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Football Team Names


1, Name the only 2 clubs in Scotland's top 4 tiers, not the same as a region, place, area, geographical entity, local amenity, or a nickname for the, or a connected area, or a term that could describe a nation or even encompass a group of nations connected to the club's history. In 2020. 

2 The same question for the top 4 leagues in England, in 2020,

3 If there were any teams in English football, in 2020, achieving that answer, and if not what team is closest to this, and if so were they allways thus, and if so explain, 

4 Which or how many of these team names is a actual official name of the club in the country itself where they play, Glasgow Rangers, Glasgow Celtic, Viking Stavenger, Inter Milan, Glasgow Aberdeen,

5 What connects, Aberdeen, Wimbledon and Milton Kenys Dons, Hendon FC,  

6 What connects the Team who won the first Scottish Cup, the team who won the English league cup in 1967, and the team that finished bottom of the Welsh Cymru Alliance in 2007. 

7 Which 2 of these is not a name for a team in the top tier of the Bolivian league in 2020, Everton United, Bolivar, The Strongest, Real Potosi, Blooming, Always Ready, Jorge Wistermann, Aurora, Sam Mendes, 

8, Why is the 12th of October so important to the Paraguyan League in 2020, 

9, What is interesting about these famous old English football Clubs, Corinthians, Arsenal, Everton, and connects them to Ukraine, Brazil and Chile, in 2021, 

10 What do Perth, Oswestry, Llansantfraid, Paris, Southampton and Paisley have in common, and for that matter New Orleans,  and The presenter in the double act between Jimmy Greaves, and his Motherwell and Liverpool hero, co-star, Ian .. John

11 What is the longest team name in Scottish football's top 4 tiers, in 2021. 

12 What name did Aberdeen play under when they played in USA league in the 1960s,

13 What is the most common addition i.e United, to a team name in the Scottish league, top 4 league's, in 2020, 

14 What if you include the Lowland and Highland League,

15 What connects all these team names, Barry, Keith, Noah, Basel, Chelsea, Leicester, Charlton, Raith, Lyon, Elgin, and Everton, and Vasco da Gama, and General Diaz, Nancy, Willem II, Viktoria (Plzen)  and Berlin, there are lots of clubs with this name. over a few. 

16 What do these clubs have in common, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Hearts, Huddersfield, Kelty Hearts, Peterhead, Bournemouth, Maidenhead, and Plymouth. Weymouth,  Lossiemouth, Chesterfield, 

17 Ok fourth last question, what is strange about all these team names, and their connection the main sport their club is famed for. The Rugby Football Club, Rugby Stadium-  Kilmarnock, The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, Kilmarnock Cricket and Football club, 


What do these clubs and bands, listed here have in common, SV Hamburg, AC Milan, AC DC, Dynamo Moscow, Dynamo Tbilisi , Dynamo Kiev, Dynamo Bucharest, SV Horn, Dynamo Berlin, Dynamo Brest, 

19 What connects these clubs and former players,  Lokomotiv Moscow, Inverurie Locos, Marco Van Basten, Laurie McMenemy if just heard, not spelt, Cardiff City, 

20 What connects these clubs, Cowdenbeath, Shrewsbury, Swansea City, 

21 What connects these clubs, Wrexham, West Ham, Southampton, Cowdenbeath if just said not spelt, SV Hamburger,

22 These team names have a not that connected, but commonly used suffix that can go at their ends, that stops describing the team, and describes a item or thing, not the club itself, but a popular item, what unites them, 

Chelsea ***,  Everton **** Dundee ****, Arbroath ******, Kilmarnock ***, Wrexham ******, 

23 Spot the odd 2 teams out, 

Spartans, Corinthians Paulista, Corinthian FC (England),  Corinthian Casuals, Ajax Amsterdam, Blyth Spartans, Sparta Prague, Sparta Rotterdam, Spartak Moscow, Apollon Limassol, Aris Thessaloniki, Heracles Almeio, Ulisees FC, The nickname of Portsmouth FC - Pompey, 


24 Spot the odd one out, 

Sheffield Wednesday, 1860 Munich, Nueve de Julio,, AZ '67, Schalke 04, Abergavenny Thursdays, Saturday Night Live, 

25 Complete this, So East Fife and East Stirlingshire and East Kilbride, then Southampton, and Queen of the South, then West Brom and West Ham. So which Lancastrian winners of the Top Tier of England in their history complete the Compass,

26 What is the connection with the names of these teams who have competed in the Scottish Cup, or against national teams in Britain, or the FA Cup, or Uefa Cup, or Europa League or European Cup or European Cup Winners Cup,  

Arsenal, Third Lanark, CSKA Moscow, Torpedo Moscow, 23rd Renfrew RV, 3rd Edinburgh RV, 10th Dumbarton RV, British Army, 1st Surrey Rifles, 


27 What football team, in Scotland, if you take away 1 letter from the first half of their name, and get rid of the second half, as it is 2 words, well then you have the term for a structure in Ireland, that has many examples that are often termed hillforts, but sometimes by this other word, as many say they are different actually. Such as Navan Hillfort, 

28 Which of these clubs is not the real situation, as in a real team in what I am saying, Top Korean Leagues name, in 2021 Ulsan Hyundai FC, Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC, or in 1974 Ferranti Thistle, who were admitted to the Scottish football league, or Gap Connahs Quay, Airbus Broughton  and Total Network Solutions, who up to 2021, have been top Welsh league clubs in this millennium up to then, or Red Bull Salzburg and Red Bull Leipzig, who have been top tier Austrian or German teams, up to 2021 at least, and Coca Colo, a top Chilean team, who have never been relegated, sponsored as in the name by a top Chilean Cola company, and up to part of 2021 had won  32 top Chilean leagues, 

29 Is it true Real Madrid were called Madrid Football Club for a while after 1932 as of the beginning of the second Spanish Republic, 

30 Now, a opposite or maybe more partner related names questions, as in the opposite of Motherwell is Fatherfountain,  

Now guess these, Firstly 

Newlettuce unfit

31 Lessgrammee

32 Duckling land village

33 Land disunited

34 King's from those north

35 Never gramme

36 More leave to stand village

37 East Lettuce Disunity

38 Sheep


39 Old welcome mat disunited


40 Now, seeing this is a website on Hillforts, Which Scottish football team, from Lanarkshire, has within it's name, the sound of a hillfort, in Somerset, that is on many readings the largest in the British Isles as of 2021. The football team's shortened title is also the surname of a British F1 champion. OK it does not sound exactly like it, you need to add a H to the bit that sounds like it. 


41 Spot the missing word from these comedy version names of great clubs

Dynamo Chicken  _ _ _ _ 



Spartak Moo _ _ _ 




ACDC _ _ _ _ _



Now a famous mistaken phrase, about a Scottish club from Fife, . 

Dancing the streets of _ _ _ _ _ 

45 Now a comedy NBA basketball team name, Denver Chicken  _ _ _ _ _ _ _


45 Now another opposite team name question, who would Preston North End, play in their opposite name derby, excluding the town Preston, and only having one word as opposite, 


47 What is in common with these football team names, Newcastle United, Dundee, Dundee United, Cardiff City, Chester City, Cardiff City, Carlilse Utd, Dumbarton,  Carmarthen Town, 

48 Which one of these games actually occurred as a friendly on the 15th of February 1976, and maybe one other of these, ? if the year is stated, if so which one, ? if any, ? 

Manchester United 1 FC Rugby 0

West Ham United V East Ham United

Wimbledon AFC v Wombles

East Fife 5 Forfar 4

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyndrobwllantysiliogogogochynygofod V Ae

Juventus & Young Boys select V Old Carthusians,

Ajax 1 Achilies Heal 0

Athletico Madrid V Athletico Barcelona

Hibernians (Edinburgh) V Hiberians (Republic of Malta)

Randers 1 Rangers 2

Ayr United 2 The Isle of Skye 2 (A lot of atmosphere)

Inter Cardiff V Inter Milan

Hearts of Oak 2 Heart of Midlothian 3

Sporting Lisbon V Wisla Krakov

Rapid Vienna 4 Slow Vienna 0

In the year 2019,   Scottish Challenge Cup,,  Cove Rangers 2 Glasgow Rangers Colts 1

Rotherham United 1 Sparta Rotterdam 2

Arsenal 1 Arsenal de Sarandi 2

New York Cosmos 1 York City 0

Queens Park Rangers 1 Queens Park 1

Queens Park 1 Queens Park (Wrexham) 0

Queens Park Rangers 1 Rangers 2

Sheffield Wednesday 1 Abergavenney Thursdays 0

Connahs Quay Nomads 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers 2

In the year 2019, Aberdeen FC 1 Aberdeen Hong Kong 0

In the year 1998, Calais RUFC 1 Inverness Caley Thistle 1 

Atlanta United 1 Atalanta BC 2

Grasshoppers Zurich 2 Wasps Rugby Union Select 1

49 What was the score when Corinthians Paulista played Corinthians Casuals, in 2015,

50 What do these have in common,

Motherwell FC, Superman, and Soviet Dictator Josef Stalin

51 The English name for which German football team and city, would make a good men's perfume.

52 Which of these is a Scottish football league team from Dumfries, mentioned in the Bible. Queen of the South, Job Done, Book of Job, Genesis, or Raith Rovers, 

53 What teams did Orion FC, Aberdeen, and Victoria United, merge into in 1903. 

54 Which very old English football team, sounds like it is the best place for learning to shoe laces, and ropes, for boats, and such,  sounds like speed is measured in the way they measure ship's speeds, and almost sounds like it is not a county at all. 

55 Name the Scottish football clan of sorts, as in maybe different spellings of this surname, 

1 A goalkeeper in the 1980s to 2008 at Hamilton, Stranraer, and Falkirk,  2 A Birmingham born defender for Crystal Palace in 2020, 3 a Hartlepool defender in 2020, 4 A Berwick Rangers defender of 2020, 5 A Aberdeen Midfielder of 2020, 6  A Rangers midfielder of the 2000s, 7 A Rangers 1967 born midfielder of the 1980s,  8 A Scottish Cup winning St Mirren star who signed for Rangers, 9 A Man Utd and Wolves player who was a midfielder,  and later manager of Peterborough his management in the early 20th Century, 

10 A Rangers, Dundee United and Everton player of the 1990s, and 11 A Motherwell forward of the early 20th Century, 

Managed by Aberdeen Manager, who was a Man Utd coach . manager 

With on the bench, a Dundee, Hearts, Rangers, and Dundee United forward, of the 1980s, And a Ayr and Dundee, forward of the 2000s, And a 1969 born, 1990s Linfield and Glenavon player, I think a forward. Plus lastly a  1997 born, Motherwell, Linfield, Larne, Queen of the South and Airdrieonians goally. 

56 Which Scottish football team could be described by these 2 unrelated things, 

The song from a 1990s Cartoon series, 

They've got a power and a force that you've never seen before
They've got the ability to morph and to even up the score
No one will ever take them down
The power lies on their side

Go, go, Power ******

indicated by their record amount of league titles, up to 2021 at least, 

And the car called a Range rOver, the feeling they get when they have not won the league, 

Answers at bottom of page

The Answers
1. Rangers, and St Mirren,  Hibernian is named after Ireland, Raith is the name for a area around Kirkaldy, Clyde is the name of the river, Albion is a name for Britain, so Albion Rovers as well. Then again St Mirren, were kind of named after a church in Paisley, so maybe it is just one. 

2 Arsenal, 

3 Woolwich Arsenal, was a location they were named after, but that does not stand out in terms of looking at the modern generic Arsenal name. 

4 None are official names, Aberdeen of course play in Aberdeen, and all the other names, are added so that people in other countries can know where they come from, but nobody complains, which is good, 

5 Each have the nickname, the Dons, 

6, Queen Park won the Scottish Cup, Queens Park Rangers won the League Cup, and Gap Queens Park, from Wrexham, finished bottom of Wales's 2nd tier, league, the regionalised North Wales part that season. 

7 Everton United and Sam Mendes, 

8, It is the name of one of the teams, 

9 Each of these teams, have a major team named after them in the top tier of their leagues in recent 2020 history, 

10 Their major football teams have the name Saint in their title, or are nicknamed as such, Santos actually is a Brazilian version of that name, the Saints, and Sao Paulo,,  

11 Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC, 

12 Washington Whips, 

13, Athletic, with 4, 

14 United, Thistle and Rovers all seem to get 4, but Athletic jumps to 5,

15 They all seem to be people's names, if you hear them, A American sports team, the Tamps Bay Rays, would also gets in. 

16 They are all parts of the body in their name. Also they sound like it when said. Unlike Forfar fARMington, BreCHIN City, and Auchinleck Talbot., 

17. So they are famous as rugby, then football, then tennis names, not croquet, or the other way around for the first two. The last was due to be the name of Kilmarnock Athletic a football club who were rivals to Kilmarnock FC, in the late 19th Century, so notable to be mentioned in their histories even to now. So it had a cricket in their name. I thought I would find a cricket team who played in the Scottish cup but did not. Even Bon Accord are debatable in terms of whether the team who lost 36 nil to Arbroath were actually a cricket team. 

18 They are all kind of terms connected electricity, 

19, They are all methods of transport, 

20 They are the names of wildlife. 

21 They are all kinds of meat in their name. in a way, if you are just listening, not spelling.  Also Eintracht Frankfurt and Rapid and First Vienna, as of being names of hot dogs could be in it, and I mean Wienner and Frankfurter but not exactly,

22 Bun, Mint, Cake, Smokey, Pie, larger, All food and drink stuffs. The nickname of Dundee United is also the Tangerines, but I could not shoe horn that into the question.

23 Spartak Moscow are named after Spartacus a Roman hero, Also Pompey was a Roman general.  whereas the others are Greek ancient totems, 

24 The last is a TV show, the other's are football teams,  

25 Preston North End, Northwich Victoria, and North Ferriby United would also do, and a team I had only heard of recently Dundee North End. Plus of course Northampton Town FC, 

26 All the names have military associations. 

27 Raith Rovers as in Rath. You could even say Rath Rovers as an error or miss spelling.

28 Actually Colo-Colo is the so described club in Chile and they are named after a Mapuche chief of legendary status. 

29 Yes it is true.  

30 Old Ham Disunited

31 Morton

32 Swansea City

33 Ayr United

34 Queen of the South

35 Everton

36 Leicester City

37 West Ham United

38 Wolves

39 Newcastle United

40 Hamilton Academicals, as in Ham Hill. 

41 Kiev, or Kyiv, 

42 Cow

43 Milan

44 Raith, funny as they play in Kirkcaldy 

45 Denver Chicken Nuggets

46 Southend United

47 They are all fortification inspired names, from certain languages. 

48  West Ham United V East Ham United, it really happened, None of the ones with specially stated years did occur, But Cove did play Glasgow Rangers Colts another year, 

The East Fife score references a joke from the 2 Ronnies. the 1970s show,

49 The Brazilian giants beat the non league but steeped in history English side 3 to nil.

50 The nicknames are kind of the same, the steel men, and the man of steel.

51 Koln as Cologne FC,

52 Queen of the South, 

53 Aberdeen FC

54 Notts County, not to be confused with Knotts Landing. the TV series. 

55 Fergusson, including the many members of the family related to Derek, Barry and Lewis. Other good clans, would be, Ronaldo, Muller, Robertson, Jonson including with a t and e and h, Hughes, Jones, and Smith, Plus Brown.

56 Rangers