Roman Empire 395 AD Mousemat
Roman Empire 395 AD Mousemat
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Famous roads

Famous Roads

There are many famous roads in the world. 

Such as. 

The Ridgeway in England. A ancient route from Wiltshire to the Thames, used in the Iron Age and earlier, it has hillforts and Neolithic monuments on it's way.. 

Route 66 in America, The archetypal road, for long road movies in the USA. Wide open roads and countryside.

The Champs Elysees in Paris. The great central boulevard area of Paris. 

Penny Lane in Liverpool, famous for the Beetles. 

The Royal Mile in Edinburgh. Famous as of the Castle, and the ancient Medieval streets, that used to have people living underneath the ground it was such a place to be. 

The Fosse Way in England, some great Roman roads,  This was also the frontier for a while of Rome's early moves into Britain it extends roughly from the Wash to Bristol kind of area. 

The Silk Road, a long network of routes of many paths, between ancient China and Europe, 

Transcontinental Highway, numerous roads between the tips of North and South America of many types, linked as 1 name. 

Cape to Cairo road, though never built the title is obvious, 

The Helen Sarn in Wales, the Roman roads all the many roads, now sometimes become main routes or foothpaths, have this title.

5 great roads of ancient Ireland. 

According to the Annals of the 4 Masters for 123 AD, there were 5 leading highways, in Irish: slighe, leading to Tara or Teamhair, in Early Medieval Ireland. The entry claims the routes were discovered at the birth of Conn of the 100 Battles:

The night of Conn's birth were discovered five principal roads leading to Teamhair, which were never observed till then. These are their names: Slighe Asail, Slighe Midhluachra, Slighe Cualann, Slighe Mhór, Slighe Dala. Slighe Mhór is that called Eiscir Riada, i.e. the division line of Ireland into two parts, between Conn and Eoghan Mór

The Appian Way in Italy, famously Spartacus was on this Roman road, 

The Autobahn in Germany and the autostrada in Italy, 20th Century road building projects. 

The M1 and M25 in Britain. The most famous motorways in our land, built from the 1950s and 1970s..