Uffington White horse, Iron Age Coffee Mug
Uffington White horse, Iron Age Coffee Mug
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Quizzes and puzzles on Hillforts

Lots of unusual puzzles and such below

30 Quiz questions on Hillforts

1: There is a Maiden Castle in Cheshire, Cumbria, County Durham, at least one in Aberdeenshire, and also one in Dorset and North Yorkshire. They are mostly hillforts, but one is a Roman fortlet, and some are variously described as a Iron Age settlement and a promontory fort. Which of these counties contains the Maiden Castle, which with a interior at 47 acres is among the ten largest in Britain?

2: Which hillfort is often compared to a traditional wedding cake, as of it's features?

3: Which hillfort is the largest wholly within Wales, and easily in the top 10, of the largest hillforts in Britain. 

4: Name the hillfort on Wimbledon Common in South West London?

5: Which site in Cornwall is often associated to King Arthur, and was certainly a Dark Ages caste or hillfort?

6: Which town on the Clyde, has a site known as "The Rock", including a castle, and a ancient hillfort, that has a claim to being the longest continually occupied fortification site in the world?

7: On which group of islands of the British Isles, would you find the brilliant half circle shape, hillfort of Dún Aonghasa?

8: What according to a wide range of experts is the popular link between the sites of Navan Fort, Emain Macha, and Isamnion?

9: Which hillfort is the highest in the British Isles?

10: Which major Dark Ages battle, fought by King Arthur, is said by many to have been fought by the hillfort of Liddington Castle, in Wiltshire?

11: Which hillfort in Southern England, has the same name as a song by Peter Gabriel?

12: Which hillfort provided inspiration for works of art by John Ireland and authors Thomas Hardy and John Cowper Powys?

13: Which hillfort is the largest in Scotland?

14: Which hillfort was a very early rallying ground for Owain Glyndwr's fifteenth Century Welsh uprising against the English crown's rule?

15: What is the name of Oswestry's much acclaimed hillfort?

16: Which hillfort in Argyll, is said to have been the ancient capital of Dal Riata, where the Scots from Ireland were based?

17: Which hillfort in Northern Scotland was shockingly destroyed by a housing project in the 19th Century?

18: Which of these is not as far as we are aware the location of at least one hillfort?, or included in that category a promontory fort,  The Scilly Isles, the Shetland Islands, Arthur's Seat, Birmingham,

19:Where would you find the very similar site, compared to hillforts, labelled Castros,

20: What do 14th Century Lithuania, 19th Century New Zealand, and 1st Century Britain have in common.

21- Was Capitol Hill, in Washington, chosen as the location of Congress, as of it being able to be defended like a hillfort, 

22. Which hillfort is also the name of a major British chocolate making company, 

23 What country of the British Isles, has Caer Caradoc in, Scotland, Wales, England, Cornwall, The Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, or the Republic of Ireland. There are a number of Caer Caradocs, so I am referring to the one which is not the one nearest to  Cerrigydruidion, in North Wales, which is called Caer Caradog and Pen Y Mont anyway, and is not the one nearest Chapel Lawn and Clun in the extreme South West of Shropshire ( 2021 ) (As in about 30 miles from the centre of Shrewsbury in 2021). The one I am referring to is 459 metres high, and 271 metres in prominence roughly. Plus is also noted for the nearby Caractacus' Cave.

23 Which country of those is Caerau hillfort in, 

24 What county is Danebury Iron Age Hillfort in, 

25 Which of these is a hillfort, Yeavering Bell, Yodelling Giraffe, Augusta's Wood Camp, Rowentree's Camp, Irontagel, New Oswestry, New Sarum, Inglethorpe Camp,

Moel Lancelot, Norwaybury, and Cornish Camp, 

26 Which hillfort is famed as having a footprint, where kings were supposedly ceremoniously enthroned, as Kings of the Scots, 

27 Which Gaer Fawr hillfort is famously the site where a Iron Age boar figurine was found,

the one in Brecknockshire, or Montgomeryshire, 

28 Which of the 10 largest hillforts in Britain has a name very similar to the old

name for Edinburgh Castle, the Medieval name, 

29 Which great Gaulish hero was defeated by Caesar at Alesia, 

30 Lastly a riddle, I am not good at these so this is the best I can do, 

King Arthur in legend was here at a time, 

But they say that about plenty of forts, so that hardly limits the line, 

But a chocolate would do well, here, it fits the name, 

To be specific of the site,

The same line could be said of nearby villages, 

Unlike other fortifications that could the name typed, 

The same could be said of 

The Answers: 1: Dorset, 2: British Camp, 3: Penycloddiau, you could even say the "world" if you were being a stickler, in terms of definition of a hillfort, being just those in the British Isles, though that is a kind of misnomer. 4: Caesar's Camp, 5 Tintagel Castle, 6: Dumbarton, 7 The Aran Islands, 8: It is very likely all these terms are referring to the same site, certainly the first 2, the English and Irish Gaelic terms, the last just a possible reference in old Classical texts. 9: Ingleborough, North West England, 10: Mons Badonicus, or the Battle of Badon, or the Siege of Badon. 11: Solsbury Hill, 12 Maiden Castle, 13 Tap o' Noth, 14 Caer Drewyn, by Corwen, North Wales, 15: Old Oswestry Hillfort, 16: Dunadd, 17 Burghead, 18 Trick question, none of them, 19: Spain and Portugal, Iberia, 20, They were both eras, where the structure very well described as hillforts, saw major challenges to their existence in those territories, indeed in cases a end to their use.21, no, it was as it was a pedestal looking for a monument, according to the designer, 22 Cadbury, 23 England, a rare fully Welsh name in England, quite close to Wales though, not as close as the one in Chapel Lawn, and this one is about 13 miles from Shrewsbury and it's centre in 2021, and could be termed to be just inside the south western quarter of Shropshire. Which is why my question was so mangled. 23 Wales, 24, Hampshire,25 Yeavering Bell, 26 Dunadd, 27 Montgomeryshire, 28 Maiden Castle, 29 Vercingetroix, 30 Cadbury Castle, South Somerset, 

Quiz on British Pre-History

Answers nearer the bottom of the page

1 Does Stonehenge have over 20 stones or less than 20 stones

2 What H is the name for the significant prehistoric monument that holds within it the Stone Circle of Avebury

3 What is the name of the old stone age before the Mesolithic and Neolthic

4 Is the largest prehistoric manmade mound in Western Europe, Silbury hill, over 40 feet high or under

5 Which hillfort in South West Wales, had a experimental archaeology system, that for instance as far back as the 1990s, had a Thatched Iron Age style, Roundhut, built in it,

6 Which hillfort in Southern Scotland was able to fit hundreds of people in, and was said to have been used for traders by people in the 20th Century, and has the initials T L

7 Which of these is not a pre-historic monument stone circle, Maiden Castle, Stonehenge, Uffington White Horse, Urquart Castle,

8 Are there over 1000 hillforts in Britain

9 Were they used in the Iron and Bronze Age

10 What event caused Hengistbury's Hillfort, to stop being the main trading centre for Britain towards Europe,

11 Which WWE wrestler's name, is also a label, for a hillfort site on the Clyde.

12 . Which hillfort is situated near Salisbury, 

Answers:: 1 It has over 20 stones, 2 Henge, 3 Paleolithic 4 Over, 5 Castell Henllys, 6 Traprain Law, 7 Urquart Castle, 8 Yes, 9 Yes, 10 The Roman crushing of Brittany's Veneti, which saw trade start moving via the South East instead of the area of Middle of the southern coast England. 11 The Rock, , 12 Old Sarum, 

Hillfort wordsearch.jpg

Can you get all the words in my wordearch. Sorry the letters are a bit blurry, but that will have to be part of the difficulty.  

Maiden Castle


Old Oswestry



British Camp

Caesar’s Camp


Dún Aonghasa

The Rock

Traprain Law


Tre’r Ceiri










Hillfort maze.jpg

Can you get to the centre of my hillfort maze

Now, a riddle on Hillforts.

I am a hillfort, what some say a great hill, I am 1, 2, even five,


It is written backwards here,

seltsac nediam evif revo era ereht

2 super short poems

Tintagel Castle is in Corn


Improving the hillfort's defences with it's Walls,

But in other cases like British Camp,


just moved their own bases to other lower encampments

Then, last poem

If you want to see a place called Camelot

Where it in legend had a guy called Lancelot,

Then why not see Cadbury Hillfort

A major, Iron Age, Dark Ages and tourism ace shot. 

So just before the last quiz.

Here is a game where you can see if you can spot how many times the Letters H I L L F O R T S are in a row, whether as part of a same word or not. I have not written the answer.  

So for the sake of it the characters are Jack, Jill, Mr Illforts, and the Reverend, priest or minister, . I better say, when characters say H, it means they are shocked. 

So Jack and Jill were in a sleepy little village in 1909, in a rural rustic idyllic little place in Ireland or Britain. 

They were at the foot of a hill that is a hill fort, and like not all   hill forts  atop it is a well. So Jack says

Jack: Lets go up the hill Jill and get a pail of water, for your mother to do the cooking. 

Jill: OK Jack, lets go up the path

On the way they meet the reverend/ Priest, Rector, Minister elder whatever. 

Reverend: Hello Jack and Jill, I am on my way to Mr Illforts, he is a bit ill, could you bring some water for him. 

Jill: H Illforts is ill, we should

Jack stuttering a bit on the climb up in his voice:  Yes we w H ill for such a good guy. sorry to hear he is ill, 

Seconds later, 

Jack: Its amazing this old hill used to be a hill fort site, 

Jill: Yes, but pretty dilapidated after all that quarrying,

Jack: Yes, a pretty ill fort site a ha ha h hill fort, h  ill fort so to say. 

Jill:  I don't know why you are laughing that was awful, 

Jack: Oh well

Jill: How do you spell Hill fort, is it H i l l f o r t or h i l l space f o r t, 

Jack: I don't think it matters, I say H I L L F O R T 

At the top of the hill, 

Jill: I wonder how far you can see from the top up her, 

Jack: From this Hill for tens of miles and miles, maybe,

Jill: I wonder if of this hill forty miles 

Jack: Maybe in some directions, but in some of this hill four  miles. But I think that big city near us, may be of this hill  forty seven miles away. and we can not see it, so maybe off this hill fort we should find out.   

Then on the way down, 

The Mum, Dad and brothers of Jill are there, 

Mother of Jill: Where are you going with that water,

Jill: It is for Mr Illforts, he is ill, the reverend asked, 

Mother of Jill, OK see you later,

Jack: Here is Mr Illforts house, 

Just then they see a large dog running up the lane, Jill was just about to say Hi, to the reverend, but changes course of her chatting, she was just about to see look, stops in mid course and almost about exclaim a shrieking exclamation of annoyed sounding words, but then shouts, something else, 

JIll: Hi ll  for ts 
Phew, it's rover, he just wants wants to say hello, 

She pats the dog

The dog, then heads off to the newsagent to pick up a paper for his owner,

Along behind is a cat that purrs and walks past, it's name is live life to the fullest or LLF, then again it may be the cat known as Top shot,, 

Jill: Hi LLF or Ts 

Jack knocks the door, 

The reverend lets them in, Hi Illforts, here is that water

The reverend thanks them, 

Reverend: can you take this letter to the post box, it is a return to sender, on your way back, it is a letter for one of my former staff, he left the church a few weeks ago, 

Jack: oh a RTS, 
Jill: How do you pronounce where it came from, 

It is the town with a very long name in Anglesey, Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

Jack, H I shall pronounce it, 
He starts reading it, then having a other look, stops and tries to change the subject, 
Jack, H I LL        for tsars in Russia, do they shave a good functioning postal service in Russia, anyway,  hmm I just remember I can post this in the letter box on the way home, yes, 

Reverend: I don't know what that has to do with anything, but I assume they do, I had letter last week, from a pen pal there. 

Jill: So I see the letter is going back to a Mrs Hillfo, we can get this rts right away then a good case of Hillfo rts 

Jack, Yes well we better be off then, hope you get better soon Mr Illforts, 

Reverend: Yes, his daughter is coming back, to look after him tomorrow, I read that in a other letter, Beccah illforts was her name, but now she is known as Beccah STROFLLIH (Thats hillforts back words), 

Mr Illforts: her husband is staying in the town where they live though and their home, they work at TROFLLIH Hall, they are servants there, they live at a cottage which due to changes in spellings, of similar root origins,  is known as Trof Llih cottage, Strof Llih Lane, apparently the family have lived there for years, so they and the hall have similar names.  

Jill: Hm fascinating, 

Reverend: Ok , well we better all leave, have some rest Mr illforts. Or my name's not Reverend Howard Ian Lawrence Louis Forts,

Mr Illforts: Yes, Rev H I L L Forts   

Mr illfors: Thanks, bye, 

So Jack and Jill then go up the hill and fetch another pail of water, from the Hillfort.


A last message from the narrator, and that was brought to you by H I L L F O R T S . U K or hillforts.co.uk 

OK almost very lastly, a last quiz,  

Questions then Answers below, 

1 Which of these teams does not have a hillfort, or castle that is likely atop a hillfort? on it's badge.   Edinburgh City FC, Hibernian, Dumbarton, Dorchester Town FC, Edinburgh Rugby, Stirling County Rugby Football Club, Akropolis IF(Actually they are in Sweden, , 

2 Which of these hillfort sites is not miss spelt, in terms of the normal English language use official type spelling, Dunbarton, Sant Michael's Mount in Cornwall, Penycloddiau, Ceasar's Camp, Maiden's Castle Dorchester, Dunnadd, Brittish Camp

3 Which 2 of these districts is not named directly partly after a hillfort, they are areas that exist now, unless stated, 

Telford and the Wrekin, West Dunbartonshire, East Dunbartonshire, Dumbartonshire (old name), Manchester, Dundee, West Ham, The Kingdom of Alt Clut (Dark Ages),  Kingdom of Pengwern ( Dark ages Welsh kingdom in legend", KIngdom of Dunbroch of Disney's Brave, based on Dunnottar and Eilean Donan, so hillforty. The Kingdom of Dunbar, a Dark Ages state. 

4 Which of these is miss spelt, Dumbarton Castle, West Dunbartonshire, East Dumbartonshire, according to early 21st Century official usage. 

5 What league do the football team known as the Broch play in, Scottish Highland League, Scottish Premiership, English Championship, La Liga, 

6 Which major city in New Zealand was named after a Scottish city's Gaelic name, and includes the actually ancient Gaelic term for fort, so in a sense was so after a hillfort. In a kind of way. 

7 What battle in World War One, has the Celtic term for a fort in it's name,

8 Which of these is not a Celtic term for hillfort or a fort, or kind of a hill, Dun, Caer, Gaer, Burgh, Moel, Foel, Ben, Pen, 

9 Which South American country was also a name for a island in legend, in Irish myths. 

10 Which just 3 of these places which have been capitals, including capitals, in countries that are in union, or autonomy with other countries, has never been based around a tenuously possible hill fort site, well OK, location or site that was maybe a hillfort, but was certainly a castle on a hillfort style site, 
Bratislava, Edinburgh, Dumbarton, Barcelona, Madrid, Athens, Washington DC, Canberra,

11, Which of these sports stadium names, kind of references in a even side way, a  site that was likely a hillfort. Dumbarton Football Stadium, Tynecastle,  Dunedin Stadium, a former name of the major rugby team there's stadium, 

12 What is the name of the hillfort that sits on the Herefordshire Beacon. 

13 Which of these hillforts, has a Paris metro station, London Underground station or New York Subway station named after it.  as of 2021, Maiden Castle, Alesia, Caesar's Camp (Wimbledon), Cadbury Castle, or Kelheim, 14 Spot the deliberate miss spelling, Maiden Castle Billfort, 15, Which of these terms is plural, oppida or oppidum, 

16 Which of these places or people, named after or from Edinburgh, Castle or Edinburgh Hillfort in a sense, is not actually named after Edinburgh or of a name from that origin, Edinburgh Airport, Scotland, (a lot have a place like a nation after to indicate which Edinburgh I mean, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Agreement (1992), Edinburgh (novel), a novel by author Alexander Chee, Edinburgh: Picturesque Notes, a 1878 travel book by Robert Louis Stevenson, Edinburgh basketball team, in 1977–1987, County of Edinburgh, the formal name of Midlothian until 1890, Duke of Edinburgh, Justin Edinburgh (1969–2019), English footballer, City of Edinburgh Council, Edinburgh, South Australia. RAAF Base Edinburgh. Edinburgh Island, Nunavut. New Edinburgh, Nova Scotia. New Edinburgh, Ontario. Dunedin, Otago NZ. Dunedin Town Hall, Dunedin Stock Exchange Building, and Dunedin Public art gallery, and the Dunedin Sound. Edinburgh, Mpumalanga, South Africa. Edinburgh, Indiana. Edinburgh, the original name of Titusville, Pennsylvania. Edinboro, Pennsylvania. Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Edinburg, New Jersey. Edinburgh, Ohio. Edinburg, Texas. Edinburg, Virginia. Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, main settlement of Tristan da Cunha in the South Atlantic. Edinburgh Hill, point in Livingston Island. South Shetland Islands, Edinburgh Peak highest summit of Gough Island. Edinburgh Woollen Mills a 20th Century company. Dunedin, Florida. Dunedin Stadium, New Zealand, (Old name). Dunedin Stadium, Florida. The Dunedin Blue Jays are a Minor League Baseball team of the Florida State League. Edinburgh Rugby. Dun Eidin River, British Columbia, HMS Dunedin, The Dúnedain people from J R R Tolkien, Edinburgh City FC. The Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Edinburgh Place, Hong Kong. Edinburgh Square, Caledonia, Ontario, Canada.     New Edinburgh, capital of Darien scheme, a former Scottish colony in modern-day Panama. New Edinburgh News, local newspaper of New Edinburgh, Ontario,   I think well maybe this example I am unsure New Edinburg, Arkansas, also spelled New Edinburgh, then for sure, Scots terms for the Scottish city, Embra, or Embro and Edinburrie. or Rabbie Burns Latin term Edina, and olde names like Edynburgh, and then Edynburghe, Din Eidyn, and back to other places, Edinboro, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, HMS Edinburgh,  Jamie Barnwell-Edinboro, English footballer, Edinburgh Capitals, Ice hockey team of the past, Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Edward Burra, Painter. 17 Which coast is Ingleborough Camp nearer, the Irish Sea, or the North Sea.

18, Which of these hillforts has a strong association with boars, and which with bulls, Burghead, Gaer Fawr, and Dunadd,

19 What do Dinas Dinlle Beach, and Edinburgh Airport, Tintagel village, and Old Sarum Airfield, and Tre'r Ceiri walk, have in common. 

20 Which of these is not a hillfort, Oldbury Castle, Old Sarum, Old Bewick ( Not called Old Berwick, even though it is also in Northumberland, like Berwick upon Tweed ), Old Oswestry, Old Winchester Hill, Bewick Hill Moor Camp, North Berwick Law, and Salisbury, 

21 Duns Scotus was a 13th Century Scottish thinker, regarded as one of the 3 most significant thinkers in terms of Christianity in Western Europe at that time. He got the name as of being born at Duns Castle, which is connected in history to it's nearby town of Duns and the forebear of that town in a sense, Duns Law, a Iron Age Hillfort. I am unsure which got that name first the castle, fort or town, but Dun is a clue. Which historic Scottish county is it located in.

22 What hillfort sites in Edinburgh and Anglesey, would by their name, be good preparations for King Arthur to have a sit down, ready to be brought a nice dinner, 

23 Castle Hillfort (Blunsdon) and Gaer Hillfort (Newport) have something in common, in their name, 

24 What do Dunmore Hillfort (In Tiree in the inner Hebrides) and Gaer Fawr Hillfort (Mid Wales) have in common

25 What do Bury Hill Hillfort, Castle hill hillfort in Huddersfield, and another name for Moel Arthur, Bryngaer, and Bryn Castell in Gwynedd  have in common, and kind of the 250 metres high, Castlelaw Hillfort near Edinburgh.  

26 What do British Camp., and Dumbarton have in common in their name, 

27 How many times is a fortification possibly mentioned in the term Bury Castle hillfort, It is debatable,

28 Second lastly Are there any hillforts, that are now below sea level, in 2021, even if they have now disappeared, 

29 The 5.7 hectare Pereborough Castle Hillfort near Compton, sits in which of these counties, 1 of which I made up, Berkshire, Glamorgan, Shetland Islands, or  Peterboroughshire, ​

30 The Ráth na Ríogh, is a kind of hillfort / ringfort, site on which sacred hill in the Republic of Ireland.

31 What hill in Somerset, with a hillfort enclosure at 80 or so hectares is said by many experts to be the largest hillfort in Britain and Ireland. Bindon Hill excluded. 

32 There is a Borough Hill Hillfort, and a Burrough hIll Hillfort, in Northamptonshire first and Leicesteshire the second of those, which is the fort that sits in with about 52

hectares enclosed.  

33 What is the largest hillfort in Sussex

34 What is Kent's largest hillfort

35 Carn Na Sean-chreag, is a galleried fort or hillfort, near Plockton, that has been affected by forest and it's clearance. By the name, of this 30 by 20 metre fort can you guess if it is in, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, England (Not including it's county of Cornwall), Scotland, the Channel Isles,  or Wales. 

36 What 1974 to 1990s, council area, in Britain would you find Carn Liath, it is near the village of Brora. As a clue it has a broch within it, which are plentiful in this part of the world. The 2021 county area is pretty much the same name, or is it? if it is not where you may be thinking. 

37 Dunkery Beacon or Dunkery Hill is the highest point in Somerset, and the highest point in Exmoor,  at  520 metres, and lower on it's north slope on Sweetworthy there is a hillfort or defended settlement, called Sweetworthy Camp, there may be 2 in this locality actually, true or false, 

38 The highest hill in Gloucestershire, Cleeve Hill at 330 metres, has a hillfort called Cleeve Cloud Hillfort, also known as Cleeve Hill Camp  on it, and in 2021 it has a golf course right by and on it, and a quarry has dissected part of the fort as well. Walkers also affect the fort as well with their footfall, and good exercise, which some wonder if we can alter to protect the fort for good reasons. True or false it is also the highest hill in the Cotswolds.

39  Where would you find South Barule hillfort, 

40 There is a little known site called Catlow Bottoms, at what is called a confluence of 2 watercourses. What part of England would you expect to find it, the North, the South the West or the East. 

41 Which of these i not the name of a Hillfort, Christmas Castle, Castell Nadolig, Easter Row, Easter Pinkerton, April fool's day Hillfort, 

42 Great Hertha Hill Hillfort in Northumberland, and Smithfield in the Borders area of Scotland, are some of the great number of hillforts, in that area of the world, Is it true, that Northumberland has over 1 hillfort with the word  Bewick, in it's title, and may even have another, 

43 At which county would you expect to find the hillforts, Chun Castle, Warbstow Bury, The Rumps, and The Dodman, Tintagel, and St Michael's Mount, 

44 Dumbarton Oaks Research Library  and Collection, in a sense has a name that comes from the hill fort at Dumbarton, so it sits in Washington DC. What prestigious US university has kind of owned this site since 1940, in 2021 anyhow. 

45 Plus, what global organisation through it's charter, was formed after the ​Washington Conversations on International Peace and Security Organization, in 1944, that took place at Dumbarton Oaks, estate, between The Republic of China, (Peoples republic of China was only brought in in the 1970s,) the USA, the USSR and UK. It was also known as the Dumbarton Oaks agreement. 

46 So I want to create a question for what are the longest names of Hillforts in the British Isles. I am unsure I have found it, as I am not going to read through all 4000 fort's names, and their various titles, as many have multiple names. This is the result of what I have found though. 
So do Scotland, England Wales and Ireland as a island, not split into it's Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland have hillforts with over 16 letters in their names even minus the term hillfort, enclosure, or promontory fort. I give a very long answer to this question. And do any in some versions of their name have over 22 letters without even the word hillfort or even fort.

47 Now a opposite, or partner's names quiz question, just like how Maiden Castle, could be called in opposite sense, Bachelor's Welcome mat, what fort am I referring to when I say, Brutus Decamped, 

48 Then also in that game, Escape Dry anarchy, 

49 Then lastly Antipodean walkover, 

50 OK one in Welsh, Cadair Gwrtheneu. 

51 The hillfort in Lithiuania named Napoleon's fort, what star sign was he. Clue, some say such folk, are passionate, take-charge ambitious, guys. Quite brave like lions you may say. 

52 Is Walbury Hill, and it's hillfort the highest hill in Southern England or South Eastern England? P.S it's name may come from the term, Welsh, and Wales, that the Saxons used for the Britons and many other Roman area peoples, so fort of the Britons, like Dumbarton. 

53 Bradley Hill, is a Australian rules footballer, but where is Bradley Hill Hillfort, Australia, Ireland, or England. 

54 Napoleon Hill, was a US author, but what is the importance to hillforts in this name, oh lets rephrase that, where would you find the hill, which has a hillfort upon it, called Napoleon's Hill, and sometimes Napoleon Hill, though it has a other name. 

55 Vespasian's Camp, is a rare hillfort which sits amongst which World Heritage site, so as listed as in 2021 anyhow for now. 

56 Spot the missing suffix and prefix for these hillfort names, Brad, Wood, Walls, Ditches, Hill Camp, Hill, Warbstow, and just , ,  Cadson, and last of all, Uley, 

57 Which football team, in Greater Manchester, that went bust in 2019 was also the name of a Hillfort, usually the word hill is added as well, though not always for the fort site. The football team has now had a reformed phoenix team that exists in 2021.

58 What is repetitive about the term, I have just invented for a made up hillfort.  Caertingaerduncastroburyburghbergborocampborough Fort. 

59 Put these in order of height, the 2 highest hillforts in Britain, and the Corcovado, where the Christ the Redeemer statue is, or Cristo Redentor,

60 The German city of Oldenburg, is like a German version of a hillfort in Kent among the largest, which hillfort.

61 Which of these is not a hillfort or Iron Age enclosure, name, 

Seven ways Plain in Buckinghamshire, Yellowberries Copse in Devon, 

62 Taymud is the back to front name of the hillfort of Dumtay. Whys i that a strngely kind of apt name for this Scottish hillfort. And by the way only one of these answers is true. 

(a) It is in what was called Tayside, the area around Dundee and north west of it, in terms of the large 1970s created counties of Scotland. The region of Tayside was named after the River Tay. 

(b) Some historians place it in the area of the tribe known as the Maetae, in Iron Age or Roman influence on Britain times. 

(c) It was going tae be the capital of Scotland in 1930

63 Which of these teams has a rugby stadium in 2021, where you can clearly see in massive view, a major hillfort owning hill on it. 

Melrose RFC, Sale Sharks, Glasgow Warriors, 


1 The answer is Dorchester Town, which has a castle on it, which has been knocked down, shows how people love castles, more than hillforts, to be their badges, though I like both, I mean it is the greatest hillfort in Britain, and they chose a castle that is not there anymore. Then again, a castle is more easy to make a badge so they are not bad, there. It makes sense. I say Stirling does, as it has the castle on, which was likely in use in the Dark Ages, when it was likely a hillfort. 2 Penycloddiau, 3 Manchester, and West Ham, 4, East Dumbartonshire, the town and counties have a divergence, on using the M and N, 5 Scottish Highland League, Fraserburgh, I think more as Broch in this case is more about it being a old term for Borough, which the town was. But it had a similar origin as a term to broch. 6 Dunedin, 7 Verdun, 8 Burgh, there are dozens of sites with Dun, at the start of their name in Britain and even Europe, like Dunkirk of course in Northern France, plus a large amount with Caer or Car, including the vast majority in Wales. Most outside Wales, have the start Car, but there is even a Caerlanrig in the Scottish Borders, another of those old Cumbric names that occur in small but delightful cases in that southern part of Scotland. 9 Brasil, or Brazil, 10 Madrid, Washington DC, Canberra, 11, All of them, Dumbarton of course, Hearts' Tynecastle, was a toll road, gate or something, leading to Edinburgh Castle, so a hillfort in a way. Dunedin Stadium, (Well it is named after Edinburgh's Gaelic name, a Dun, so the castle), So they all do. that is all I could find, of a specific site. 12, British Camp, 13 Alesia, 14 Billfort, it is spelt with a H at the start, 15, Oppida,  like as converse to the Oppidum of Manching. 16 The last one the painter, 17 The Irish Sea, 18 Gaer Fawr and Dunadd have the boar connection, Burghead, the bull, and 19 all are named after hillfort sites in a way. 20 Salisbury, 21 Berwickshire, 22 King Arthur's Seat, And Bwrdd Arthur, which in Welsh is table, 23 They are one word names, that just define a fort, or castle, gaer is fort in Welsh There is also a hill in Monmouthshire called Gaer, with a hillfort on it. You could say British camp, ( see my page on it, ) seeing it's name comes from a popular 19th century term for hillforts, is also just a 2 word term denoting a hillfort. 24 They are similar names, Gaer Fawr means Great fort, while the Gaelic term means big fort. Mai dun or Maiden Castle apparently means Great Hill, or even great fort, in the the old Celtic language of the south west, so I almost could have included it, but not close enough, or certain enough  just by a whisker, especially as the word castle is added as well before hillfort. 5 They almost mean the same, I mean a bury is a olde English term for camp, camp and a fort are similar, while castell is Welsh for castle, law is olde Saxon for hill, and bryn is Welsh for hill. So Bryn Castell and Castle hill, win the award of most similar in different languages. There are also Castle hill Iron age forts near Folkestone, Torrington, and in Hampshire and Alwinton, Northumberland. If anybody refers to them as The Castle Hill Hillfort, that is like Bryn Y Gaer Hillfort. in Flintshire. Plus these Castle Hill Hillforts, include names which are about the hillfort not a castle built atop, and same for Bryn Castell 26 They both kind of mean Forts of the Britons, In a sense as the Britons in Wales became the Welsh, Welshbury Hill, and Hillfort, in England's Gloucestershire, could be said to be as well, as Bury can mean camp or event fort I think, well maybe camp and fort are very different really, so maybe I am wrong there, so have not put it in the question, but it is similar. 27 Well 2 or, 3, if Bury means camp as in fort then 3 times. 28 Yes like Black Rocks fort, near Deganwy, North Wales. 29 Berkshire, 30 The Hill of Tara, Fun fact on it, a minor detail really, could be how indeed which in the 1920s, the British Israelites, a old British group not associated to modern Israel or the Palestinians by the way, carried out a archaeology dig there, which Yeats and Arthur Griffith campaigned against as they felt it was harming the site. I think excavations could have been OK, but they were looking for the Bible and Indiana Jones' Ark of the Covenant apparently which is not a normal archaeology aim. So a fair criticism, by Yeats and Griffith there, though I love Raiders of the Lost Ark, from Indiana Jones, but this sort of digging has to be done sensitively if at all. No doubt. Apparently they did a pretty damaging dig, so a awful thing there. 31 Ham Hill or Hamden Hill, if you only refer to British and Irish hillforts as hillforts then it is the biggest hillfort in the world.  Though many oppida are essentially hillforts, so bigger. So you could say, like how a boxing champ can be honoured as being Champion of Britain, and then also in the same announcement champion of the world which makes the first part seem redundant, and obvious in that case, then you can say, Ham Hill is the largest hillfort in Somerset, Ham Hill is the largest hillfort in South West England, Ham Hill is the largest hillfort in Southern England, Ham Hill is the largest hillfort in England, and Ham Hill is the largest hillfort in Britain, and Ham Hill is the largest hillfort in Britain and Ireland,  That would be it's equivalent announcement in  boxing match, not that hillforts enter boxing matches. 32 The first of them. 33 Cissbury Ring, 34 Oldbury Camp on Oldbury Hill, 

35 Scotland, and the west Highlands. 

36 The Highland region of Scotland. 

37 True

38 True

39 The Isle of Man, a Manx fact for you there, a pun on Manx cats, so good for a miss spell pun, Manx fcats,

40, The North, in Lancashire, 

41 Christmas Castle and Castell Nadolig are the same hillfort in Ceredigion, in Western Wales, the others are in East Lothian, then the other Stirling and that area. 

42 Yes, I mention the 2 in a earlier question, and there is uncertainty that there may be another, or 2, at Bewick Bridge, it's west and east locations are mentioned on https://hillforts.arch.ox.ac.uk/ which shows how plentiful they are here, 

43 Cornwall

44 Harvard University

45 The United Nations. There is also a Dumbarton Oaks Concerto, written in 1938 by Igor Stravinsky,

 Interestingly the other major worldwide agreement like this here for the post war era was the Breton Woods conference of 1944, held in New Hampshire which kind of regulated worldwide money affairs to the 1970s, and has had affects lasting to 2021 and beyond. It was held in the New Hampshire village location of Bretton Woods. Which was named after Bretton Hall and West Bretton in Yorkshire, which comes from the Olde English term recorded in the Domesday Book, that came from a word that stems from the words Brettas, and tun, which came from the Saxon describing of a British enclosure or village or farmstead. So both were after sites that were named as of being of the "Britons". Nice coincidence there. 

46 The longest I know of in England, is Titterstone Clee Hill Camp Hillfort. There are other long names in England and the rest of the British Isles, but at 23 letters minus the word hillfort it is the longest I have found of a major hillfort. You may say camp is a other term for a fort so should not be included, but I feel the word camp is ambiguous so like Cadbury Camp hillfort, Camp is just part of the name. 
Other long ones in England include  
Humble Common Camp, Hampshire, and Thundersbarrow Hill, West Sussex. 
While doing this look I found there is a Vespasian Hill, hillfort in England as well. 
Then for Wales, long names include, 
Mynydd y castell camp, in Glamorgan, Mynydd Twmpathyddaer near Bridgend, Glamorgan. Yes that area also has Y Bwlwarcau Eastern Enclosure, but I am not including the term Enclosure in this or Promonotary fort. Plus there is a Pen-y-Frwydd Llwyd Camp, in Ceredigion. Plus a Bishopston Valley Camp near Swansea, Plus a Harding's Down West Camp and east near Swansea, plus a Moel Offrwm Lower Camp in Gwynedd, which is maybe just as much a extension of a name as enclosure. Plus a Piercefield Little Camp, in Monmouthshire as there is a on termed Great as well. 
Plus a Saint Julian's Wood Camp, in Newport. Plus a Great Treffgarne Rocks Camp in Pembrokshire, so maybe as long a name as the Titterstone. Maybe 1 letter more. So this could be the longest name for a hillfort I know of for the British Isles. Not that I will check all 4000. 
While doing this research I found Sugar Loaf hillfort in Carmarthenshire, and a Yr Hen Castell, and a Castell Cadwalladr in Ceredigion, and a Castell Flemish fort, and a Castell Nantperchellan. Plus a Deborah's Hole hillfort near Swansea. Plus a Polish Home, in Gwynedd, Plus the Bulwarks, in Monmouthshire. 
Ceredigion has one of a number of forts called Gaer in Wales. Which could be among the shortest names for a hillfort, without the word camp. Then again you have to add the word Y, or The, for most such forts, but it is almost self explanatory that it is a hillfort. I mean there is a 3 letter hillfort with the word camp after in England, but you still must add the term hillfort in my view to define it. So 
Plus a couple of sites labelled, raths in Pembrokshire. Broadmoor Rath for example. 
Then in Ireland there are some long names like Baile Iarthach Thuaidh, in Cork, and the longest continuous word I know of a name of a hillfort, Donneendermotmore promontory fort. And  Ballyoughteragh South  promontory fort. 
Then for Scotland there are not that many I have seen, I mean Dùn Meadhonach on Colonsay is quite a long one, then again Bennan of Garvilland, in Dumfries and Galloway is a long name, as is Mull of Galloway Enclosure, but I do not count Enclosure as a term really. 
Anyway so I declare the winner the Tittertsone and Great Treffgarne Rocks. Then again maybe there is a longer name, and I would not be shocked if there is in the Scottish Highlands somewhere a long Gaelic name.

47 Caesar's Camp

48 Traprain Law

49 British Camp

50 Bwrdd Artur, 

51 So I don't really believe in astrology, but he was a Leo. It is a bit of fun though so I am not going to be one of those experts condemning it. It is not my place to, as it is fun. 

52 South Eastern England

53 England, it is in Cheshire, near Frodsham. It is among the smaller hillforts in the county of Cheshire. 

54 Lithuania, Oliver Napoleon Hill was a self help author, and the Lithuanian hill is also Jiesia (Pajesys) Hill fort mound, near Kaunus. 

55 Stonehenge, and it's environ, not the monument itself, just the area. 

56 Bury, 

57 Bury FC, expelled from League one in 2019 (3rd tier of English league system), their Phoenix team are Bury AFC. Bury Hill Hillfort is in Hampshire, and is 5 hectares. 

58 It is a tautological place name, like that famous one in Cumbria Torpenhow Hill, which is a record 4 words which kind of mean the same things, there are lots of Viking, Saxon, English and Celtic term places like that. My made up one has 11 names that are the same in a sense. 

59 The Christ the Redeemer statue hill is 2nd on that list.

60 Oldbury Camp Hillfort. or Oldbury Hillfort.

61 Trick question, they both are. 

62 B, Actually. So that is why. Hope that is OK for you there. Its actually in the Ochil Hills, in Stirling, some wonder if the name comes from that tribe's name, though that is just a theory., It may have been in the Central Region of Scotland, not Tayside in the 1970s regions, but I am unsure. 

63 Melrose RFC, also Colwyn Bay's RGC 1404 has a Eirias Park, from parts of which you can see Bryn Eithin which has a hillfort upon it there for you, 

But that is my answer for now. 

So that ends the question type

of that

variety quizzes  on hillforts. 

There are more puzzles and such quizzes below 

Anagrams on Hillforts guess the Answers

10 anagrams of hillforts. Answers below. 

Level of difficulty very very hard, I used a generator , I did not think of any ,  So I have added clues for them . Except for the last 2 which are easier. 

1 Iceland Meats Clue it's in Dorset

2 Anaemic Ham Clue, it's in Ireland, 

3 Stabled Curacy Clue, it's in Somerset

4 Add Dun clue it's in western Scotland, 

5 Canoe Dip Duly clue it's in North Wales

6 Calf nesting tofu 

clue it's in Oxfordshire (formerly in Berkshire) 

7 Actors de Ana rob clue, it's in Spain

8 Bugle monographic clue it's in Northern England, 

9 Auden Sung clue it's in Ireland

10 Acmes Caspar clue it's in South East England

11 Celt atop centimeters clue  in Shropshire indeed another attempt could be  Ten atop celtic metres, the only ones that kind of it what it is in a way, or even  Celts atop centimeter, 

12 A Celts Maiden

13 As Maiden Celt


1 Maiden Castle, 

2 Emain Macha

3 Cadbury Castle.

4 Dunadd

5 Penycloddiau 

6 Uffington Castle

7 Castro de Barona

8 Ingleborough Camp

9 Dun Aengus

10 Caesar's Camp

11 Titterstone Clee Camp, which could with one extra s, maybe wrongly added to the end of the first word, be or sent atop  Celtic metres

12 Maiden Castle

13 Maiden Castle

Now a easier back to front quiz

11 Godaorac Reac

10 ogiV ed ortsaC

9 lliH nodraggE

8 gniR nocaeR

7 troflliH uareaC

6 rwaF reaC

5 troflliH nodpmuD

4 pmaC yrubelroW

3 rwaF reaG

2 lletsaC Y ddynyM

1 eltsaC yrubdaC

1 Cadbury Castle 2 Mynydd Y Castell 3 Gaer Fawr 4  Worlebury Camp 5 Dumpdon Hillfort 6 Caer Fawr 7 Caerau Hillfort 8 Beacon Ring 9 Eggardon Hill 10 Castro de Vigo 11 Caer Caradoc

The closest thing to a palindrome in hillforts I can find is Mam Tor, I think maybe someone could have called it Mam, as a shortened name, When climbing it half exhausted as a nickname, after all the Mam bit is a old Celtic word it seems. there. .


Here is my magazine style, hillfort personality quiz, 
Just a bit of fun, like the way nobody totally believes these magazine article quizzes, where they say what sort of person you are after you answer some questions. So I am doing the same here, 5 questions, and I say you may like this particular hillfort or hillfort site, that comes out as a answer, though you may not, it is just a bit of fun. , 
I have chosen 2 hillforts and 1 hillfort site, and said which I think you may or may not like to visit, not that you should I am just doing this as fun, in the end you may not like them, it may be you dont want to or prefer the others, or the many not listed here,  Dont do it just as my quiz says so, I am just doing a fun quiz, OK, thats my disclaimer, 

1 So do you 
Like, (A) High quieter spaces, this one is most of the time, specially the east side, when there are no excavations of big groups there 1 pt (B) Much  Busy places, 3pts (C) Hillforts that overlook seascapes, from a cliff top, 2pts 

2 Do you, (A) Like to spend your money when at a hillfort site, on entry fee, as maybe you feel you get what you pay for 3 pts,  (B) Like a hillfort entrance be to have been free in 2020, whatever year you actually visit, and on the island of Britain  1 pt (C) Ditto, but also, not in Britain the island, but a island chain off it or Ireland, 2 pts

3 Do you like to (a) Visit a hillfort on a island group, relatively far from it's nations capital, when this site was written in 2021, 2 pts, (B) Visit a hillfort site, right at the centre of it's nations, modern capital, counting the 4 countries of the UK 2021, as nations of course which they are as is the UK in 2021. 3 pts, (C) Be in the north of the country you visit, 1 pt, 

4 (A) Do you wish to follow in the footsteps of Mary Queen of Scots and visit this site, 3 pts (B) Do you wish to walk on a path that links Chepstow to Prestatyn that crosses this site, 1 pt  (C) Do you wish to follow the recommendations of Yeats to some great writers, and visit this Irish site), 2 pts 

5 Lastly, (A) Do you want to be able to see The Forth Road Bridge, 3 pts b Do you want to have the chance of seeing part of North Wales, from here, and farway North West England, 1 pt or C do you want to see from here a land which in 2021, is still within the Gaeltacht, 2 pts

The answers I give, 

Closest to 5 pts
Pennycloddiau maybe, or maybe not, iI mean ts your choice, 

Closer to 10 pts
Dun Aengus maybe, or maybe not, I mean its your choice, 

Closest to 15 pts, 
Edinburgh Castle, maybe, or maybe not, I mean it's not really up to me, if I am honest, 

Now a 10 + question quiz of higher or lower
The answers are right below the question, now for those who accidently see the answer, before answering, I will make it harder to see, 

1 Is Maiden Castle, Dorset bigger than British Camp,
The Hillfort whose fifth letter is E is bigger
2 Is Maiden Castle, Dorset bigger than Ham Hill, Somerset
The one that has a pork connected name is bigger, 
3 Is Ham Hill nearer Cadbury Castle, or is 
Caesar's Camp, Wimbledon, 
The Roman emperor named one is not not not nearer, 
4 Is Caesar's Camp Wimbledon, bigger than Ruapekapeka Pa, in New Zealand, 
The Maori fort is quite simply I must say,  the more great in size, 
5 Is Ruapekapeka Pa, a later built site than Burnswark Hillfort in Dumfriesshire, 
The fort with a 3rd letter, R, is not later, 
6 Is Burnswark Hillfort's Roman camp, larger or smaller than the Titterstone's  Hillfort, 
The one with over 9 letters is larger, 
7 Is the Titterstones Hillfort, larger or smaller than Yeavering Bell, in Northumberland. 
The one with a bell in the name, is actually I must say smaller, 
8 Is Yeavering Bell, Northumberland, further north in latitude and longitude than Dunluce Castle, Ulster, 
The one in a county with the letter N at the start is further north, 
9 Is Yeavering Bell further west     than Tap O' Noth, Scotland, in latitude and longitude. 
The one with a tap is, further west, 
10 When Tap O' Noth, had hundreds of people, maybe thousands living in it as a Celtic hillfort, centuries ago, was this at a later time then when Maiden Castle was, 

11 Is Tap 'O' Noth higher than Tre'r Ceiri, 


12 Is Tre'r Ceiri higher than Craig Rhiwarth



Now de scramble the words, The first half is a hillfort name, of 2 or 3 names, the second half is a name that has been mixed with the others. So descramble, I have put the second half in blue. P.S There is a Maiden Camp, but I am not counting it in this puzzles as a answer. 

Tre'r Emrys

Uffington Law

Castro de Camp

Caesar's Castle, Dorset,  

Dun Lee Camp

Titterstone Ceiri

British Barona

Caer Arthur

Moel Caradoc (Church Stretton) 

Maiden Camp

Tap o' Hill

Yeavering Castle

Ham Noth

Dinas Bell

Traprain Tree Hill

Oppidum Aengus

One Hill

Napoleon's Wrekin

The Von Manching

The answers are, Tre'r Ceiri, Uffington Castle, Castro de Barona, Caesar's Camp, Dun Aengus, Titterstone Lee Camp, British Camp, Caer Caradoc, (Chruch Streeton) Moel Arthur, Maiden Castle, Dorset, Tap o'Noth, Yeavering Bell, Ham Hill, Dinas Emrys, Traprain Law, Oppidum Von Mancing known in English as the Oppidum of Manching, One Tree Hill, Napoleon's Hill, The Wrekin, 


Alliteration tongue twister

Hambledon Hill Hillfort's homeland's holds, handily hit Hod Hill Hillfort's hinterland. 

It makes sense as they are 2 miles from each other in Dorset. 

Maybe Hod Hill Hillfort Hilltop is better.


Acroustic poem, on Hillforts,

High on the hills,
In every region of Britain and Ireland
Long lasting forts, left alone,
Linger and remain solidly still,
For centuries sitting as solid as rocks
Overlooking terrains, where once,
Ramparts topped by defenders, for
Tribes, and their people
Saw peace, war and lifetimes, 

My poem, Hillforts war war war,
Hillforts now are still in a war,
Wars against invaers of sorts yeah,
Some are at the front of a invasions of houses at their borders,
With planning permissions raised, to destroy their ramparts and more there,
Some are at the forefront of a war with diggers aned such,
Destroy the very ground for minerals, with destruction of the hillforts  amere by product of that,
Some are being breached by the unstoppable force of erosion,
Of the sea, and landslies and more in that process,
Some may seem to be ruined by other forces,
Of nature,
But these trees, and vegetation that surround and cover and encroahc on these forts,
Are comparitvely friends and allies just causing minimal damage of the such forts,
Some forts are now lands; sof woods, and trees,
Some are there for grazing by sheep and cows, and walks by tourists for sightsees,
But all past these forces of intruders and worse,
They stand in their hundreds for us to observe,
But even then their wars can continue afresh
Of guys like me pricked by gorse bushes and tree branches, in research pursuits,
Of steadily sensibly looking for safe routes up them past rivers and slopes,
So my adevntures, of many others,
Of plans of conquering them for research,
A mild version of the warriors of so many centuries past,
For years hillforts have seen so much change  in their land use,
Of castles on them, and more, its just all part of the story,
I want them to be kept safe for centuries in the future,
Its all part if the fun of this side of human nature,


Iron Maiden Castle ,  could be a good name for a iron age themed copy band, maybe a Iron Age superhero could be called Iron Age Man, like Iron Man is, or Iron Age Maiden Castle, or Iron Age People, mena dnd women Maiden Castle, Carry on Camping as in Carry on British Camping, 3rd Rock from the Sun, 30 Rock, Penn and Teller,  Penny Lane, Like a Wrecking Ball, are the only popular  culture media, I can think of with a name with a bit of a name of a famous hillfort. There is likely more but I should not try too hard.  Also Crocodile Dundee Law, Plus Adrian Mole, as in Moel.  This page is like my Hillforts.co.uk Annual, of fun stuff games, if you like, of any year 2020, 2021, 2022, whatever any year,

Here is my football team on that basis

Managed by Warton Crag "Craig Brown" (Rangers, Clyde, Dundee, Aberdeen, Preston, Motherwell and Scotland, Coltness United and Falkirk, Kilmarnock Amatuers, and Scotland's world youth cup manager, Scotland U 21, Scotland Junior Squad, ) 


Gordon Banks (Stoke City and England 1966 Goalkeeper) (As in earth banks) 
Substitute goalkeepers Peter "hillfort" Shilton (England Nottingham Forrest, and Derby, Leicester, and Stoke, and Plymouth Argyll, Bolton, and Leyton Orient, 1990 World Cup goalkeeper) And Chris Llanmellin Woods, (England, Norwich City,  and Rangers 1980s goaly), and a place also onm the bench for Brittish Campbell Money, the St Mirren keeper

4 defenders 

Richard Dunne, Ireland player 
Frank De Boer (Dutch International, Atalanta United,  and Rangers) In honour of the boar image on Dunadd
Wes Brown Caterthun  (Man Utd and England) 
Doug Rougvie (Aberdeen, Chelsea, and Scotland) As in archaeology digging, 

Substitute Defenders

Justin Edinburgh Castle (Spurs and Leyton Orient)

Mikey Devin Castle Devlin (Aberdeen, Scotland, and Hamilton) 
Des Walker (as in hill walkers) England 

Moel Arthur Albiston (Man United and Dundee and Scotland)

Solsbury Hill British Campbell (Arsenal and England)  

Melker Halleberg ( Hibs and Kalmar and Udinese ) 

Willbury Miller Hillfort (Aberdeen, Scotland and Radio Scotland,) 

John Inleborugh is (St Johnstone and Aberdeen)

Gaery Fawr Neville, (Man Utd and England) 

Traprain Lauren Blanc  (France)

Bwrdd Arthur Numan, (Rangers and the Nerthlands) 

Gary Locke (Hearts)

3 midfielders 

Mont St Michelle Platini (French 1980s Star,) 
Scott Brown Caterthun (Hibs, Aberdeen, Celtic and Scotland  Midfielder)
Bertie Auld Oswestry (Celtic - Lisbon Lion) 

Substitute Midfielders 
Mauricio Castro (Honduras Midfielder) 
Jimmy Hillfort Hill 1950s England Midfielder, 
Joey Dunbartonshire Barton after the hillfort (QPR) 
Steve Slingstone Stone, Newcastle and Forest as in slingstones being used at hillforts , he has no actual association with them that I know of
Ian "Dun Aengus" Angus (Aberdeen Midfielder 1980s)
Nicky "Berwick" Law,  Rangers 
St Michael's Mickey Thomas Mount, Wales, Man Utd, and Wrexham, 

Glenn Hod Hill Hoddle, (Spurs and England)

Dougie Yeavering Bell  (Aberdeen)

Willo Flood (as of Tap o'Noth (Aberdeen and Dundee United, Celtic and Cardiff City)

Cesar's Sampaio, as in the site at Wimbledon Common is linked with his name I shall say Cesar's hillfort for him he was a Brazilian international,

Eoin's of time hillforts have been left a lost but there to be rediscovered piece of history Jess (Aberdeen)  

John Burnswark Hillfort, Ipswich, 

Mason St Michael's  Mount (Chelsea and England) 

M Aiden Castle McGeady, Celtic and Ireland, and Sunderland, Everton and Spartak Moscow, Scotland Schools,  

Matthew La Tene Tissier, (Southampton and England) 

Attack 3 strikers 
Dennis Burghead Ingleborough Camp,  Bergkamp
(Arsenal and Netherlands Striker)
Dennis Traprain Law (Man Utd, Torino, and Scotland striker) 
John Aliosi Alesia (Australia and Coventry City striker)

Substitute strikers
Steve Bull, (Wolves and England) in honour of the bull images at Burghead
Hans Wheelhouse Gillhaus Aberdeen, Scottish League Select, PSV and the Netherlands, 
Jimmy Dunne - Ireland 

Chris Llanmellin Wood Camp, New Zealand, 

Mick Hillfort Hill (Wales & Ipswich Town       )

Torwoodlee Sharpe (Man Utd Leeds United)

Duncan Dunottar Fergusson (Dundee united Everton Rangers and Scotland)  

Offas Lyndondykes Livingston and Scotland and QPR

St Michael's Mount Owen, (Liverpool, Newcastle, Man U, and England)  and Real Madrid) 

Bulstrode Camp, sits at the Village of Gerrard's Cross., so Stephen Gerrard's cross, (Liverpool, England, and Rangers,) Maybe I am stretching it a bit there,  

Moel Fenlli Noel Whelan (Sunderland,  Coventry Middlesbrough, Aberdeen,  ) 

Ian St Michael' s Mount John (Motherwell and Scotland and Liverpool)

Frank Emain Macha Venni, (Scotland, West Ham, and Celtic),

Mario Donnarsbergtelli, (Juventus and Liverpool, AC Monza,  Internationale Milan, AC Milan, Man City, Nice, Marseille, Brescia, Lumazzane, and Italy.,

Gaerry Fawr Linekar, (Leicester City, Everton, Barcelona, Tottenham Hostpur, Grampus

Aberdeen, Ayr Utd, Dundee Utd, Scotland, )

Eight, England, BBC TV, BT Sport, 

Christophe Dugaery Fawr, (Bordeaux, AC Milan, Barcelona, France)

Traprain Lawrence Shankland (Queens Park,

Norman's Law Whiteside, (Man Utd) 

Lee The Trundles, (Swansea City) 

John Hewittenham Clumps, (Aberdeen) 

Alan the Island of Brasil (Ipswich, Coventry, Man Utd, Scotland, Spurs, Talksport) 

Eric Black Rocks fort (Aberdeen)  

Diego Maradonnersburg Oppidum, Argentina, Naples, Barcelona, Boca Juniors, (Almost Dundee)  

They play at the Nou "Caesar's" Camp 
Or Hambledon Hill as in Wimbledon Crazy gang stuff, although actually thats more like Hampden, so better there. Maybe Jock Stensburg Oppidum could be the manager as well, or even Dick British Campbell,  
plus Jim Moel Y Gaer Bod Farry, organising it as a football organiser.

You could probably create 2 teams with these number of players,  

Other sports representatives

Chuck Norris, Martial Arts, as of his Iron Age "Roundhouse" moves

Moel Arthur Ashe Tennis

Wrestler - Mr T, as in all the rings on his fingers, like Badbury Rings, l

Tap dancer, Fred Astaire, Tap o'noth,

Damon Hill,Hillfort Motor Racing driver

Fernando  Alonso Alesi  F1 driver champion

Tim Henman Tennis, as in Henman Hill Hillfort, or maybe, Castell Henman Llys,

Andy Murray Tennis, as in Murray Mount, St Michael's Mount, , 

St Michael Schumacher's Mount Motor Racing

Jimmy White Snooker, the White Catherhun hillfort, as in the name, 

Stephen Castell Hendryllys Hillfort, snooker 

Tre'r Ceri Walsh Jennings Beach Volleyball  (United States of America) and Tre'r Ceri Kerry Pottharst (Australia) l 

Penny Clodiau Hanmei Golfer

Penny Clodiau Coomes Ice dancer

Penny Clodiau Pultz Golfer 

Doug Mountjoy, St Michael's Mount

Tiger Llanmelin Woods, Golf,

Larry Hllman Hillfort (Ice Hockey, Stanley Cup winner

Moel Bwrdd Arthur's Seat Beeston Castle (Rugby League) 

Vince Dunn (Ice Hockey) 

Martina Navanaratorola as in tennis player miss spelling of Navan hillfort  



Now a rugby team 

I do not really know rugby positions well, so here are 15 players, for a rugby team. 

Stuart Hogg (Scotland) as in honour of his name's other meaning being similar to the model found at Gaer Fawr, 

Aengus Angus Cameron (Scotland 1940s)

Duncan Dunadd Weir (Scotland) 

Duncan Dunottar Hodge (Scotland 1990s

Alex Dunbar (Scotland) and a actual hillfort site 

Tony Brown Caterthun (New Zealand) 

Albert van den Berg Burghead (South Africa) 

Leigh Halfpennyclodiau (Wales)

Craig Crag Warton Quinnell (Wales) 

St "Michael Owen"'s Mount (Wales) 

George Tap o' North North (Wales)

Nigel Walker as in hill walker (Wales)

Rory Llamelin Underwood Wood (England)

Keith Llamellin Wood (Ireland)

Michael Bradbury Castle Bradley (Ireland)

Brian Tap o' Driscoll 'o Noth (Ireland

David British Campese (Australia) after the hillfort British Camp.,

Roman Matthew Ridge (New Zealand)
Ben Griam Beg Cohen (England) 

Phillippe Mont Saint Michele Andre (France) 

Cesar Sampere after the London site Caesar's Camp  (Spain) 

And last of all some more famous bands with hillfort names, and other famous folk, 

Acro police Acropolis, The Rolling Slingstones, like the Rolling stones you see, The Notorious B I G sbury, famous rapper,  Hillfort , Bigsbury Camp, With the song Bad Romance Bury Camp,  by Lady Gaga, Though maybe there are other songs just as good using the term bad for Badbury camp less PG rated.  James Brown Caterhtun Hillfort, Radio Burghead as in Radiohead, and Talking Burgheads, as in Talking Heads, White Caterthuns Stripes as in White Stripes, Whiter shade of Caterthuns Pale, as in Annie Lennox song., Moel Hiraddug Gallagher of Oasis, not his real name, the Slingstone Roses, as in the Stone Roses, Dudley Moore's Moel Arthur, famous opera singer Bryn Euryn hillfort Terfel, Johann Sebastian Caer Bach, famous US soap opera, Dynasty Emrys, and of course Caer Cardoctor Who, The Old Oswestry Grey Whistle test, the adverts for Kellogs Dinas Bran Flakes, and Tre'r Ceris Matthews, First Lieutenant John J. Dunbar, the protagonist/ narrator of the movie Dances with wolves, Dunbar American footballer, Plus Roy Maiden Castle, 

Hillfort related other sport teams, 

Netball, Caroline O Tap o'Noth Hanlon (Northern Ireland), Stephanie Lodge Hill Wood (Camp Australia) Karin Berger Burghead, (New Zealand) Sigrid Burghead Burger (South Africa) Jhaneille Fowler-Reid (Jamaica) Well you need to read a lot on hillforts, Helen Iron Age Roundhousby Housby or Hillan Helsby (England) Te Paea (Pa) Selby-Rickit (New Zealand) Hayley Mull of Galloway Heron (Scotland) Brown and White Cat Caterthuns lin Thwaites, (Australia)  and White Cat Catherthuns Bassett, (Australia netball)  Natalie Haythornth spindle whorl loom th weight for wool on hillforts, (England) Maria Tutui Te Puia Historic Pa (New Zealand ) Rachel Dunne (England)  Eboni Usuro Dinas - Bran (England) Geva Mam Tor, (England) Kellyheim Jury (New Zealand)  Gergovia Fisher (England)  Gergovia Rowe,  (Wales)  (Gergovia A large oppidum) instead of Georgia,  though those wrongly labelled hillforts in the US state of Georgia could be keeping that name here, plus lastly Irene Van Offa's Dyk,  (New Zealand and South Africa) Caerau Hillfort Koenen (Australia) 



Lindle Lynda Carter Hill (Actress) Mull of Gall oway Enclosure  Gadot, also wonderwoman actress as well

DumBart Simpson Castle 

Dumberton Rocking horse

The Dumbarton Rockettes

Dumbarton Rock Hudson, Actor.

Gergovia Costanza

Also Eildon Hill North John, Elton John, 
Also Foel Fenlli Foyles War, Julia Bradbury Castle hillfort,  Lord of the Danebury Rings Hillfort, Broch of Mousa Trap by Agatha Christie, 

kAERAU-OKE MUSIC That Japanese kind

Ashleigh Dumbartyon Castle Hillfort, Tennis

Golden Oswestry Hillfort

Old Oswes Tree of life Hillfort

Older Oswestry Hillfort

New Oswestry Hillfort

Old Wizard of Oz west tree Hillforts

Old Os west family Tree Hillforts

The Land of Oz Tree Hillfort

Steinsfeldburg, sitcom, 

Mr Steinsburgbrenner, businessman, 

David Steinberg, actual comedian, same name as a oppidum Steinsburg, 

John Steinsburgbeck, Author

Men's Basketball Shaq Tap' o Noth O Neal, 
St Michael's Mount Jordan, 

Le Tene Dinas Bron James, Kemba Walker as in Hillfort walkers) Gelabale,St Mickaël 's Mount, Troy Caterthun Brown Junior, Derrick White Caterthun, Tyger British Campbell, Bobby Joe Hill fort, 
Then Women's, Elle Della Donne Ottar, Dunnottar,  basketball, 
Kellyheim Kelly Kelheim Schumacher basketball

Lauren Jackslingstone as well, or Berwick Lawren Jackson, Dunluce Leslie (well it sounds a bit like a shortened version of Lisa, Amber Hall statt, Viki Hallstatt, Rath Riley, Liz Mull of Galloway McQuitter, Lin Dunn, Mont Saint Michelle Timms, Pat Head Summit, Kaera Caradoc Wolters, Alesia Coates, Isayeaveringbell Harrison,  Traprain Lawren Cox, USA,

Babe Rathcroghan Baseball, 

Seth Rathcroghan Comedian, 

Pieštvė Davis, Snooker

Luciano Pa Varoti 

Countisbury Dracula Hillfort

Countisbury of Mountecristo, Hillfort, 

Countisbury Sesame Street Castle Hillfort

Scarbough Fair Castle Hillfort
Tre'r Vor Noah Ceiri, 

Ben Griam Beg edict Cumberbatch,

Dun Aengus Imrie,

Ben Griam Beg Fogle

Cricket team, 

John Brad Bradbury Castle Man, John Llanmellin Hazelwood, Ben Griam beg, Stokes, Colin Castro De Barona, Grandhomme, Richie Berr ffington Castle, Pieštvė Smith, Ab Castro De Barona, Villiers, St Michael's Mount Clarke, Kumar Sanga ka er y Twr, Sachin TendulCaer Y Twr Hillfort, Pieštvė Waugh, Viv Rich Shards of pottery, Sunil Gavas kaer Drewyn, Gaerry Fawr Sobers, Peter May Dun Castle, Clem Hill fort, Moel Arthur Shrewsbury, AG Steel Sword, Wa Caer Caeradoc Younis, Gra ham Bledon Hill Gooch, Ray IngleIllingborough camp worth, 

Madonna den Castle,  Singer, 

Traprainn Loren Aldred, singer, , 

Roundhouse of Hapsburg

Roundhouse of Windsor

RoiundHouse Hugh Traprain Lawrie

Sir King Moel Arthur Conan O Brian Connolly Doyle, ( I went over board there) 

Barry White Catherthun Singer, 

Frank Dinas Bruno , Boxer, 

I am just off to see Mam Tor and Pa, 

Scratchbury Camp my nose

Don't Scratchybury Camp my car

Itchy and Scratchbury Camp (Simpsons)

Cissbury and Scratchbury Camp Hillforts

Brad grain Pitt (as in to store grains ) Matinee idol,

D H Traprain Lawrence

Traprain man Law, Movie, 

It's trap raining men law, song, 

Arcade Fire, Keep the Caer Caradoc Running

Kiss the Traprain Law, song, Billie Myers, 

Traprain on me, song

Its Trapraining cats and dogs, 

The Traprain Law falls mainly on the plain, 

People in glasshouses should not throw Dumbarton Rock, 

Black Rocks Parade Hillfort, MCR

Crowded Roundhouse, Message to my girl 

Trap singing in the rain Law, 

then from Star Wars, 

Jabba the Roundhutt, (Star Wars)  , And a little known hillfort outside it's locality, Captain's Kirk's Hill, in the Scottish borders, turned into a star trek character name. 

Children's comic character, Tintintagel,


Then esteemed TV show of USA,  Actress Angela Lans Bury Hill Hillfort, (Murder she wrote) and Halle Bury, (a pun on Halle Bury and Halleburg, the Swedish fort, 

Author, John Gris hambledon Hill, 

Baseball St Michaels Mickey Mantle Mount 

Women's football, Claire Duggan ( Digging at hillforts) H jill fort Scott, Also Lucy Bronze Age, Ellen White Catherhuns, Dun Lucy Graham, (All England) and Fiona Brown Caterthuns, (Scotland) and then mostly USA Mia Hammbledon Hill, Mont Sant Michelle Ackers, Crystal Dunn, Caerli Caradoc Lloyd, Heather O' Tap o Noth Reilly, Hope Solo, as there is a hillfort elements at Caergwrle castle, near Hope, Alex Morgan, as of Alesia, sounds a bit like it, or Alex Rath Morgan also Becky Sauerbrunn Caterthuns, then also Carly Telford and the Wrekin (England) Kellyheim (Kelheim) Roebuck, (England) 

Craig Rhiwarth Horwood (Dancer) 

Iso Yeavering Bell Pooley High Jump Northumberland 

Dick Fos Bury Walls Hillfort ( High Jump ) , Shropshire 

Women's Indoor Volleyball, Caer Kaersta Lowe Caradoc,(USA)  Hayleigh Wash Uff ington Castle, United states Womens volleyball team) Heather Bown, (Lots of heather on forts, and it is brown, so like bown almost) USA  Kim Hill fort, USA Sheilla Castro, Brazil E Caterhun ina Gamova, Russia, Rachael Dunadd ams, USA, Kimsbury Camp Yeon-koung,South korea, E Cater thuns  Efmova, Russia,  Thaisa Daher Caterthun Menezes, Brazil,  and Fabiano Claudinho, as a lot of hillforts are in the clouds. Brazil, Mary Loughbrickland Crannog, USA, Monica "Castro De Barona" De Gennaro (Italy), Dunlouisa Lippmann, (Germany) as in Dunluce, Dinas Brankica Mihalovic (Serbia) Kellyheim Murphy, USA, Kelly Robinslingstosone (USA)  Dunanna Stencel Add (Poland) Cloudia Alagieska as in clouds, these high hills, (Poland) Monica Legg Tre'r Ceiri, (Italy)  Alliesia Stumler, USA Nataliya Gonchorova as in throwing sligstones over ditches, (Russia) Brenda Castello, (Dominican Republic)  Alessia Gennari (Italy), Mai _Den Castle_ Yamaguchi, (Japan), Sa-nee Kimsbury Camp (South Korea), Hae Ran Kim sbury Camp,(South Korea) Hye Jin Kim sbury Camp,(South Korea) Hee Jin Kimsbury Camp, (South Korea),  Catherthun Radzuweit (German) Catherthun Molitor (Germany) Yuan Xinyuleybury (China) Zhao Rurruibislaw, (China) Lesno "Emain Macha" Makno (Russia)  E Kat erthun, Kabeshova, Russia, Eda Erdem Dunbar Dündar Turkey Lindsay BergHead (USA), Chiaka Og bog of Dunad Hillfort u, (USA) JorDun Aengus Thompson, (USA) Megan Caherconree Promontory Fort (USA) JusDun Won Aengus Orantes (USA) Ci Mont Sant Michel, (Team GB) Annie Drews a hillfort plan maps (USA) 

Emain Macha on Holmes (Presenter)

Staffelberg Graff Tennis 

Dug las  Adams (Writer)

Traprain Larwence Llewellyn Bowen, 

Mariafe Artacho Castro Del Barona Solar, Beach Volleyball

Maidennis Taylor Castle (Snooker)

Mont Sabrina SantaMaria  Michelle, Tennis 

Mari astiebury Drazic Tennis, 

Ingleborough Humperdiink, 1960s Musician, I mean Humperdink, 

Ingleborough Humperdiink, Musician, I mean Humperdink, 19th Century composer, 

JK Rowlingborough Camp, author,

The Caer Caradoc's the star (Tv series) 

MC Maiden Castle Hammer, rapper, 

MaiDennis Waterman Castle Actor

Toy Car Caradoc, 

Computer game Command and ConCaer Caradoc

Caer Cardoctor Who

Caer Caradocr Frankenstein

Dumbarton Kid Rock, 

Pushing Dumbarton rock up a hill

Dumbarton Rocket launcher

November Traprain Law, Aerosmith, 

Dumbarton Rocket Ship

Rocket base Dumbarton 

Dumbarton Rock, scissors, and paper

Dumbarton Rock and Roll music

Comedian Conan O Tap o noth o Brien, 

Victor Borge head, comedian, pianist,

Purple Traprain Law, Prince, 

Sgt Dumbarton Rock is going to help0 me, 

Sandi Moredunis, Pole vault, 

Tyra Wincobanks Hillfort model

Wincobank of England Hillfort,

Romancing Rig the Stone

Wreckin ball the song

Wincobank Commander Hillfort of the RAF, (Good as the UK defence forces has anti aircraft guns there in the wars)

The Roman Camp Empire

Roman Rig Empire,

Jared Mayden (Castle), American footballer,

Roman Road Empire,

Carls Wark hillfort, in Yorkshire as Karlie Kloss walk Hillfort,

Prehistory ship league, (football tier) 

Archaengelology novel Robert Harris

And the band Snow Patrol, or well hills are more likely to have snow, so patrolling there then there hillforts up high, but here is my mangled attempt at, the whole band. 

    Y Gawr Lightbody
    J onny top of Quinnlochmuir Hillfort 
    Navan Hillfort Connolly
    Paul Willlapark Son Hillfort
    Johnny McDaid Dens Castle 

Past members    
    St Michael's Mount  Morrison
    Mark Mc Titterstone Clee Hill lland
and     Tom An Iasgaire Hillfort Simpson

They could do, Snow Patrol's Chasing Caers, 

Back to what I was doing there, before that

Pieštvė Martin comedian, 

Pieštvė Colbert comedian, 

Yes there is a hillfort called Pieštvė 

Adam Hills fort, Comedian, 

Seionoid Mcinglebough Camptosh Scottish Commonwealth games

Lindsaey Haydengrabenward, Actress

Roldybury Camp wen Atkinson

Ed ward inburgh Scissorhands Castle 

The Rock of Dumbarton and Roll years,

Rock of Dumbarton Hudson,

Hamden Hill Stadium, like in Glasgow, Ham Sandwich Hill Hillfort, Ham Hock Hill, plus Ham Roll Hillfort and Ham Bun and Ham Ciabetta and ham and pickle crackers hillfort, maybe at the same buffet try some Tap Water o Noth, some Caesar's Camp Salad, and some Cadbury Castle Milk chocolates, and some Dundee Law cake, and some Danish Camp, maybe just maybe with some Dundee Law Marmalade, And maybe a side helping of Rubi slaw, as slaw is what the Americans call coleslaw, I call it coleslaw, but that is after Rubislaw Hillfort near Hawick. Also some Pork Scractingsbury Camp, Plus some Dumbarton Rock salad, Plus maybe some Dumbarton Rock cakes, and a stick of Dumbarton Rock, And some for over 18s or more only, and not anybody driving, and only for some, Scotch on the Dumbarton Rocks,

Some Brusseltown Ring sprouts, a helping of Spinansch Hill, and a Tintagel of sweetcorn and Tinoran of beans. 

Plus some Devilled Eggs dyke,

so anyway, 

Plus mabye a slice of Dun Aberdeen Aengus beef, 

Or even some 

Ras bury flavoured ice lollies 
Or straw oldbury hillfort and cream

Did I mention Christmas Castle Cake, or Mulled wine of Galloway hillfort, or some Ir'n Age Brew instead of Itoday's popular r'n bru, ,

Also Back in black Rocks fort, ACDC, 

And Black rock forts Sabbath, 

Carn Na Sean-chreag Connery

Sean Carnery Na Sean-chreag

Carn Na Sean-chreag the sheep

Dundee Law raine Kelly 

Dundee Law Rain Kelly Utd

Everybody's Coming to My Roundhouse David Byrne, 

Iron Age Rounhouse music

Everybody in the Iron Ages times  Roundhouse, say "yeah"

Paul White Caterhun house

Harry Enfield with a hillfort in , 

Keep Rock of Dumbartin the free world, Neil Young,

Mither Tapping noise, 

Traprain Mother in Law

Dundee brother in Law

Berwick father in law

Duns daughter in law

Norman's son in law

Hownam's Sister in Law, 

Black Books Rock fort, the sitcom, 

Waylan Smithers Neolithic monument,

Madness, My Iron Age Roundhouse, 

Madness, I like driving in my Caer Caradoc (All the others have mainly been referring to the major one in Shropshire, but this one, refers, to the less famous one in the same county, in terms of using the name of that fort,  

Claudia Winkobankman,Television Presenter, 

Great Dane bury a bone Camp, 

Paramore's Bury the Maiden Castle (Bury is a castle term)

Danebury Bowers Singer

Danebury Cook, US comedian

Danebury Baptiste Comedian

Maiden Castle Marian

Arthur' seat's Askey, comedian

Moel Arthur Lowe, actor

John Traprain Lawrie, actor

Josie Traprain Lawrence, comedienne, 

Rain Trap Law, Hillfort, device, 

School House Rock of Dumbarton,

Dumbarton Rock of Ages,

Ed Sheeran burgh Castle

On a different subject, not related, 

The man is a Cad and a bounder, bury castle hillfort. 

And from gangs of New York, The Moel y MacGuires, 

And Canadian Moel y McGuire, 

Edward dinburgh Castle Norton,

Fifa 100 BC the computer game,

NHL Hockey 100 BC

Joe Maidden Castle, NFL, most of my Maiden Castle ones refer to the Dorset one, but maybe some refer to others, and perhaps all the others, have one referring to them, or not, or refer to mainly the Dorset one, plus also interchangeably the others, but some refer just to the Dorset one. 

Old Saruman, Lord of the Rings

Old Navy Oswestry Camp, aftershave, 

Sir Richard Win cobank

Henry Wink cobank ler, Happy Days

The Daneburys hate to see it leave,

Caer Caradocadile Dundee


Look after the Pennycloddiaus and the Poundbury hillforts will look after themselves, 

A pennycloddiau for your hillforts, 

In for a Pennycloddiau, in for a Poundbury Hillfort, 

Dumbarton Fraggle Rock

Gummi Gaers, cartoon

Alesia Dixon  Singer

The Danebury Law, legal definition, 

Tap o'north by North West ( The Movie )

Danebury Ringo star, beatles, 

The Rock Mountain Range,

Jack Black Rock's fort, actor

Dumbarton Rocky Balboa,

MouseTrap Rain Law, 

Trapdoor Rain law, 

I love Dumbarton rock n rollin,

Mr Ed inburgh Castle, horse,

Candle in the Windbury Hillfort,

The Gaer Fawr Gatsby

We have nothing to Gaer Fawr but Gaer Fawr itself, FDR,

Black and and White the computer game, as Black and White Caterhuns,

Iron Age Mine, craft,

Roblox across a stream, as of less bridges,

Christopher Walbury Camp ken,

Alesia Fox

Alesia Molik

Alesia Morel

Alesia Holiday

Alesia Felix, runner,

Made in a Castle,

Made in a castle, England,

Maiden Britain,

You've heard of Murphy Law, well Fife has Norman's Law Hillfort

CassiniLaw Hillfort, Edinburgh

Frances Urquhart Castle (House of Cards) 

Traprain Second Law of Thermodynamics

M Aidan Castle Quinn Actor

Madness - Roundhouse of fun, 

Pet Shop Boys, Old Oswestry end girls or girl

Christina Perri - A thousand years of Iron Age history, , 

Alesia Krauss, singer,

Mark Walbury Camp burgh

Alesia Silverstone, actress

Alesia in Wonderland, book

Alesia in Chains, band,

Alesia Keys, singer

Alesia Morisette, Singer famous 1990s

Alesia Jay, model

Alesia Cooper, Singer,

Keliheim Holmes Runner, 

Frankenbury Deteri, (Jockey)

Kaiser's Camp Sose, 

The Rock of Dunmasse around the clock tonight, Chubby Checker, 

The Dumbarton Rockaby Baby,

The Dumbarton Rocky Hooror Picture show,

The Traprain Law , of the Jungle,

The Berwick Law of the jungle, 

The Dundee Law of the Jungle

The Norman Law of the Jungle, 

Traprain Lawrence  of Arabia,

Dumbarton Cardinal Rockalieu (Muskateers)

Aguine the rath of God, (Movie)

I capture the Maiden Castle (Movie)

1984 BC (Movie) George Orwell

The Economist's the World Ahead, 250 BC, 

Guiness Book of Records 100 BC edition, 

I'm dreaming of a White Caterthun Christmas Castle  Hillfort 

Archaological term, Punxsutawney back Phil

White Catherthuns Stripes

Caer Bears Caradoc

Helsby Hill Boy superhero 

Top Gaer Fawr

Edna inburgh Everidge Castle 

Last Castell Nadolig  (As Nadolig is Christmas in Welsh) 

Fifth Gaer Fawr,

Bike Gaer Fawrs

I caerau

Castell Nadolig  in New York 

Snow White Catherthuns

The Catherhuns in the hat, 

Grace LoHeidelburg

Clare Camp Chaussee

Kaylee Lundinium

Bria Ham Hill Ton, 

Allysia Batenhorst

Lind Sea cliffs Krause of Dun Aengus

Molly Gaer Phillips 

Maiden Castle of honour

May Day den castle,

Do they know it's Castell Nadolig or Christmas Hillfort, 

Easter Hill  of Eden

The Grinch who stole Christmas Castle Hillfort, 

Christmas Hillfort Carol

Only fools and Horses Christmas Castle Hillfort Special , 

Norman's Macdonald Law,

A Christmas Hillfort Miracle, 

Christmas Castle Hillfort cards, 

Christmas Castle Carols Hillfort, 

Christmas Castle Cake, Hillfort 

Christmas Castle Tree, 

So in the 1970s there was the 2 Ronnie's, well in hillforts, the French may feel Trois Ceiri, is the three Kerri's, and the Italians Trei Ceiri

Father Christmas Castle, 

Christmas Castle Hillfort Number One, 

It's Christmas Castle Hillfort, Slade, 

Carry on British Camping

Caerry on Caradoc up the Khyber 

Frankebury Bridge, singer, 
Wolfbloodgate camp
Summer British Camp Island,
Frankebury Skinner, comedian, 

Mulling over things Gallloway Hillfort Enclosure

David Badburydeal, comedian,

Cleveland Brown Catherthuns

Rintintintagel, dog, 

Seven Ways for Seven Brothers, Hillfort, , 

7 Brides for 7 brothers ways plain,

Pa ss the rugby ball Pa, 

Pa Patrol, 

Yellowsubmarine berries copse

Coldplay's Yellowberries Copse, 

Pa nini football annuals,

Chris Rock of Dumbarton Castle

Will The Age of Greek Smythology

Space Oddysey 2001 BC

Emain Mac the knife (Song)

Raging Bull motifs of Burghead,  (Movie)

Its only black rocks fort and roll but I like it,

To Caesar's Camp what is Caesar's Camp,

Edmund Hillfort-ary, mountaineer, 

Maid Dennis Norden Castle

Britneyish Camp Spiers Hillfort,

Britney Spears Hillfort

Frankenbury Machine Cartridge

How the Old Oswestry Hillfort was won,

Once Upon a time in the Old Oswestry Hillfort

North by North Old Oswestry Hillfort,

Tsarecvich Egg Camp,

Now a interuption, 

but back to this afterwards. 

So here is the best poem I ever have wrote.

Its called

Lets get set 

Here we go lets get set
This poem is in Europe where it is set
I hope it will be read by the clever set
And is about a word, for which a record is set
If I write more, it will be in a set
If that number totals three, that is termed a set
It was finished before the sun set
Timed well as my watch was set
Before local badgers left their set
Or bees saw flowers close whose seeds had set
But after glue on this pen set
Which snapped in a tennis match tight set
Watched by many on a TV set
After which one player needed a broken leg to set
Felled as if cursed by the Egyptian God set
So whatever you do, whether buying stuff with secure payment protocol, code name set
Or even list collected values without particular order, what mathematicians call a set
I say what a word is set

Now back to what I was upto, 

Winter Wonderland, cobank Hillfort,

Traprain Jennifer Lawrence

Taylor Swift album 1989 BC

The Wreckin of the Titanic

The Brittish Camp Empire,

Stephen Castell Henllys Dry Snooker

Mitch Heuneburg Comedian, as in Hedburg, 

St Michael's Mount Macintyre, Comedian

Frasier Crane's Fort,  it's the name of a fort in Northern England, minus Frasier, 

Ham Hill ton  Racecourse. 

John Berwick Law, character, as in John Wick, Debussy's The Maiden Castle with the flaxen hair, 

"It meant Tap O nothing to me, Oh Vienna"

While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a Tap o' Noth,. As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door

Jimmy Eat World 555 AD

Sam Brown Caterthun - Stop

Jessie J Anno Domino

Maiden Mac Castle

I hang my Burghead Jonny Cash, 

Blue Melon, No Traprain Law, 

Paul Duns Law rie, golfer

Madness den Castle

The Final Countessbury Hillfort, Countdown, Europe, 

Fast Caereddin, Tracy Chapman, 

Police Caer Caradoc

Sport team special 
Dundee Law FC
Dundee Law United FC
Aber Brough of Dee r ness, Orkney Islands
King's Seat, Perth and Kinross, The Fort of the Caledonians, so the Fort of the Inverness Caledonians Thistles, 
Dun Aengus Fermline AThletic 
HamHillton Academical

Ancient Hibernians 
GreeKnockaulin Hillfort Morton, 
Hillmarnock Fort FC
NewMaidenCastle United
South Ham Hill ton FC
Tottenham Hill Hotspur FC
Ham Hull City FC
Tap o Noth Hampton Town FC
Caer lilse United FC
Preston Tap O Noth End FC
Oswestry Bromwich Albion
Bury FC
Dumbarton FC
Bradbury Ford City FC

Middles of Ingleborough Camp, 

Sunderland Hillfort
WrexHam Hill 
WimblDun Aengus

Milton Keynes Mai Duns 
ShrewsCadbury Town FC
Long Barrow FC
Pereborough Castle United
FulHam Hill
MILLWALLbury Castle
Oldwestry Ham Hill Athletic
Sutton Hoo United
Wal bury sall
Swin Maidon don Town
Caerau marthaen Town
Caer Caradoc Dif City
Chicago Bulls Motifs of Burghead
Inter Caerau diff

Atalantis Dream

Roma n empire, 

Ajax Amsterdamm (This is a trick)
Golden Burys State Celtic Warriors

Munich 1860 BC

Indiacropolis Colts

Indianapolis Celts

Borussia Hilldort Mund 

Atlantis United

Dun Francisco 49 BCers
Ottawa Mam SenaTors
Philadelphia 76 bc ers
Pittsburghhead Penguins
PittsIngleburgh Steelers
Chicago White Cater Fun Sox

Celtic Warriors Dragons

Belfast Celtic Warriors

Trap Coleraine Law

Dun Aengus dalk United

Parisi St Germain

SV Ham Hill burg

Nashville Predators bery hills
Kansan City Dunadd Royal cermonial site

Golf courses

Caernoustie, Fife

and Mont Sant Michelle Andrews 

Football stadium special, 

Grain Pitt odrie Hillfort

Fort of the Caledonians Stadium

HAMpden Hill, 

Duns Park, 

Fir Hillfort Stadium

New Dug a ditch Las Park Stadium

Tyencastle Hillfort Stadium

Gala Banks for ramparts hillfort

MeadowBanks and ditches stadium

Ingle Borough brigs stadium

Fortbanks and palisades fort stadium

Broad Llanmelin Wood Stadium

Celtic Warriors Park

Ibrox Parking a chariot

Murray coin hoard in a field, 

1st Mlllenium BC stadium

Old Oswestry Trafford Stadium

Roman Villa Park, 

Battle of Stamford Bridge Stadium

Tottenham Hill Hotspurs stadium

Cov en trees used to build pallisades stadium, 

The Dun, Millwall, 

Mayden Bower Fold Stadium, 

Berns walk er Beu, 

Danebury Camp Nou

Twicken ham Hill Stadium., 

Cetiic Arrowhead stadium

Caesars Camp Superdome

Dunbarton Football stadium

Caer Maradocana Stadium

Ancient Olympics Stadium Rome.,

Castro of San Siro Cibrao de Las 

Wembury stadium,

Ncknames, or knicknames as I miss spell

The Duns, of Aberdeen, 

The Caledonian tribesmen Jags

The Iron Age Celts

The Gers Fawrs

The Well of Gurness, Motherwell, 

The Blue Brasil

The Irons Agers of West Ham

The Beaker people Potters, Stpoke, 

The Yellowberries Submarine, Vilareal, 

The White Catherhuns of Real Madrid

Back to the others,  Again

F1 fast Caer Caradog race

Caer Caradogs and cats

Moley Gaer out of the animals of Farthing wood.

Dude where's my Caer, movie, 

Bouncy Maiden Castle 

Between a Dumbarton Rock and hard Place.

Traprain Law and Order, Television shows

Rob Breidon Hill, South Walian Comedian, name must be based on a fort in some origin,

Star Wars star, Mark Ham Hill, aka Luke Skywalker,

Eve MuirBurghead, Curling, 

Get your Caerry Case a item to carry stuff

Get Caerter Movie, instead of Get Carter, 

Plus of course F1 champion, Lewis Ham Hill ton.

And George Ham Hill ton, the actor of course

And successful Musical, Ham Hill ton, 

Ming Caesar's Campbell  athlete

Paul McArtney's Mull of Kintyre of Galloway, 

And lastly the not wrath, but Grapes of rath, as in Steinbeck, and Star Wars classic, The Rath of Khan, as in some raths are hillforts. 

Thats all I can think of