Scottish Hillforts collage, Mug
Scottish Hillforts collage, Mug
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FIFA 21 [PC]

Record Victories for some football teams, as of 2007

Plus 4 quizzes on football as of 2021

The Record Victories for some Select teams

I have the record wins for Scottish Premier League Teams of 2007-2008, plus Dunfermline, Scotland's biggest win for a league team in, Scotland's team, the Big 5 of England, the biggest International win ever, Brazil's biggest win, and the 7 biggest names in club football outside Britain,

Scotland Biggest win
Scotland 11 – 0 Ireland
( Glasgow, Scotland; 23 February 1901 )

Aberdeen Largest win: Aberdeen 13 - 0 Peterhead (Pittodrie, Scottish Cup 3rd Round; February 10, 1923)


Record victory: 11-0, against Dundee in 1895.

Scottish football league division one match

Dundee United

Biggest win: 14-0 v Nithsdale Wanderers, Scottish Cup 1st Round, January 17, 1931


Record Victory: 12-1 vs Laurieston FC, Scottish Cup 23 September 1893


Record victory: 20-0 vs Silloth (1962)


Record Victory 21-0 v Anchor EFA Cup 1880 "Edinburgh cup"


Biggest ever win: 22-1 vs. Black Watch Highlanders F.C.; 3 September 1881

Inverness Caledonian Thistle

9-1 V Annan Athletic Scottish Cup 1996 at home

But Inverness Caley once beat Deveronvale 12-0 at home in the 1980s


13-2 v Saltcoats 1896 Scottish Cup


12-1 V Dundee United Division 2 1954


14-2 v Blairgowrie 1934 Scottish Cup

St. Mirren

15-0 v Glasgow Univeristy Scottish Cup 1960


11-2 v Stenhousemuir 1930

Arbroath in as of record Scottish Win

36-0 V Bon Accord Scottish Cup 1885

The same day Dundee Harp beat also like Bon Accord a Aberdeen side Aberdeen Rovers 35-0. The Rovers lost 10-0 to Dundee Wanderers in the 1880s too. Some claim Dundee Harp are a forerunner of Dundee United. The Aberdeen sides were not the 3 names who created Aberdeen though.

Manchester United

Record Victory:
10- 0 v Anderlecht, European Cup Preliminary Round, 26 September 1956


Record victory 11-0 v Stromgodset

11-0 v Strømsgodset, ( A Norweigan team )European Cup-Winners Cup, 17/09/1974


Record League win – 12-0 (home v. Loughborough Town, Second Division, 12 March 1900)
Record FA Cup win – 12-0 (home v. Ashford United, 14 October 1893)


Record win – 13-0 v. Jeunesse Hautcharage ( From Luxemburg )Cup Winners' Cup, 1st Round 2nd Leg, 29 September 1971

Tottenham Hotspur

Record Victory: 13-2 v Crewe, FA Cup, 3 February 1960


1949-1950 FC Barcelona 10 - Gimnàstic de Tarragona 1


Biggest win
14 - 0 Nicaragua
(Mexico; October 17, 1975)


Biggest win
Poland 9 - 0 Norway new record see below
(Szczecin, Poland; 4 September 1963)

Australia in as of record international win at that time

Australia 31 - 0 American Samoa
(Coffs Harbour, Australia; April 11, 2001)

Palau ranked bottom in ELO world ranking lost 2-1 to American Samoa in 1998

American Samaoa beat Wallis and Futuna 3-0 once,

Real Madrid

Real Madrid 11 - Elche CF 2 1959-60)

Also a 11-1 win over Barcelona in a cup named after the Nazi dictator in the 1940s, but it is felt by many that the Barcelona players were pressurised to lose so this is a bad mark for Real Madrid if anything. Their record lose is Español 8 - Real Madrid 1 (1929-30)


Coppa Italia 1926/27

15-0 v 15-0, Cento

Inter Milan

Record Victory : 9-0 vs Casale, 1933-1934

AC Milan

Record Victory : 9-0 v Palermo, 1950-1951

Bayern Munich

Record Victory: 11-1 v Borussia Dortmund (27/11/1971)


Record win : 12-0 a Triunfo en 1903




11-1 V Platense (1971)

Scotland, Wales, England, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland and Poland records

Amazing fact both Scotland and England's record defeats were in 1954, England to Hungary 7 -1 Scotland to Uruguay 7 - 0, suprisingly then not against each other, considering the long era of playing, and differing abilities over those years, Hungary 7 England 0 and Uruguay 7 Scotland 0,

England's record win was 13 -0 England 13 Ireland 0 in 1882, also Ireland's first match,

Scotland's record Victory 1901 Scotland 11 Ireland 0 in 1901,

1888 Wales 11 Ireland 0, and defeat 1878 Scotland 9 Wales 0,

2009 Poland 10 San Marino 0, new record 1948 Denmark 8 Poland 0,

1930 Northern Ireland 7 Wales 0, 1882 Ireland 0 England 13,

1983 Republic of Ireland 8 Malta 0, 1982 Brazil 7 Republic of Ireland 0,

Record win, 8-1 v Annan Athletic, Scottish Cup 3rd round, 24 January 1998

TNS Biggest League of Wales win: 12–0 v. Airbus UK Broughton in November 2019

Record Queen's Park victory: 16–0 -v- St Peters (Scottish Cup, 26 August 1885)

Wrexham 10 Hartplepool United 1. 1962

Record Scottish wins in Fa Cup Partick 11 Cliftonville 0, and Queens Park 10 Crewe 0, and Queesn Park 15 Manchester 0, all in the 19th Century

This site was written in July 2007 and finished in October 2009

The Articles on hillforts

4 Football quizzes, on Football generally, then Scottish football, then Aberdeen FC, then Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC. 

Football generally
1 Who won the first European Cup
2 Who won more European Cup Winners Cups than anybody else
3 What year was the first FA Cup match
4 Who were the first team to win 2 English football titles in a row
5 Who were the first London team to win the top English league title, 
6 Which 3 teams have won the most Copa del Rey's, and in what order, as of 2021, 
7 Who have won the most Serie; A's as of February 2021, the top 3 and in What order, 
8 Who have won the most German Bundesliga's
9 Who have won the most Brazilian Serie A, or just name at least 1, 
10 What were Man Utd called, when Liverpool FC met them for the first time, in 1894

11 Which international team have these players played for, 

Toni Duggan, Steph Houghton and Karen Bardsley, 

12 Who won the first Fifa world cup 

13 How many World Cups up to 2021, have Wales reached

14 What is the furthest a Welsh Club have got in a major European club competition, like Fairs Cup, Uefa Cup, European Cup, and Europa League

15 What is the furthest the Wales football team have reached in a major international competition, 

16 Who was top scorer at the 1986 World Cup

17 How many times have Hungary reached the Fifa World cup Final as of 2021

18 Where was the 1990 World Cup held. 

19 How many World Cup have Brazil won as of 2021

Answers for football generally quiz
1 Real Madrid
2 Barcelona FC
3 1871
4 Preston North End
5 Arsenal
6 Barcelona, Athletic Bilbao, then Real Madrid, 
7 Juve, then Inter, and AC Milan, equal, 
8 Bayern Munich
9  Palmeiras, Santos, Corinthians, Flamengo,
10 Newton Heath

11 England Women's team.

12 Uruguay 

13 one

14 A semi final

15 Semi Final

16 Gary Lineker

17 Twice, 

18 Italy

19 Brazil

Scottish Football
1 Who are the only team to have beaten Barcelona, 4 times out of 4 in European competition. 
2 Who have won most Scottish Cups as of 2021, 
3 Who have won most top tier League titles as of 2021, 
4 If Rangers and Celtic's league positions were removed (not something I would like) who would have won the most League titles, as in the next highest team inherit their league titles on those occasions.  
5 Which 2 teams have won the most Scottish Second tier titles as of 2021, 
6 Which teams have won the most Challenge Cups, 
7 Name the only 2 teams, that have won the Scottish league, but never the second tier,
8 Name the only teams to have won the 1st tier title, but never been Runners Up in it , 
9 Where were St Bernard's FC based, which city or town, 
10 Which team have been Runners up in the top tier the most without winning the league,

11 Which 4 teams as of February 2021, have won  the most 2nd, 3rd, or 4th tier, official Scottish titles, plus tie breaker winner goes to a side whose A team, a old name for a second string, played in the 3rd tier in mid 20th Century when that was allowed.

12 Have Queen's Park ever won a Scottish top top tier title, or even finished in the top 3. 

13 Have Queen's Park, ever won a 2nd tier title. 

14 How many clubs have won all 4 tiers of the Scottish of 2021.

15. Which of these teams A teams, never won that Mid 20th Century Scottish league, 3rd tier with their "A" team.   Aberdeen, Rangers, Partick Thistle, Dundee, Hibs, Hearts, Clyde, Celtic,

16  What was the the first world cup the Scotland Women's team reached

17 What was the first European Championships the Scotland Women's team reached

18 How Many times have Scotland Men's team reached the far older, Men's world cup, of FIFA, up to March 2021

19 How Many times have they reached the European Championships, including 2020 which we qualified for this past year

20 Which Swedish footballer has played for Hibs and Udinese, and was born in 1995. His name is also the same as the largest hillfort in Sweden, if you add a letter E.

21 Who won the 1991 Scottish Cup 4 goals to 3. 

22 Who scored for Scotland in their 1 nil win in France against France, over the recent 2006 World Cup runners up 

23 What team plays at Somerset Road, as of 2021, at Somerset Park, actually is the name.  In the Scottish league.

24 What great Scottish team did  Brora Rangers beat 2 to 1 in the greatest shock win in the Scottish Cup since

, since Fraserburgh beat Dundee 1 0 in 1959.

25 Who did Hearts beat to win their first Scottish Cup in years in the 1990s,

Answers for Scottish football quiz
1 Dundee United
2 Celtic
3 Rangers
4 Hearts 
5 As of 2021 I think Falkirk and St Johnstone have won the most Second tier titles. With 7 each. Ayr Utd, Hibs and Raith are close behind with just six, which is a lot really. . 
6 Falkirk
7  Aberdeen and Celtic, 
8 Dundee United and Dumbarton, 
9 Edinburgh, 
10 Airdrieonians, 

11 Ayr United, Raith Rovers, Clyde and Stirling Albion have won 9. Clyde's A team, won 2 3rd tier titles. So they win that with 11 I may be wrong, but think I am right.

12 No

13 Yes

14 Just Dumbarton and Rangers. 

15 Surprisingly Celtic, but that was a rare time they were not with Rangers, dominating. 

16 2019

17 2017

18 eight times, 

19 three. 

20 Hallberg

21 Motherwell

22 James McFadden

23 Ayr United

24 Hearts

25 Rangers

Aberdeen football quiz
1 How many Scottish top tier, league titles have the Dons won, 
2 Who is Aberdeen's record goalscorer
3 Who were Runners up to the Dons in the 1955 56 League Cup, 
4 Who scored the goals in Aberdeen's 1983 taking of the Super Cup, 
5 Which Aberdeen signing scored 2 goals for the Netherlands, before he signed for the Dons, and signed for the Dons in his mid twenties, 
6 Which Danish team did Aberdeen beat 4 - 0 in the late 2000s, 
7 Who scored the last penalty on the 2014 League Cup Final shoot out, 
8 Who did Eoin Jess leave to in a million plus deal in the 1990s, 
9 Who did Steve Archibald leave Aberdeen to, 
10 Is Pittodire, originating as a English, Gaelic, Cumbric, Roman, Norse or Pictish term,

11 Did Alex Fergusson ever manage a team against Aberdeen in a competitive match. 

12 Who were Runnrs Up to Aberdeen all 4 times they have won the Scottish top tier title. 

13 Who did Aberdeen defeat in the Semi Final when they won the League Cup in 1996. 

14 Aberdeen won the European Cup Winners Cup in 1983, who scored the goal against Motherwell in the Scottish Cup their first won on their run to winning the 1982 Scottish Cup, that set them on the road to the 1983 European final. 

15 Which Aberdeen player with the same surname as their most trophy laden captain, left to Celtic, in the late 1980s, before coming back again. 

16 Which Aberdeen player who signed for Celtic in the mid 2010s, but came back in the 2020s, was in the Aberdeen squad for the League Cup Final victory o over Inverness Caledonian Thistle 

17 Which Aberdeen player appeared twice on Pop of the Pops in the same episode. 

18 Who scored the winning goals for Aberdeen in their 1986 Scottish Cup Final victory over Hearts

19 Which former Aberdeen captain was part of the Scotland team that  that drew nil nil with Brazil in 1974 at the World Cup.

20 Name the 2 Aberdeen players who won winner medals at the 1979 80 league tiitle win, who also went oin to score at in one case the 1982 and one the 1986 world cup 

21 Whoi is Aberdeen's most successful trophy winning captain at the terms of major Scottish winners medals won at the club.

22 Which East Anglian team did Aberdeen defeat when they were managed by the great Bobby Robson in the Uefa Cup 

23 Who did Aberdeen beat 8 goal to nil in a League match in the old Scottish Premier League, back in the 20th Century. 

24 Who scored the winning penalty at the 1990 Scottish Cup Final for Aberdeen. 

25 Which Liverpudlian scored both Aberdeen's goals at the 1989 Scottosh League Cup Final.  

Answers to Aberdeen FC quiz
1 Four, 
2 Joe Harper, 
3 St Mirren, 
4 McGhee and Simpson, 
5 Hans Gilhaus
6 FC Copenhagen, 
7 Adam Rooney, 
8 Coventry City, 
9 Spurs, 
10 Pictish,  

11 Yes, St Mirren, 

12 Celtic

13 Rangers

14 John Hewitt

15 Joe Miller.

16 Jonny Hayes 

17 Steve Archibald

18 John Hewitt and Billy Stark

19 Martin Buchan

20 Steve Archibald and Gordon Strachan

21 Willie Miller

22 Ipswich Town

23 Motherwell

24 Brian Irvine

25 Paul Mason 

Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC Quiz
1 What year did ICT found, 
2 What year did they defeat Celtic, to cause the great Liverpool 2 times League Champion John Barnes, to quit the club,  
3 How many Scottish Challenge Cup finals have Inverness qualified for as of 2021. 
4 As of 2021 how many times has they won the second tier
5 How many Highland League's did Caledonian win. 
6 How many did Inverness Thistle win
7 What year did Inverness Caledonian Thistle win the Scottish Cup
8 What decade did Thistle and Caledonian both start, and for that matters Clach, 
9 What is Inverness Caledonian Thistle's highest ever league position. 
10 Who did Inverness beat in the Semi Final, to reach the League Cup final which they lost to Aberdeen. 

Answers to ICT FC quiz
1 1994, 
2 2000
3 5
4 Twice
5 18
6 8
7 2015
8 1880s 
9  3rd. 
10 Hearts,