Uffington White horse, Iron Age Coffee Mug
Uffington White horse, Iron Age Coffee Mug
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Crossword on Hillforts

Hillfort wordsearchers.jpg

And how about this Hillfort Crossword puzzle

1 7 Down, King Arthur was based here, and many a hillfort claims to be of this site.

2 8 Across, A great hillfort in southern Scotland, 2 words, last word, missing here, Law

3 4 Down, The destroyers of many a great southern British hillfort

4 7 Across, The successors to hillforts

5 4 Down, A traditional name term for the ages, where hillforts came back, across much of Britain,

6 7 Across,, A name for a cake British Camp has associations to, to many eyes,

7 3 Up, a Celtic word meaning fort,   

8, 8 Across, This Wheeler, really dug hillforts,

9 2 Down, you would find these in New Zealand, hillforts,

10 7 Diagonal, Famous hillfort in Argyll

11 five  Down, a great Celtic weapon

12 Four up , Arthur’s chair in Edinburgh,

Answers below