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So what I have done so far is upload as many parts as I can onto Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble. I uploaded them all onto Barnes and Noble first, as it seemed best to start somewhere. The thing is though Barnes and Noble Nook does not seem to be a item in the UK and most of Europe. So I have put it on Amazon Kindle as well. The price will vary, depending on the part. 

The below picture is a link to the Amazon Kindle address where part 1 of my novel is.


This website, is best of all to advertise the book I have written devoted to this subject. If you like the idea of this website doing this, then you would may like the idea of the book I have written on the subject. This goes into further painstaking detail on the subject, creating a adventure story about the "Land of Hillforts, taking in Scotland, Wales, England, Ireland, and parts of Gaul. A book I have actually titled "The land of Hillforts". To see more of what I mean, about the splendour and interest of this era, then see this website or even if you want, the book of course.

The first part is barely 3,000 words long. I have put the book in parts as it is very long, the book spans just over 300,000 words, but that includes the long historical context element which goes after the fiction element. I am unsure if anybody would read the whole thing, as it is more a encyclopaedia style novel, even if it has a narrative, I have put it on both of these, So bon Appetit

The picture below is the entrance to Part 1 of the story

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There are effectively 53 parts to this work. Of which there are  29 parts which are the novel, then 11 parts that are my attempt at facts about the hillfort eras. Then the last 13 parts are all picture parts, of different hillforts, most of them are my photographs, but some are public domain.

So a big effort, anyhow, I will still time to time come back and make improvements, and that kind of thing, but is finished. It is as good as it gets, as otherwise it just gets longer all the time. 

Plus big disclaimer, this North Wales orientated, but massively trying as hard as I can to do the rest of the hillfort realms as well, they are all the Land of Hillforts. 

The 47th Part, of the Land of Hillforts, the pictures and maps, for Scotland, related to my story the Land of Hillforts. I have here my Iron Age and Dark ages themed map of Scotland, in portions, which is also on part 46. Plus some amateurish pictures of, some of these sites. I have over 200 pictures here, mostly by me, and of those, most of mine are of not that great a level. Ones taken by me are not public domain, but I got some from public domain, from websites. So of mine, around 20 or so are of the area around Burnswark Hillfort, and around almost half a dozen each of the fort by Gretna Service station and the Eildon Hills, each of those 3, are not in the forts themselves but from outside of them. Then I have some crannogs and broch pics, mostly by others, not many. Then about 50 pictures of mostly by me, of Dumbarton Rock / Castle, really of the castle as I did not get to the top. Then about 35 pictures by myself of the area, of the enclosure known as the Mull of Galloway enclosure. Then some of some random Scottish hillforts, barely 1 or 2 each, you can see, but most of those unlike my pics are public domain I got off the internet. Then also some pictures of Scottish countryside, mostly by myself again, as it fits the scene. Then lastly over 62 pictures of my walk towards Torwoodlee broch and hillfort.
So this is not anything too special, but may be of use to people who read my work, or who can not get to Mull of Galloway, or Torwoodlee Broch, on Barnes and Noble

The Land of Hillforts, Part 47, on Amazon. 

Part 50 Of the Land of Hillforts. Numerous pictures of various North and Mid Wales forts, and locations the third part of five, that is of numerous pictures of Welsh mostly North Wales locations,

I better say most of the photos are mine, and need my permission to be used
elsewhere, also though there are some public domain pics I found online that
I have noted are so, in most cases I hope all cases, Over 165 pictures
Including these stated, A Map, (There are more maps in part 48, which also
appear in 46), Over 35 Pictures of Pen y Gaer Fort area in Conwy County, 24 of the area round Penmaenmawr's demolished Braich y Dinas, Prestatyn Roman Baths, and Dyserth Waterfall, Rhuddlan Castle, Twt and River, Rhyl and Kinmel Bay Beach, Snowdonia, Then over 100 of Gaer Fawr area, near Guilfield, and Welshpool, Montgomeryshire, Powys, Mid Wales. Including some of Breidden Hill
From a distance from there, also near Welshpool.

This is useful as part of reading my story, but also could be used as stand alone for anybody wanting a look at these sites.

I do not claim to be professional photographer, I am way below that level in my pictures, but these may be of use to somebody wanting to explore this amazing and wonderful but lost and mysterious world that is the land of  Hillforts on Barnes and Noble


The Land of Hillforts Part 50, .

The Land of Hillforts, Part 51, this is the 4th part of 5, of numerous pictures of various Welsh forts and locations. This part like some other parts, only has images from North Wales. This part has over 150 pictures of numerous North Wales hillforts and related subjects
Including these stated, A map, (There
are more maps in part 48, which also appear in 46), Over 55 pictures of Tre'r Ceiri and area, and 18 of Dinas Emrys and Beddgelert area, about 5 of Glyndwr's Castle also known as Glyndyfrdwy Castle Mound, About 7 of
the Gop Monument area, A few of
Caernarfon Roman fort, and medieval castle, Not many of Bodelwyddan church and castle and Kinmel manor area, About 27 of Bryn Euryn, Colwyn Bay Rhos On Sea Hillfort. About 56 of Penycloddiau.

I do not claim to be a professional photo taker, but what I can say is that, this work is useful for my story, and possibly it could be use for stand alone purposes, for those who want to see these fine sites and their pictures, not that mine are brilliant, but they reveal interesting things.On Barnes and Noble

Then Land of Hillforts Part 51 on Amazon. 

Part 52 the final part of The Land of Hillforts this is also the 5th part of 5, of numerous pictures of various locations in Wales, with a relationship, to the story mentioned in the title. or piece of interest to their own,
There are numerous pictures of various Welsh sites, with over 150 pictures
in this order, Map, (There are more in part 48, which also

appear in 46), over 130 of Welsh Countryside, and places, mostly North Wales,
About 9 of Dinas Bran, Not many of Dolwyddelan Castle, About 6 of the Halkyn Hills, About 5 Of Deganwy Black Rocks Fort area, Castle Tremlyd,
Lastly 12 of Deganwy Castle, Anyway, almost all the pictures are
mine, and in those cases can only be used elsewhere with my permission.
There are also some public domain pictures, I got off the internet I have
no power over, and I think I say which ones are in almost all cases I hope.

The countryside pics, in small numbers include include Denbigh area, Whiteford Dyke, Towyn South Gwynedd beach petrified tree stumps not the huge area, but some, Whitford Tower, Cerrigydruidion, Conwy Valley, Bontnewydd Cave, Offa's Dyke near Llangollen, Blaennau Ffestiniog, Harlech Beach, Watts Dyke, and more on Barnes and Noble,


The Land of Hillforts Part 52 on Amazon