Castell Cawr, Abergele's Hillfort, Coffee Mug
Castell Cawr, Abergele's Hillfort, Coffee Mug
by cooldudeproducts

Castell Cawr Hillfort


Abergele's hillfort, or Castell Cawr, sits to the south of the town of Abergele, on a hill called Tan Y Gopa, amid the forest or woods of Coed y Gopa. Today the site does have a info board, and ramparts, especially higher on the in turning entrance way, but the fort is now covered in the trees that spread over this hill. This does show what a ancient structure this is, that such a scene could occur. Only in some parts do you get a good view of what would have been seen from this site. On the east above a cliff that drops down amid the trees, and needs careful treading on the path aside it, you can see the span of the Clwyd and Gela estuaries, all the way to Dyserth's hillfort Moel Hiraddug. 

It rises close to 200 metres above sea level, and when the forests were not there it would have had a good view towards the coastline, to the north, and west. Now as I say, the area, is fascinatingly covered in paths through what is comparatively a wild wood, compared to the hilltop village it once was.  Seriously though it is not wild in the slightest, as it is place where people can walk up to, on barely a half hour walk, from the town below of several thousand people. When you are up there, you see these folks very often. The hill is also covered in remnants of mine workings, shafts and gulleys, which add to the topography of the paths. 

The site is a one point six hectare in area site, that is thought to date from the Iron Age. The pictures on this site, are mine so you need my permission to use them, but you could likely take better ones yourself. 

Anyhow the simplest route up the path for me, us to walk up from the estate by the hill after parking near there, walk up past the golf course, up the paths into the forest, and let the paths swing you up to the summit of the hill, where if you leave a lot of daylight to get up there, you can easily get up and down, and find your way back again. So as long as you keep away from the edges it should be a interesting site. The most of the site, has trees, and paths through it, but the ramparts on the interior north west are so thick with bramble I found it hard to follow them, this was as the tips of thorns of the vegetations were sticking and dislodging in my jeans, which was to such a extent, that a Iron Age defender, would be proud if his arrows struck so many attempts at going through the ramparts. So ends my article on Abergele hillfort. Castell Cawr Hillfort. 

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