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A article on Kelheim hillfort, in association with my writings on Holidays, in Germany, Holidays in Austria, Holidays in the Czech Republic, Holidays in Slovakia and Holidays in Hungary,

Kelheim Hillfort, public domain.jpg

Kelheim hillfort. 

There is a Celtic era hillfort in Germany at a location called Kelheim. The site sits in the centre of Bavaria in southern Germany. The fact is Germany was very much involved in the Celtic culture, certainly western Germany. so there are many great oppidum there, at least 10 or so comparitive to France's great forts. Part of these would at times have been listed with Gaul, to the Romans. It seems these 2 areas were the home of many great oppiudm, that were even larger than Britain's most populous, Maiden Castle, and sometimes many times larger. I must add though, not that that is anything for Maiden Castle to be lessened by, as it is still a great location. 

So here are my bullet points on Kelheim. 

* The area that is said to be Kelheim hillfort, or a oppida or oppidum, is certainly such a site. There is debate though if it could also be labelled Alcimoennis, which was mentioned by Ptolemy a 2nd Century AD Roman era historian from Greece's culture in Egypt. 

* The picture above, is a public domain picture from a very old postcard of the hill that is among the key parts of this fort, that sits on the Danube's upper rivers. 

* The name of the river is why some think this is that site above, I mean old archaeologists read Latin texts so much they were bound to find such stuff. 

* It all shows the strength of Celtic Franco Germany economy. 

* I should add that building on the hill, was put there by a king of Bavaria to celebrate a 1813 win by German states, and other forces against Napoleon, showing the history of wars in this land, and all lands, and the impressiveness, of the site, and thats that. 

* The below stuff about holidays, was as I started this page as that, then realised I should have something about a hillfort in Western Germany. 

This large slice of Middle Europe is a area which had many Celtic hillforts. Germany had sites such as Heuneburg. Some of the most glorius like Kelheim dot passes, and river routes, today of course. Perhaps Germany's Celtic history is among the best, despite it not beeing regarded as Celtic soicety, though the Celts must have had their influences on Germany. Of course when visiting Germnay you may wish to see museums and galleries of Berlin or Munich, or perhaps the Beer festival in Munich. Or even the port city of Hamburg or the industrial heartland of Dortmund and such like. Additionally you may wish to see the landscape of the Rhine. So you can stay in hotels in Munich, or hotels in Hamburg, even a hotel in Berlin or a hotel in Dortmund, or even a hotel in Cologne. Or even Rostock, where the Hanseatic League was important. Some may even get a flight to Frankfurt, one of the major airports in Europe. So there many hotels in Germany.

The Slovaks have of course Devin and Bratislava to name but a couple, and the Czechs their's. Bratislava is a sight which has a lot of odernity, but a olden times centre of the city, which is flooded with restaurants for the many tourists here. Some travel on the boat from Vienna down the Danube to Slovakia, but some see much more. So many stay in hotels in Bratislava or the rest of Slovakia hotels in terms of hotels.

The Czech Republic has some great sites not that far from Prague, as well. Also it has the more recent structures a castle the biggest in the world, on some estimates Prague, Which looks like a palace in some ways, but has great sites within it, such as the cottage where Franz Kafka lived, where he even wrote items such as a country doctor. Here I have even had it said you can eat goose, or rabbit. The Czech republic has other great castles such as at Olomouc, and more. Plus back to Prague it has the great cuckoo clock a marvel of olden times mechanical engineering. Some people stay in hotels in Prague, and some may even stay in a cottage in prague. Czech hotels cater for tourists from around Europe and even the world.

Austria is a land, where many holiday, Of course Vienna is the lead site, a holiday in Vienna, it's eastern capital, and major population centre is a fine thing indeed. This old capital of the Austro Hungarian Empire offers so much. There is of course the fact it is the city of music, and many people go to the operas and such here. Plus also there are balls in Vienna people attend. There are the great palaces where figures such as Maria Theresa sat, such as the Hofburg Palace, and the Schonnburnn Palace. Also in Vienna there are many museums, such as in the Museum's quuarter. Also stated as the The Museumsquartier contains Baroque buildings as well as Modern architecture by the architects Laurids and Manfred Ortner (Ortner & Ortner Baukunst). The renovation of the former court stables began in April 1998. Three years later, the Museumsquartier opened in two stages (June and September 2001). The total cost of the construction was 150 Million Euro (two billion Austria Schilling).

There are many hotels in Vienna, and it is a great place to stay.

On top of that people stays in Chalets in Austria such as in the Alps. And also in hotels in places such as Carinthia. Almost in Slovenia where people also holiday in. Plus also holidays in Carinthia, spome may even have a holiday in Switzerland or a holiday in Liechtenstein. There are many Celtic sites in Austria.

A holiday in Baden bie Wien, is a idea too, a place with a spa near.

Then on top of this there is a holiday in Hungary. Well Budapest was a Celtic site, and there are others. Budapest today is famed for hot baths, and old Hungarian structures. Indeed Hungary has villas as well, as people sometimes buy a villa in Vienna, or Hungary.

Budapest korábban kelta oldal volt, mint egy hillfort vagy oppidum.

So that is that, there are many places, to holiday in Central Europe,  to holiday in these areas of Central European lands so there.