up to 90,000 Christians. 
686 AD Kingdom of Anglo Saxon Wessex massacre most of the population of the Isle of Wight, killing Jutes, who were also Anglo Saxons, as part of a attempt to wipe out the Pagans there, the last Anglo Saxon territory to convert to Christianity
782 Bloody Verdict of Verden 4,500 Verden, Germany Massacre of non-Christian Saxons by Charlemagne; actual scale subject to debate.
1002 St. Brice's Day massacre unknown England Ethelred II orders the slaughter of an unknown number of Danes.

1066-1069 William the Conqueror From the Humber to Tees, William's men burnt whole villages and slaughtered the inhabitants. Foodstores and livestock were destroyed so that anyone surviving the initial massacre would soon succumb to starvation over the winter. The land was salted to destroy its productivity for decades forward. The survivors were reduced to cannibalism with one report stating that the skulls of the dead were cracked open so that the brains could be eaten. A plague followed. over 100,000 died of famine 100s massacred on the invaders side, 1000s of the invaded's, by barely any years, in 1066-1069 
1096 German Crusade c.10,000 Rhine River "People's Crusade" prior to the First Crusade results in the deaths of thousands of Jews living beside or near the river Rhine (see also Emicho).
1098 Siege of Antioch c.20,000 Antioch, Syria Almost all Muslim inhabitants slaughtered after the fall of the city to the Crusaders.
1099 First Crusade/Siege of Jerusalem c.70,000 Jerusalem Almost all Muslim & Jewish inhabitants are slaughtered after the fall of the city to the Crusaders.
1190 Clifford's Tower c.150 York, England A mob attacks Jewish residents; many commit suicide.
1191 Siege of Acre (Akko) 2,750 Akko Richard the Lionheart slaughters Muslim & Jewish prisoners taken during the siege.
1209 Albigensian Crusade 20,000 to 100,000 Béziers, France Crusaders slaughter the Cathars. Other civilian slaughters occur in Toulouse & Saint-Nazaire.
1220 Samarkand massacre c.75,000, Khwarezm After the city's surrender, Mongols under Genghis Khan drive out & slaughter its population. Over 75,000 men, women & children perish.
1221 Herat massacre 600,000 Herat Genghis Khan's Mongols destroy the city & massacre the population.
1258 Battle of Baghdad 90,000 to 1,000,000 Baghdad Hulagu Khan's Mongols destroy yet another city & massacre the population.
1268 Siege of Antioch 40,000 Antioch, Syria Sultan Baibars' of Egypt attacks, captures & loots the Christian-held city of Antioch. His armies slaughter or enslave every Christian in the city. This was the end of Antioch's 1500-year history; the city never recovered. 1282 Sicilian Vespers thousands Italy French citizens of Sicily killed during a revolt. 1289 Siege of Tripoli c.10,000 Palestine Christian conquest of Muslim state; virtually the whole population killed.
1291 Siege of Tyre 10,000 Tyre, Palestine Baibars' army destroys the city & massacres the population.
1296 Massacre of Berwick 30,000 Berwick, Scotland. As the King of England invades Scotland, forces under the command of Edward I massacre the population of Berwick. possibly a third as much. It must be said, Scotland sent forces in, and comitted some massacres in Northern England as well, this shows the need for good relations between Scptland and England, more unites them than divides them. 
1358 Jacquerie Revolts 8,000 Meaux, France Peasants massacred in aftermath of revolt.
1348 Black Death Scapegoats 6/16,000 Germany Jews are blamed as cause of the Plague, leading to their massacre in Mainz (up to 12,000) Strasbourg (4,000).
1398 Massacre of Delhi 100,000 Delhi, India Massacre of prisoners under Timur Lenk. (Total deaths from his conquests eventually exceed 20 million.)
1415 Agincourt c.5,000 Agincourt, France So that guards may join the fight, Henry V orders the deaths of 5,000 prisoners of war during the Battle of Agincourt. Henry V also executed 20 Scots after the siege of Melun, and many other after other sieges The English massacre 8/9,000,across the war, in 4-5 cold blooded massacres, 
1480 Sack of Otranto 12,000 Otranto, Italy What were the worst 16th Century regimes ever What were the worst 15th Century regimes ever
1520 Stockholm Bloodbath c.100 Stockholm, Sweden Danish forces invading Sweden under the command of Christian II decapitate around 100 people, mostly nobility & clergy. Spanish forces kill 1/2 of Rome in 1527, in a brutal sacking, They killed maybe 20/50,000,

1536 200 rebels executed after the Northern Rebellion in England.
1571 Enryaku-ji 20,000-30,000 Mount Hiei, Japan Daimyo Oda Nobunaga burned down the monastery of Enryaku-ji (Enryakuji), at the time a cultural symbol. His target was the disobedient Buddhist Tendai warrior monks. 
1572 St. Bartholomew's Day massacre 70,000 France A wave of Catholic and royal army violence against the Huguenots.
1576 Sack of Antwerp c. 8,000 Belgium Badly paid Spanish soldiers loot Antwerp.

1577 Massacre on Eigg, not 100% certain but seems likely enough to many, apparently 394 people were massacred on Eigg in a clan massacre by a other clan, in Scotland. 
1580 Siege of Smerwick 600, Ireland English forces under Elizabeth I behead some 600 Spanish, Italian & Irish men & women during Desmond Rebellions. Plus about over 1424  to over 1824 Spaniards were executed after the Armada after being ship wrecked in Ireland on orders of the crown not of Ireland, but back in Tudor England. Plus had 183 " Though also  traitors "executed. . and 32 Franciscians starved to death, Plus 800 were executed after the Northern Rising. plus a few more at least, 
1622 Indian massacre of 1622 c.347 Virginia, North America Led by Opechancanough, brother of Powhatan, local Native American tribes attack the Virginia Colony destroying virtually all the settlements save the heavily-fortified Jamestown.
1631 Sack of Magdeburg 20,000, Germany Troops of the Holy Roman Empire besiege then storm Magdeburg during the Thirty Years' War, massacring nearly all its inhabitants.
1641 Irish Rebellion of 1641 12,000 Ulster, Ireland English Protestant planters killed by dispossessed Irish Catholics.

The royal and parliament army sent to venge, I am sure comitted kills straight after, I can;'t remember how many .This was early 1640s. 

1643 About 3000 parliamentarians died in a kind of death march after their defeat in the Battle of Lostwithiel, 

1644 Massacre of Aberdeen 118 Aberdeen, Scotland Royalist troops under Montrose kill civilians after the fall of the city., possibly hundreds more 
1644 Massacre of Bolton 1,500 Bolton, England by Royal army, hating the Parliamentary allied Bolton, some say less, 

1644 Royalist army sacks Argyll massacring 900 civilians, plus 100s more at least. Scottish Puritans did kill some of the Montrose army's followers as well, in revenge, which is a terrible thing. 

1645 Over 100 Irish or Welsh women were massacred after the Battle of Naesby by marauding Roundheads. 

1651 Sack of Dundee 200 Dundee, Scotland, Oliver Cromwell's army under the command of George Monck sack the city. Many more then died of diseases spread as of the attacks. Some put the total at 2000 but this is unlikely, 
1648 Khmelnytsky Uprising tens of thousands Poland Jews, Polish nobles & Uniates killed during a Cossack & peasant uprising led by Bohdan Khmelnytsky.
1649 Fall of Drogheda at least 1,000 Drogheda, Ireland City's defenders massacred by Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army 
1689 Lachine Massacre at least 68 Lachine, New France Indian warriors burned the small village, killed 24 civilians & took many prisoners, 44 of them were tortured to death. More raids of this kind were to take place later.
1690 Schenectady Massacre at least 60 Schenectady, New York Unarmed civilians including women & children massacred by French & Indians 
1711 Tuscaroran attacks unknown North Carolina, North America The Tuscarora tribe kill an unknown number of settlers along the Chowan & Roanoke Rivers in north-eastern North Carolina, prompting the abandonment of New Bern & the beginning of the Tuscarora War.
1715 Yamassee attack South Carolina, North America Assisted by the Spanish, Yamassee kill several hundred South Carolinian settlers, triggering Yamassee War.
1768 Massacre of Uman 12,000 - 20,000 Ukraine Massacre of Poles & Jews in Uman during the Koliyivschyna rebellion.
1778 Wyoming Valley massacre at least 180 to 227 Wyoming Valley, Pennsylvania, USA An encounter between Patriot & Loyalist Americans, after which thirty or more Patriots were massacred by Iroquois mercenaries.
Cherry Valley massacre 33 Cherry Valley, New York, USA Iroquois warriors raid a village, killing & scalping civilians.
1782 Gnadenhutten massacre 96 Gnadenhutten, Ohio, USA Pennsylvanian militia execute Christian Lenape non-combatants, mostly women & children. 
1792 September Massacres 1,000 to 1,500 Paris, France Prison population of Paris was killed in a wave of mob violence. 
1794 Praga massacre 10,000 to 20,000 Praga, Warsaw, Poland Kosciuszko Uprising: Russian troops massacre civilians as they loot & burn Praga following their victory in battle. 
1798 Gibbet Rath massacre 350 Kildare, Ireland Irish Rebellion of 1798: Rebels surrender but are massacred by British troops. 
1812 Badajoz massacre unknown Badajoz, Spain Napoleonic Wars: Following the capitulation of Badajoz after a four-week siege, British troops loot the city for three days & kill inhabitants. Fort Dearborn massacre c.46 Fort Dearborn, USA US troops & citizens under British & American Indian guarantees of safe passage are attacked by Potawatomi Indians as they retreat toward Fort Wayne, Indiana. 
1813 River Raisin massacre 30 to 60 Monroe, Michigan, USA Indians scalp American prisoners taken during the Battle of Frenchtown. 
1822 Chios Massacre c.42,000 Chios / Psara islands Reprisals after the Greek Christian population rebel against the Ottoman Empire.
1831 Salsipuedes Genocide 40 to 300 Uruguay President Fructuoso Rivera oversees the slaughter of Charrua chiefs; the Charruas are subsequently exterminated.
1838 Myall Creek massacre 28 Australia Aborigines murdered by white stockmen as revenge for lost cattle.
1838 Haun's Mill massacre 17 Missouri, USA Mormon men & boys killed by over 200 militia.
1838 Weenen massacre c.300 South Africa Zulus massacre Voortrekker men, women & children.
1842 Massacre of Elphinstone's army 16,000 Afghanistan Afghan tribesmen slaughter British & Indian troops & civilians.
1847 Whitman massacre 17 near Walla Walla, Washington, USA The Cayuse attack a medical mission established by Marcus Whitman.
1848 Rabacja massacre unknown Galicia Polish peasants massacre nobles.
1852 Bridge Gulch massacre c.150 to 300 Hayfork, California, USA A posse from Weaverville attacks an undefended Wintu village.
1853 Gunnison massacre 8 Utah, USA An exploration party led by John W. Gunnison is massacred by Pahavant Utes.
1857 Mountain Meadows massacre 120 Utah, USA A wagon train of farming families from Arkansas is killed by Mormon militia.
1864 Sand Creek massacre c.150 Colorado Territory, USA United States Cavalry troops attack an undefended Cheyenne/Arapaho village.
1873 Cypress Hills massacre 16 to 23 Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan, Canada Assiniboine (Nakoda) people killed by wolf hunters; one hunter killed.
1876 Batak massacre c.5,000 Batak As part of the reprisals following the April Uprising, bashi-bazouks (Ottoman army irregulars) massacre Bulgarian men, women & children barricaded in Batak's church. More than 7,000 others are massacred throughout Bulgaria.
1890 Beothuk massacres to extinction Newfoundland 
1894 Port Arthur massacre (1894) nearly all citizens in this city, about 20,000 Japanese forces kill Chinese servicemen & civilians in Lüshunkou (Port Arthur) in First Sino-Japanese War.
1895-1897 Hamidian massacres 80,000 to 300,000 Ottoman Empire On the orders of Abdul Hamid II, Ottoman forces massacre Armenians living in Anatolia.
1903 Kishinev pogrom 45 Chisinau 
1904 Herero & Namaqua Genocide c.65,000 German South West Africa German Kaisers attempt to exterminate Herero & Namaqua peoples, directed by von Trotha.
1915-1917 Armenian Genocide c.400,000 to 1.5 million Ottoman Empire Forced evacuation & mass killing of Anatolian Armenians under right wing Royalists
1915-1918 Assyrian Genocide c.275,000 Ottoman Empire The Assyrians of northern Mesopotamia forcibly relocated & massacred by Ottoman & Kurdish forces.
1916-1919 Menemen massacre c.2.000 Greece Massacres of Turkish population of Menemen by Greek Army.
1916-1919 Pontian Greek Genocide c.353,000 Ottoman Empire Massacres of Pontic Greeks by the Young Turks' government.
April 13, 1919 Jallianwallah Bagh c.1,200 British India Massacres of innocent Indian civilians by the British officer Rand.
January 1923 Rosewood Massacre 26-150 Rosewood, Florida, USA African American town was burned & residents killed by white mobs.
1923 Kanto massacre c.2,700 to 6,415 Kanto region, Japan Korean & Okinawan immigrants, blamed for looting & arson in the wake of the Great Kanto earthquake, were killed by mobs
1929 Hebron massacre c.67 Palestine An Arab mob wipes out Hebron's old Jewish settlement.
1931-1945 Japanese biological warfare program 3,000 to 200,000 East Asia An official program of medical experimentation on humans that resulted in thousands of deaths during the Second Sino-Japanese War & World War II. 
1932 La Matanza c.30,000 El Salvador Having crushed a peasants' rebellion, the military government sanctions the massacre of indigenous peoples.
1933 Simele massacre c.3,000 Iraq The first ever massacre conducted by the Iraqi government takes places in the North, targeting Assyrian Christians.
1937-1938 Great Purge 100,000 to 1.3 million Soviet Union Stalinist purges aimed at ethnic minorities & perceived dissidents. 
1938 Kristallnacht 36 to 200 Germany The major pre-war anti-Jewish pogrom.
1939 Bromberg Bloody Sunday up to 8,000 Bydgoszcz, Poland A combination of the 350 to 5,000 ethnic Germans killed during the Polish Defensive War & the subsequent massacre of c.3,000 Polish civilians in reprisal. Before this, many Poles had been expelled from Germany or killed. The most reliable estimates say 170 Poles had been massacred by the time this event occurred then 100 innocent Germans were, plus killings of rebels in action, and other stypes of executions, then 3000 Poles were executed. 
1941 Bialystok Massacre 2,200 Poland In one of the first massacres of Jews during World War II, the German reserve Police Battalion 309 herd the Jews of Bialystok into the city's central synagogue & set fire to it. Those trying to flee are shot. Upto 10000 Polish Jews were massacred in the first week of war by the Germans, with many more Poles, and Ethnic Germans bombed and killed in almost massacre ways in early days. Plus in marches of civilians by Germans.
Jedwabne Pogrom 380 to 1600 Poland Jewish residents of Jedwabane & its environs are marched into the center of the village, where they are beaten & killed by a number of their fellow townsmen. Some sources suggest German police & /or military involvement. Babi Yar 33,771 Ukraine As reprisal for acts of sabotage they did not commit, the Jewish population of Kiev was marched in small groups to a ditch at Babi Yar & machine-gunned.
Ponaren c.100,000 Lithuania Jewish & Polish citizens of Vilnius marched to Ponary Woods & shot by Lithuanian police units (the "Ponary Rifles") under German supervision. 40,000 were killed in 1941 alone.
Dnipropetrovsk 12,000 Ukraine Most of the remaining Jews in the city are marched to a ravine & massacred by Einsatzkommando 6.
Odessa massacre 36,000 Ukraine Mass shootings of the Jews of Odessa.
Ninth Fort 9,000 Lithuania Those Jews of Kaunas unable to work – including women & children – are marched to the Ninth Fort & shot. (Over 40,000 Jews will eventually be killed there.)
Rumbula Forest 25,000 Latvia Over the course of a week, the Jews of Riga are taken to Rumbula Forest & shot.
Simferopol 10,000 Crimea Mass shooting of Jews. Thereafter, Jews in the region are transported to extermination camps rather than shot.
1942 Lidice Massacre 435 Lidice, Czechoslovakia German SS soldiers annihilated whole village.
1942 South Backa massacre 3,809 Serbia Mass executions of Serb, Jewish & Roma civilians by Hungarian fascist troops.
1942-1944 Warsaw Concentration Camp 200,000 Warsaw, Poland Non-Jewish population of Warsaw systematically shot or gassed in provisional gas chambers.
1943 Changjiao Massacre more than 30,000 Hunan Mass killing of Chinese civilians & mass rape of women.
1943 Pinsk 16,000 Belarus Mass executions of Jews.
1944-1945 Chameria issue c.2,000 Chameria Greek royalist militias kill suspected Pro Communist Muslims. Over 25,000 Muslims flee to Albania.
1944 Backa killings c.20,000-34,500 Serbia Mass executions of Hungarian civilians by Yugoslav communist partisans.
1945 Ústí massacre c.80 Czechoslovakia Czech soldiers lynch ethnic Germans.
1945 Massacre in Trhová Kamenice 14 Czechoslovakia German soldiers tortured innocent villagers to death in the end of war.
1946 Direct Action Day c.4,000 British India Riots perpetrated by the Muslim League against Hindus in Calcutta which spread to other regions & was followed by the Noakhali Massacre. 1947 India c.1,000,000 India After partition of United India & British withdrawal, about 1 million to 4 million Hindus, Sikhs, & Muslims were killed in the aftermath. 1941-1945 Ustashi Genocide ~600,000 Independent kingdom of Croatia (Kingdom of Yugoslavia) Ustašas conduct a wide-scale planned extermination of Serbs, Jews, Roms & political opponents
1994 Rwandan Genocide 937,000 Rwanda Hutus massacre Tutsis.
1995 Srebrenica massacre 8,000 Bosnia & Herzegovina Massacre of male Bosniaks primarily by the Army of Republika Srpska; the largest massacre in Europe since World War II.
2003 Darfur conflict c.400,000 Sudan Ongoing massacre & forced displacement of the Fur people of Western Sudan by government-sponsored Janjaweed militia.
1962 Oran massacre c.2,000 to 3,500 Algeria Arabs lynch European, Jewish & pro-French Algeria Harkis Muslim civilians.
1969 Kilvenmani massacre c.35 Tamil Nadu, India Farm laborers & their families are burnt alive by their higher-caste landlords.
1984 Anti-Sikh Riots c.2,733 to 4,000 Delhi, India Mobs massacre Sikhs following the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards.
1985 Ras Burqa massacre 7 Ras Burqa, Egypt Egyptian policeman machine-gunned 12 Israeli tourists, including 9 children.
1988 Sumgait Pogrom at least 32 (26 Armenians & 6 Azeris) Sumgait, Azerbaijan Azerbaijanis launch a three-day pogrom against Armenians in the city of Sumgait.
2002 Kaluchak Massacre 31 Jammu, India 31 civilians & military personnel killed by Islamic terrorists from Pakistan
2002 Godhra Train Burning 60 Godhra, Gujarat, India Muslim mob burnt alive Hindu men, women, children travelling in S-6 compartment of Sabarmati Express .
2002 Gujarat violence c.800 to 2,000 Gujarat, India Sectarian violence following the Godhra Train Burning.
2004 Yelwa massacre c.630 Nigeria Muslim nomads killed by Christians during ongoing violence in Nigeria.
2004 Gatumba massacre 152 Burundi Congolese Tutsis are shot, hacked & burned to death during an attack on a refugee camp by Hutu extremists.
2005 Muhuta Church massacre 6 Bujumbura, Burundi 2005 Turbi Village massacre c.73 Turbi, Kenya Gunmen, believed to be Borana, open fire on Gabra children making their way to the village's primary school.
1832 Bad Axe River c.Unknown, Wisconsin Illinois militia under the command of General Henry Atkinson attack a Sauk camp at the mouth of Bad Axe River where many Sauk women & children are killed in the fighting. Shortly after, the Winnebago would abandon Black Hawk, forcing him & the Sauk to surrender several weeks later ending the Black Hawk War. 
1836 Goliad massacre 342 Goliad, Texas Mexican army executes Texan prisoners of war. 
1847 San Patricios 50 Chapultepec, Mexico Irish Catholic prisoners of war who fought for the Mexican Army were executed by the United States Army for desertion & treason. 
1857 Cawnpore c.200 Cawnpore, India During the Sepoy Rebellion the British garrison agreed to a safe passage out of Cawnpore by Nana Sahib, but were attacked & killed. The 200 remaining women & children were held in the Bibi-Ghar where they were killed on July 15, 1857. 
1863 Lawrence Massacre c.150 Lawrence, Kansas Confederate raiders under William Quantrill loot & burn the town killing over 150 men & boys. 
1864 Fort Pillow c.354 Fort Pillow, Tennessee Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest assaulted Fort Pillow, continuing to fire after a white flag was flown by the Union defenders. 1873 Canby Massacre c.4 Four of seven Americans as part of a peace delegation led by General E. R. S. Canby, under the pretext of peace negotiations, are killed by Modoc leader Captain Jack during the Modoc War. 1890 Wounded Knee massacre 153–300 Wounded Knee, South Dakota Last confrontation of US troops & the Great Sioux Nation 1901 Samar campaign Samar, Philippines During the Philippine-American War, while the Philippines were a colonial possession of the USA, Filipinos armed with machetes kill all American soldiers from the garrison of the port of Balangiga on the island of Samar (see Balangiga massacre). 1918 March Days 3,000–12,000 Baku, Azerbaijan Equating the Azerbaijanis to the Ottoman Turks, Dashnak & Bolshevik forces massacre ethnic Azerbaijanis in revenge for the Armenian Genocide. 1918 September Days 10,000–20,000 Baku, Azerbaijan Enver Pasha's Army of Islam supported by local Azeri forces recaptures Baku & subsequently massacres ethnic Armenians in retaliation for the March Days. 
February 19-21, 1937 Addis Ababa 3,000 Ethiopia by Italian soldiers 
1937-1938 Nanjing Massacre (Rape of Nanking) 100,000-300,000 China Committed by the Japanese Imperial Army in the aftermath of the Battle of Nanking. Reports indicate six-weeks of murder, rape & looting followed the seizure of the city by the Japanese Imperial Army. 
1939 Wawer 107 Poland 120 men caught in Lapanka shot as a reprisal for death of 2 German soldiers, 13 of them survived the massacre under the pile of bodies. 
1939-1940 Palmiry massacre c.2,000 Poland Gestapo murder systematically members of Polish intelligentsia, sportsmen, politicians & common people. 
1940 Katyn massacre 25,700 Poland Massacre of Polish intelligentsia, POWs & reserve officers by the Soviets. 
1940 Treznea massacre c.93 Treznea, N. Transylvania, Hungary Hungarian army massacred Romanian & Jewish civilians. 
1940 Ip massacre c.100 Ip, N. Transylvania, Hungary Hungarian massacre of Romanian civilians in Northern Transylvania. 
1941 Fântâna Alba massacre c.200 Soviet Union Soviet massacre of Romanian civilians in Northern Bukovina. 
1941 Bombing of Belgrade 17,000 Yugoslavia Germans bomb Belgrade, killing 17,000 people. Belgrade was bombed again in 44, now by the Allies. 
June, 1941 Rainiai massacre 79 Soviet Union Soviet soldiers & NKVD tortures to death 78-79 Lithuanian civilians (former public servants, rich people, Boy Scouts, non-communists). 
1941 Massacre of Lwów professors 45, Poland Part of AB Action, forty-five university professors executed by an Einsatzkommado unit following German capture of the city on June 30. 
1941 Kragujevac 4,000 Serbia Reprisal killings by German forces after the death of 10 soldiers at the hands of partisans. 
1942 Sook Ching massacre c.50,000-100,000 (Singapore only) Malaya & Singapore Japanese troops execute ethnic Chinese Malayans & Singaporeans suspected of being hostile. 
1942 Bataan Death March 5,650 Philippines American & Philippine POWs are marched to prison camps & killed if they fall behind. 
1942 Lidice 340 Lidice, Czechoslovakia After Czech agents, with British assistance, assassinate Nazi Protector of Bohemia-Morovia, & former Deputy Chief of the Gestapo, Reinhard Heydrich the small village Lidice (in Czech lands) is surrounded by the German SS & all men & teenagers over 16 are rounded up & shot. The remaining women & children are sent to concentration camps & the village is destroyed. 
1942-45 Sandakan POW/Labour Camp 6,000 North Borneo Indonesian romusha (forced labourers), as well as Australian & British POWs are forced to construct an airfield at Sandakan. All of the Indonesians were dead by 1945. In addition to deprivation & physical abuse, including summary execution, the surviving POWs were forced to march 260 kilometres (160 miles) to another camp. Only six of those sent on these marches survived the war. 
1943 Khatyn massacre 100+ Belarus The entire village in Belarus is burnt with all its inhabitants by the German Nazis & their Ukrainian collaborators; one of hundreds Belarusian & Russian villages to share the similar fate. 
1943 Massacres of Poles in Volhynia c.100,000 Ukraine By Ukrainian nationalists 
1943 Canicatti slaughter 12 Sicily US Troops kill unarmed civilians at a soap factory. 
1943 Biscari massacre 76 Sicily US Troops massacre German & Italian POWs. 
1943 Foiba massacre 5,000-10,000 Istria & Dalmatia in Italy Communist troops under Tito's command purge Italian fascists & collaborators until 1947. 
1943 Kalavryta massacre 696 Greece The male residents of the town are slaughtered by German troops in revenge for partisan activities. 
1944 Manila massacre 100,000 Philippines Retreating Japanese troops slaughter at least 100,000 Filipino civilians. Manila is razed, making it the 2nd most devastated city in WWII after Warsaw. 1944 Koniuchy massacre 38-300 Poland Civilians of Koniuchy murdered by 120-150 members of Soviet partisan groups. 
1944 Ascq massacre c.86 France After two railway cars are derailed, presumably by the French Underground, soldiers of the 12th SS Panzer Division under the command of SS Obersturmführer Walter Hauck murder 86 men in the surrounding area of the Ascq railway station. 
1944 Kakolyri (of Kyme) massacre 30 Greece 24 male residents of the village are slaughtered by German troops, as suspects of helping partisan activities. The partisans killed one soldier who was guarding a bridge. 6 male residents of the nearby villages are slaughtered too. 
Abbey Ardennes c.100+ France Canadian POWs who were captured during battle were marched out to a garden & interrogated before being shot by members of 12th SS Panzer Division. 
1944 Tulle Murders c.99 France In response to French Underground activity the 2nd SS Panzer Division, upon finding mutilated remains of 64 garrison soldiers of the 95th Security Regiment, 99 men are hanged & the remaining population of Tulle sent to work labor camps in Germany. Of the 149 townspeople only 48 survived the war. June 10, 1944 Oradour-sur-Glane Massacre 642 France Responding to recent French Underground activity in which two German soldiers were killed, 120 SS soldiers of the 2nd SS Panzer Division, commanded by SS Sturmbannführer Adolf Diekmann, execute 642 men, women, & children of the town of Oradour. 
1944 Distomo massacre est. 228-600 Greece More than 200 residents of the village of Distomo are massacred by the Germans. exact number of victims unknown. 
1944 San Polo di Arezzo Massacre 48 Italy After attacking Italian partisans & civilians who held some German prisoners at Molin dei Falchi, the German soldiers took revenge. They gathered all the men of the nearby village of San Polo, brutally beat & tortured them, & took them to a nearby field. They were made to dig three pit graves & were then thrown in still alive. The partisans were placed in the pits with their heads above ground & with explosive charges attached to their bodies. They were then blown apart. The Germans did not allow anyone to bury the dead. (For details see Eugenio Calo). 
1944 Wola massacre up to 50,000 Warsaw, German troops systematically slaughter most civilians in the borough of Wola during early stage of Warsaw Uprising. 

1944 Putten Atrocity 39 Netherlands General Heinz Helmuth von Wuhlisch orders the execution of 39 Dutch civilians & the village burned after an attack by the Dutch resistance results in the capture of a German soldier despite the later release of the hostage. The remaining men in the village are sent to labor camps & out of 589 only 49 survive the end of the war. 
1944 Amsterdam Reprisal 29 Netherlands 29 Dutch civilians are executed as well as several buildings set on fire after the assassination of S.D. officer Herbert Oelschagel by the Dutch resistance the previous day. 
1944 Malmedy massacre 72-84 Belgium Executions of surrendered American POWs during the Battle of the Bulge. 
1945 Chenogne massacre 60 Belgium In reprisal for the Malmedy massacre, sixty German soldiers are executed by a unit of the U.S. 11th Armored Division outside the town of Chenogne. 
1945 Bleiburg massacre 55,000-300,000 Yugoslavia Partisans retaliate against Ustashe, Domobrans, & many Croat civilians. 
1945 SS Cap Arcona sinking <1,000 Germany British RAF fighter planes pilots then Nazis kill survivors struggling to make it ashore following the sinking of the ships SS Cap Arcona, Deutschland, & Thielbek, which were carrying POWs from the Neuengamme concentration camp. 
1945 Setif Massacre 150 pied-noirs 1,500–45,000 Algerians Algeria 
1945 Sado Atrocity 387 Sado, Japan Japanese soldiers under Lieutenant Yoshiro Tsuda set off an explosion in a nearby gold mine, killing the 387 British, American, Australian & Dutch prisoners of war which had been working the mine since 1942. 
1945 Treuenbrietzen c.1000 Germany Red army soldiers execute German civilians. 
1947 228 Incident 10,000-30,000 Taiwan Kuomintang government (Chinese) massacred Taiwanese civilians after uprising. 
1948 Hadassah medical convoy massacre c.77 Palestine 1948 Deir Yassin massacre 107 Mandate for Palestine 120 civilians killed by the Zionist Irgun & Lehi. 
1949 Hula massacre 90 Hula, South Lebanon The Israeli soldiers slaughtered innocent people as "punishment" for welcoming Palestinian refugees. 
1950 Capture of Seoul c.100,000 Korea Civilians executed after the communist capture of Seoul. 
1953 Qibya massacre c.50 West Bank 1956 Kafr Qasim massacre 49 Israel 
1968 My Lai massacre 347–504 South Vietnam USA soldiers executed 504 unarmed Vietnam villagers ages between 1 & 81, mostly women & children. 
1971 1971 East Pakistan Intellectuals massacre c.100 East Pakistan Pakistan Army & local collaborators kill large number of doctors, engineers, educators, journalists, & other intellectuals during the flag end of the Bangladesh War of 1971. 
January 18, 1976 Karantina Massacre c.1,000 Karantina, Lebanon Lebanese Christian Militia massacres Kurds & Armenians, as well as some Lebanese & Palestinian in Karantina a district in Beirut Lebanon during the 1975-1990 Lebanese Civil War. 
1976 Damour massacre c.330 Damour, Lebanon Palestinian militants raid the Lebanese Christian town of Damour during the 1975-1990 Lebanese Civil War. 
1981 Fakehane massacre 750 Beirut,Lebanon Israeli warplanes raided a crowded residential area in Beirut killing hundreds. 
1982 Sabra & Shatila massacre 800–3,000 Beirut, Lebanon Lebanese Christian Militia massacres Palestinian Refugees following Israeli invasion of Beirut. 
1987 Ain el Hilwee Camp massacre 64 ain el hilwee,Saida, South Lebanon The Israeli jet fighters launched two bombing raids killing 31 & wounding 41 others. The refugees were hit by a third raid while they were evacuating casualties. Resulting in 34 more being killed. 
1991 Vukovar massacre 250 Vukovar, Croatia Yugoslav army & Serb paramilitaries massacre POWs & wounded civilians. 
1991 Škabrnja massacre 86 Škabrnja, Croatia Serb paramilitaries kill civilians & POWs. 
1991 Vocin massacre 60 Vocin, Croatia "White Eagles" Serb paramilitary group massacres civilians. 
1992 Khojaly Massacre 613 Khojali, Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijan Armenian irregulars massacre Azerbaijani civilians. 
1992 Maraghar Massacre 145 Maraghar, Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijan Azerbaijani forces massacre Armenian civilians. 
1993 Sukhumi Massacre 1,200 Abkhazia, Georgia After storming of Sukhumi, Abkhaz Separatists & their allies committed massacre against the remaining Georgian population of the city. 
1994 First Markale massacre 68 Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina Bosnian Serb army shells crowded civilian marketplace in downtown Sarajevo. 
1995 Second Markale massacre 37 Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina Bosnian Serb army shells crowded civilian marketplace in downtown Sarajevo. 
1996 Qana massacre 106 Qana, South of Lebanon The Israeli Defense Forces shell a UNIFIL post during their conflict with Hezbollah, killing many civilians. 
2001 Dasht-i-Leili massacre 250–3,000 Afghanistan Taliban prisoners were shot & /or suffocated to death in metal truck containers while being transferred between prisons by Northern Alliance soldiers during the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan 2001 Nepalese royal family massacre 8 Katmandu, Nepal Prince Dipendra shoots immediate family & himself at a royal dinner.
State-sponsored or state-condoned massacres during peacetime
1570 Massacre of Novgorod 10,000-100,000 Novgorod, Russia Ivan the Terrible slaughters the population of Novgorod. 
1692 Massacre of Glencoe 78 Scotland The order was signed by King William II
1770 Boston massacre 5 British colony, now US state of Massachusetts Pre- American Revolution, British soldiers open fire upon a hostile crowd. The soldiers were later acquitted by an all American colonist jury. 
1905 Bloody Sunday 100-1000 Saint Petersburg, Russia Tsarist soldiers fire on unarmed demonstrators in front of the Winter Palace. 
August 16, 1819 Peterloo massacre 11 Manchester, England 14 if including state officers also killed by the state in 1831 at least 10s of British isle people were killed by the state in the Brostol riots and Merthyr Rising, 
1909 Adana massacre >2,000 Adana, Ottoman Empire Abdul Hamid loyalists massacre Armenians. 
1918 Romanov massacre c.10 Yekaterinburg, Russia Bolshevik execution of Nicholas II & the Russian royal household. 
1919 March 1st Movement 7,509 Korea Japanese troops & police opened fire on Korean protesters marching peacefully on the street calling for the independence of Korea & investigation on the sudden death of Emperor Gojong. 
1919 Amritsar massacre c.>379 India British troops led by Brigadier General Reginald Dyer fired 1650 rounds of ammunitions into a crowd of 20,000 people gathered in a garden with its sole exit blocked to prevent people from escaping. 
1921 Tulsa Race Riot 39-300 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA White mobs invaded & burned the segregated black Greenwood district, 1,256 homes. The governor declared martial law, black citizens were rounded up by the National Guard & put into the internment camps. 
1930 Qissa Khwani bazaar massacre c.200 Peshawar British troops fire on hundreds of non-violent protesters in Peshawar. 
1932 Bonus March 4-5 Washington, D.C. Federal cavalry troops with rifles & tear gas evict WWI veterans & families in protest camps around Washington. Hundreds of veterans were injured, several were killed. October 20, 1944 Gorla Massacre c.232 Milan, Italy Allied bombing in Milan hit a primary school, killing hundreds of children. 
1948 Babra Sharif massacre c.100 Pakistan 1948 Jeju massacre 30,000 Korea 1950 Taejon massacre 7,000 Korea 
1955 6 - 7 September massacares >28 killed, 30 injured, 300 raped Istanbul, Turkey Killing of members of Greek community by Turkish civilians during riots against Christianity. 1954-1962 Algerian massacre >500,000 Algeria Killing of Algerian civilians by French Army & FLN during Algerian War of Independence. 
1959 Suppression of Lhasa Uprising 87,000 Tibet The Chinese PLA massacres thousands of Tibetans in the Lhasa region during the rebellion against Chinese rule. 
1960 Sharpeville massacre 69 killed, 180+ injured South Africa Police opened fire on a crowd of black protesters. 
1961 Paris Massacre of 1961 32-200 Paris, France Killing of Algerian demonstrators 
1962 Novocherkassk massacre 24 killed, 39 injured Novocherkassk, Soviet Union police opened fire on a crowd of protesters against inflation 
1962 Palma Sola massacre "thousands" Dominican Republic Dominican military destroy the town of Palma Sola, the base of the (mostly Afro-Dominican) political & religious dissident movement known as the Liboristas 1965-1966 September 30th massacre & aftermath 500,000-1 million Indonesia Suharto massacres communists & dissidents in rural areas 
1968 Orangeburg massacre 3 South Carolina State University, USA 
1968 Tlatelolco massacre 200–300 Mexico Mexican soldiers open fire on student demonstrators. 
1970 Kent State massacre 4 killed, 9 wounded Kent State University, Ohio, USA 29 members of Ohio National Guard open fire on unarmed students protesting expansion of Vietnam War into Cambodia on Kent State University college campus, killing 4 & wounding 9, one of whom is permanently paralyzed. 
1971 Massacre of Bangladesh c.250,000 Bangladesh Starting with Operation Searchlight in March, the Pakistani Army killed c.250,000 Bangladeshis 
1971 Corpus Christi massacre c.25 Mexico City Special forces open fire on student demonstrators. 
1972 Bloody Sunday 14 Derry, Northern Ireland Shooting of 28 unarmed Irish Catholic Civilians, 14 of whom died, by Paratroop Regiment of the British Army following a protest march at the introduction of internment without trial. 
1976-1983 Argentina's Dirty War/ La Guerra Sucia up to 30,000 Argentina Jorge Rafael Videla's military government tortured & killed dissident citizens, journalists, & professors as part of a wider continental plan of state terrorism called Operation Condor supported by the U.S. State Department, led by Henry Kissinger under Richard Nixon's presidency. 1980 Gwangju massacre 191–250–2000 Gwangju, South Korea Government troops attack protesting students & civilians of Gwangju. 
1981 El Mozote massacre c.900 El Salvador Government troops torture & kill the residents of El Mozote. 
1982 Hama massacre 5000-20,000 Syria Syrian government troops attack rebel town of Hama, poison gas was used in some areas. 
1983 Black July massacre 1,000-3,000 Sri Lanka Sri Lankan government soldiers along with Sinhalese mobs massacre Tamil civilians. 
1983, 1989 The Gukurahundi c.25,000 Zimbabwe Genocide, & suppression of dissident tribal areas by Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwean Fifth Brigade. 
1988 Halabja poison gas attack 3,000-5,000 Iraq Gas attack on Kurdish town by Saddam Hussein. 
1988 Massacre of Iranian political prisoners 5,000 + Iran Political prisoners were gathered in special prison quarters. They were retried according to orders from Ayatollah Khomeini by three member judging committees. Between 5000-30000 murdered & buried in secret places. 
1989 April 9 tragedy c.20 Soviet Union Soviet military troops attacked Georgian demonstrators in Tbilisi, Georgia 
1989 Tiananmen massacre up to 2,600 Beijing, China Chinese PLA troops open fire on students & civilians gathered in Beijing. 
1990 Black January 133 Soviet Union Soviet military troops attacked Azeri protest demonstrations, passer-bys & emergency squad members in Baku, Azerbaijan 
1991 Vilnius massacre 13 Vilnius, Lithuania Soviet military troops attacked Lithuanian independence supporters. 
1991 Medininkai massacre 7 Medininkai, Lithuania Soviet military troops attacked Lithuanian customs building. 
1991 Dili massacre 271 Dili, East Timor Timorese protesting Indonesian rule are killed by Indonesian soldiers. 
1991 Ovcara massacre 260 Vukovar, Croatia Serbian forces killed 260 wounded civilians, soldiers & Vukovar hospital personnel after the downfall of the city. 
1993 Candelaria Church Massacre 8 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Police retaliate against street children at orphanage, leading to worldwide criticism. 
1994 13 de Marzo 41 Cuba refugees drown after confrontation with Cuban Navy. 
1995 Aguas Blancas massacre 17 Aguas Blancas, Mexico Motorized Police kill protesters who demand some rights & the release of a prisoner. 
1997 Acteal massacre 45 Acteal, Mexico Allegedly government-linked paramilitaries attack a prayer meeting professing support for the goals of EZLN rebels. 
1999 Liquica Church Massacre Over 200 East Timor Pro-Indonesian Militia group attack East Timorese civilians at Liquica Roman Catholic Church. Using machetes & automatic rifles, over 200 are killed.
2002 Itaba massacre 173 to 267 Itaba, Burundi The Burundian Army massacres between 173 & 267 Hutu villagers in reprisal for rebel attacks.
2005 Andijan massacre 200 - 1000 Andijan,Uzbekistan Uzbek Interior Ministry troops fire into a crowd of protesters on May 2005.Politically motivated non-governmental massacres 1856 Pottawatomie massacre 5 Franklin County, Kansas Radical abolitionist John Brown murders pro-slavery men with swords in "Bleeding Kansas" 
1872 Going Snake Massacre 22 Oklahoma Territory Ten US Marshals are ambushed by over thirty Cherokee men during their attempt to arrest a murder suspect. Eight of the Marshals are killed. Fourteen Cherokee men were killed. 
1873 Colfax massacre 100 Colfax, Louisiana 1929 Hebron massacre 67 Hebron, then part of the British Mandate of Palestine Arabs kill 67 Jews in Hebron. 
1929 Safed massacre 18 Safed, then part of the British Mandate of Palestine Arabs kill 18 Jews in Safed. 
1972 Lod Airport massacre 26 Ben-Gurion Airport, Japanese terrorists open fire at civilians in the Airport near Lod, Israel. 26 are killed & 78 more injured. 
1972 Bloody Friday 9 Belfast, Northern Ireland Explosion of 22 bombs in 90 minutes by Provisional Irish Republican Army in & around central Belfast in an attempt to bring normal life in the City to an end. The bombings killed seven civilians, two British soldiers & seriously injured 130 other people. 
1972 Munich massacre 12 Munich, Germany Palestinian terrorists kidnap & kill Israeli athletes at the Olympic Games. 
1972 Claudy Bombing 9 Claudy, Northern Ireland Detonation of three car bombs in Claudy village. The Provisional Irish Republican Army & a local Catholic priest were implicated in the attack. 1974 Kiryat Shmona massacre 18 Kiryat Shmona, Israel Palestinian terrorists kill Israeli residents in Kiryat Shmona. 
1974 Ma'alot massacre 21 Ma'alot, Israel Palestinian terrorists kill 21 elementary school students in Ma'alot. 
1974 Dublin & Monaghan bombings 33 Dublin & Monaghan, Ireland. Three bombs planted in the Republic of Ireland by the Ulster Volunteer Force. Worst number of casualties in any single day of The Troubles. 
1974 Birmingham Pub bombings 21 Birmingham, England The Provisional IRA explode two bombs in busy public houses killing 21 civilians, more than half of whom were under the age of 25. Until the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 in 1988, this was Britain's worst act of mass murder. 
1976 6 October Massacre 46 Bangkok, Thailand University Students from Bangkok demonstrated against return to Thailand of ousted PM, Thanom Kittikachorn. 
1977 Atocha Massacre 5 Madrid, Spain Far-right activists kill 5 left-wing lawyers during the Spanish transition to democracy. 
1978 La Mon restaurant bombing 12 Outside Belfast, Northern Ireland Provisional Irish Republican Army firebomb attack at a Belfast hotel. 
1979 Greensboro massacre 5 Greensboro, North Carolina Ku Klux Klansmen & American Nazis opened fire on an anti-Klan demonstration. 
1979 Warrenpoint Ambush 18 Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland Provisional Irish Republican Army attack on a British Army convoy. 
1986 Plaza de la Republica Dominicana massacre 12 Madrid, Spain Iñaki de Juana Chaos, a ETA terrorist, set up a car bomb in the Dominican Republic Square, killing 12 people & injuring 45. 1987 Remembrance Day massacre 11 Enniskillen, Northern Ireland The Provisional IRA explodes a bomb targeted at a civilian war commemoration ceremony in the centre of Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. 1988 The Strijdom Square massacre 8 Pretoria, South Africa 8 people shot & killed (16 wounded) by right wing extremist Barend Strydom. 
1993 Shankill Road bombing 9 Belfast, Northern Ireland The Provisional IRA kills eight civilians & one of its own by exploding a bomb in a fish shop on the Shankill Road. The bombing sparks a series of reprisals by Loyalist paramilitaries. 
1993 Greysteel massacre 8 Greysteel, Northern Ireland Ulster Freedom Fighters revenge attack for the Shankill Road bombing. 
1994 Second Hebron massacre 29, West Bank Israeli extremist Baruch Goldstein opens fire on group of Palestinian Muslims praying at Cave of the Patriarchs site. 
1994 Shell House Massacre 3 - 19 Johannesburg, South Africa ANC security guards open fire at IFP supporters approaching the ANC headquarters. 
1995 Oklahoma City bombing 168 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Anti-government extremists Timothy McVeigh & Terry Nichols destroy the 9-story Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building with a truck bomb, killing 168 & injuring 800. 1995 Atiak massacre 170 – 220 Gulu District, Uganda Civilians killed by the Lord's Resistance Army. 1996 Acholpii massacre c.100 Pader District, Uganda Sudanese refugees in a refugee settlement killed by Lord's Resistance Army . 
1997 Lokung/Palabek massacre c.412 Kitgum District, Uganda Civilians bludgeoned or hacked to death by the Lord's Resistance Army. 
1997 Haouch Khemisti massacre 93 Haouch Mokhfi Khemisti, Algeria 
1997 Dairat Labguer massacre c.50 Dairat Labguer, Algeria 1997 Souhane massacre 64 Souhane, Algeria 1997 Rais massacre c.200 Rais, Algeria 
1997 Bentalha massacre >200 Bentalha, Algeria 
1997 Wilaya of Relizane massacres of 30 December 1997 412 4 villages near Souk El Had, Algeria 
1998 Wandhama massacre 24 Wandhama, India 24 Kashmiri Pandits are brutally murdered by Pakistani militants . 
1998 Sidi Hamed massacre 103 Sidi Hamed, Algeria 
1998 Omagh Bombing 29 (or 31) Omagh, Northern Ireland Irish republicans opposed to the Northern Ireland Peace Process explode a car bomb following an inaccurate warning which lead to people being guided towards the bomb rather than away from it. This was the biggest massacre in any single incident in Northern Ireland related to The Troubles. (The number of dead is sometimes stated as 31 as one of those murdered was a woman pregnant with twins). 
1998 Tadjena massacre 42 Algeria 2001 Sbarro restaurant massacre 15 Jerusalem, Israel Suicide bombing committed by a Palestinian terrorist in a crowded restaurant in Jerusalem, Israel. 
2001 September 11, 2001 attacks 2,973 New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania (United States) Al-Qaeda hijacks 4 U.S. commercial airliners for use in a suicide bombing attack on major American targets. Two planes struck the twin towers at the World Trade Center in New York, causing the majority of the deaths; one hit the Pentagon; another plane was downed in a Pennsylvania field by its hijackers when passengers rushed the cockpit. 
2002 Bojaya massacre 119 Bojayá, Colombia FARC guerrillas launch an explosive into a church sheltering civilians, killing 119 & wounding 98. 
2002 Passover massacre 30 Netanya, Israel Arab suicide bomber kills civilians. 2003 Jerusalem bus 2 massacre 23 Jerusalem, Israel Suicide bombing committed by a Palestinian terrorist in a crowded bus in Jerusalem, Israel. 2003 Maxim restaurant massacre 21 Haifa, Israel 
2004 Barlonyo massacre >200 Barlonyo, Lira District, Uganda Civilians at an IDP camp are murdered by the Lord's Resistance Army. 
2004 Ashoura massacre c.170 Karbala, Baghdad, (Iraq) 
2004 11 March 2004 Madrid train bombings 191 Madrid, (Spain) Islamic terrorists plant several bombs aboard four commuter trains in Madrid. 
2004 Beslan school massacre 344 Beslan, (Russia) 2005 Bali Bombings 23, Indonesia Bombs exploded at two sites in Jimbaran & Kuta, both in south Bali. Twenty-three people were killed, including three bombers. A list stating what were the worst 1990s regimes What were the worst 2000s regimes
2005 7 July 2005 London bombings 55 London Series of four suicide bomb explosions strike London's public transport system during the morning rush hour. 
2006 Hay al Jihad massacre 40 Baghdad, Iraq Shia militants executed Sunni civilians.

2010s massacres of thousands of Kurds, Shiites, Christians and more by Islamic state, 

2010s-20s numerous massacres by far right extremist terrorists of Muslims, socialists and public, hundreds 
Labor conflicts 1854 Eureka Stockade 28 Ballarat, Victoria Uprising by miners against repression, & taxes put down by soldiers. 
1885 Rock Springs Massacre 28 Rock Springs, Wyoming Racially & economically motivated attack by white coal miners on Chinese miners. 
1886 Haymarket Riot 12 Chicago, Illinois Bomb tossed amongst police & striking workers 
1892 Homestead lockout/strike 35 Homestead, Pennsylvania Pinkerton guards against striking US Steel laborers in the US bloodiest labor conflict. 
1897 Lattimer massacre 19 Hazleton, Pennsylvania Luzerne County Sheriff's posse fires on strikers at the request of mining companies 
1914 Ludlow massacre 20 Ludlow, Colorado Suppression of a strike by twelve thousand Colorado coal miners. 
1928 Massacre of the Bananeras 300-1000 Ciénaga, Magdalena Official military fire against Colombian strikers, workers of the United Fruit Company. 
1927 Columbine Mine massacre at least 6 Serene, Colorado 500 striking coal miners, some with their families, were attacked with machine guns by a detachment of state police dressed in civilian clothes 1931 Ådalen shootings 5 Sweden Swedish military forces open fire against labor demonstrators, killing 5 people 

In the 1790s, France hit it's phase where a revolutionary regime took over this was invaded as of the French King's wishes, and the neighbouring monarchies, but this attack failed. And by the late 1790s, the French forces drove the invasions out of their country. One of the armies marched down and conquered Southern Italy, But in 1799 Royalist revolts came, and pushed into a rebellion, they then started to massacre the Jacobins in Naples. Royalist and Papal, and Lazzaroni, who were the poor who supported the Bourbons, and Lord Nelson himself and his armies attacked Naples, over the next few years. The French and local Italian supporters armies reached Naples a few other times, but eventually by 1815, there had been a number of massacres. The numbers involved in these massacres is hard to fathom from simple internet searches, it could have been tens of thousands on both sides. I am sure it was thousands. I have read it was over 10,000 by both, in scenes that rival the reign of terror in France in barbarity. Maybe it is too complicated and disgusting to have a simple narrative.  

Shockingly also, there are claims that 20,000 French commune, members were executed a by a royalist army in 1870, after thousands died on the barricades. In the end it was only chance, and action by surviving leftist politicians  that saw the elections result in a more centrist republican regime, as of certain moves by officials, rather than a rightist regime. 

I am not putting Britain down here, it is a great country but also in the 1770s Britain also did another atrocity, thousands of US soldiers died on pow hulks. 

Worse than that, in the Napoleonic war, on the island of Carbrera, it seems thousands more French POWs died, under miss treatment. Then again, the French were doing bad stuff as well. They committed massacres in Portugal, but for that matter so did us Brits at Badajoz, again the numbers are hard to identify as some claim it was hundreds, and some even say, that British massacres in the Iberian war reached thousands, which would be equivalent to the French. I have a page on the French Revolution about this. It is a horrid gruesome subject, but it is real.  

Lastly also there was a riot in Bristol in 1831, in favour of democracy where dozens maybe more died, as of action against them. I mention that there as well.  

Finally I have decided to create a stat for the Highland Clearances. So if between 150,000 and 250,000 were forcibly evicted, then surely as many went in bad conditions ships to the Americas, then there were people killed by the clearances. I have no idea of the correct stat, but it must be in the thousands, On top of that thousands more died of the famines in the Highlands of the 19th Century, nowhere near Ireland's level, but it occurred. That is why I am not a fan of Highland Clearances deniers.