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Flag of Second Spanish Republic T Shirt
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Castro da Cárcoda and my article on the benefits of the idea of a Villa in Spain


Castro da Cárcoda

The Castro of Carcola or Castro of Cárcoda, occupies around 10 hectares, it is situated near the village of Carvalhais in the municipality of São Pedro do Sul Spain, on the slopes of the Arada mountain in Iberia, at 610 metres in altitude and it is composed of several dozen houses & rock paintings spread over fifteen rocks.

This Castro presents natural defences, the Contença and Varosa rivers, and as a built a defence, a wall and a moat that was flooded in case of danger.

The houses of this castro have a circular, oval or even rectangle plan, with some showing a atrium surrounded by a wall there. With walls made up of small stones based on clay plus its ceiling was formed by plant matter, collected from the area, with later Roman tiles being used. In some castros fireplaces sinks and silos were also used.

* Some people say Tre'r Ceiri in North Wales reminds them of catros they have been to. 

In the castro lithic objects, materials in bronze and iron, Roman coins, fragments of glass and various ceramics were located.

This castro had its origin in the late Bronze Age and will was occupied till the end of the 3rd century would you know.

Its was studied by Amorim Girão and Bairrão Oleiro of Coimbra and by Professor Correia Tavares de Viseu so a major site for these guys

It was classified by IPPAR as a Property of Public Interest on the 20th of October, 1955 and I wrote this site's page in the year 2021. 

* The above picture is a public domain picture I found on the internet super highway. 

Villas in Spain

Well many like to go on holiday to Spain, a Holiday in Spain, or a flighjt to Spain, or even a ferry to Spain, to stay in a hotel in Spain, but many even get a villa or villas in Spain.

Seeing all it's sunny beaches, and also it's great cities and it's great castros, so similar to hillforts in the North and West as in Portugal no wonder. Some may even want a village in Portugal or a Villa in Iberia.

Why not get a Villa in Spain, what a luxurious idea, the sun, the food, the culture, and interesting building designs. Plus a history that stretches back to the Roman era, through the Visigoths, to the Moors, to the Reconquest, to the 18th Century to the valiant fight of the Republicans in the Civil war to the era of Democracy in the late 20th Century. Spain has of course the tourist hot spots of Ibiza, and the Balaeric Islands, it also has Barcelona, advertising itself well using the cathedral, and the football team as extra advertising. Spain also has Madrid, with all the wealth invest in that city's museums airports, and more. Some glittering libraries with paintinsg and amazing wealth things. With paintings by Goya on the walls, and other people. Spain also has many great festivals, like throwing tomatoes, and the less good in many ways bull chases, it also has much wildlife, it has interesting goats and birds, it has wolves, and loads of stuff. Some areas of Spain also claim to be Celtic, and have interesting Celtic style music, and stuff, and there are induestrial areas of Spain, There are many kind of villa in Spain, some are old, some are new, some are rural, some sit on high plains, in mudd and dirt surrounds seeing a bull on the distance about to charge a rock with a bird on, maybe and some are large, some are historic some will even have a had a religous past, maybe lived in by that guy Christopher Columbus, or maybe Don Coyote, or stuff, like that and loads of history. Some will be new, with mass sattelite tv and loads of stuff. So that is it, and some are on islands, but the ones inside Spain, oare good too. Some will be in places that do not so much want to be part of Spain, like the Basques, and Catalans areas. Spain also has wolves and vultures, so great wildlife.

Or even a villa in Andalucia, or a hotel in Valencia, or a hotel in Bilbao, or a hotel in Santander, or even a hotel in Murcia, or a hotel in Toledo, or a hotel in Vigo. or a hotel in Iberia. or hotel in Lisbon. 

I myself on my trip to Spain stayed in a hotel in Madrid, and hotel in Zaragoza, and hotel in Barcelona. well a hotel in Catalonia. Maybe even a Hotein Spain, if you have had a few,