Burnswark Hillfort Mug
Burnswark Hillfort Mug
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Scottish Hillforts collage, Mug
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Broch of Moussa Mug
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Scottish geography quiz from 2007

1 Which of these places can you not see from Scottish Territory?
Northern England, North Wales, Northern Ireland,

2 What island is the second largest Scottish Isle?

3 What decade did the local populace of St Kilda have to leave?

4 What county in November 2006 is Galashiels in?

5 Fill in the letter of this isle off the West coast of Scotland, island, among Scotland's largest Isle?

6 What loch is Scotland's largest loch in area?

7 Which of these lands has not occupied part of Scotland in Scotland's History?
Scotland, England, Strathclyde (British/Welsh), Norway, France, Roman Empire, Northumberland, Scots (from Ulster/Ireland), Russia, to November 2006.

8 Is the Black Isle, in the Highlands, a island?

9 What is the second highest mountain in Scotland ?

10 Which major river in Scotland, is also a major river in Russia?

11 Which county is the largest in area in Scotland?

12 Do most of Scotland's people live in the Central Belt?

13, To the nearest million, what is the highest ever population of Scotland, different answer in 2007 to 2020?

14 Is Scotland, the area with the lowest population density in the United Kingdom?

15 How many places in Scotland had over 100,000 people in 1900, and also did 2000?

16 Which one of these areas is not on a isle of Scotland?
Portree, Stornoway, Lerwick, Kirkwall, Sleat, Thurso

17 What is the most Northerly place in Scotland; mainland ?

18 What is the most Southerly piece of Scottish territory?

19 Which island group is the most westerly part of Scotland to have had a permanent settled civilian population?

20  Name  the most northerly and most easterly counties in Scotland in 2020. 

1 North Wales
2 Skye
3 1930s
4 The Borders
5 Islay
6 Loch Lomond
7 Russia
8 No
9 Ben Macdui
10 Don
11 The Highlands
12 Yes
13 5.5 Million, the answer in 2020 was  a million more, as rounding up that half a million more would reach that stat. It was only closer to 5 million in 2008. 
14 Yes
15 4
16 Thurso
17 John O Groats

18 Mull of Galloway

19 St Kilda (Rockall is claimed by Scotland as the most westerly, and there is a good argument it is Scottish, but St Kilda has a human history. Rockall is 301.3 km from St Kilda. It is 423 from Ireland.) The issue which this website has no interest in looking at is whether that means Scotland in addition to that good claim, has the territorial waters, hopefully Scotland and Ireland can come to a nice agreement on that issue as Celtic cousins,

20 The Shetland Islands have both these awards. Aberdeenshire has the most easterly on the mainland, 

Scotland T-Shirt
Scotland T-Shirt
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I saw the Beast of Buchan T-Shirt
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